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  1. Yuppers21

    Do Not Over-Share!

    In the past i had a coworker with bipolar disorder. It was known by both management and coworkers. When on medication, he was able to perform his duties well with only minor issues arising from time to time. When he stopped taking his meds, it became very obvious and would escalate to a point were it needed to be addressed. An agreement was made that this nurse could keep his job as long as he remained on his meds or otherwised managed his condition while at work. To do otherwise was grounds for termination. This seemed the like the most fair compromise that could be made. Those with disabilities should have the opportunity to show they can do the work, but should not be floated along if they cannot.
  2. Yuppers21

    An RN with a Bachelors in Biology instead of BSN?

    Amen to that!
  3. Yuppers21

    Will certifications help get a job?

    I recently talked to a recruiter for the largest hosptial chain in my region that does new grad residencies. I asked if certification like ACLS would help my chances of getting hired, and she did not think so. Yet, when I see the job postings for these positions, quite a few of them do indicate ACLS/PALS/TACC/ect preferred. My guess: having the certifications may make you stand out in the selection process to get an interview, but how well your interview and sell yourself will be much more important. I disagree. New grads need to be doing both.
  4. Yuppers21

    Bye bye Nursing

    Have you only applied to positions in your area/state? If so, why? I know some new grads may have circumstances that keep them from relocating, but for most of us, it is an unwillingness to move out of our comfort zone and go to where the jobs are. There does seem to be certain pockets where nursing jobs are more plentiful. If you are willing to work anywhere, even if it's just a year or two to get that coveted "RN experience required" that it's something many of us will have to consider. The new grad motto seems to be "Any unit, any place, any pay"
  5. Yuppers21

    Is Ameritech College a good program?

    I'm just another fellow UT nursing student, so I am not sure what view future employers will have your school and education, but if Ameritech is working out to be a good choice for you, then I wouldn't worry. Make the most of your education, the most of your clinical experiences and if you can find a job working in a hospital setting as a PCA/PCT/CNA while going to school, you will not regret it. Remember, when it comes time to apply and you get the chance to interview, it doesn't matter where you went to school as long as your are in good standing and have graduated/will graduate. If you have the ability to sell yourself and emphasize your strong points, I would imagine that would be a lot more important to an employer than where you went to school.
  6. Yuppers21

    Does the perfect program exist for me?!?!

    Your pre-req gpa is pretty good so I would suggest you apply to the universities in the area (U of U, UVU, ect.) You may have a good chance of being a competitive applicant for these direct entry programs and their tuition will be much, much cheaper than the for profit schools without wait lists. Plus you can be assured their accredidation and NCLEX pass rates are in good standing. As far as daycare, you would have to look into each school to see what they offer, though I can imagine state universities will have more resources as far as that goes. I do know that UVU has a daycare on their campus with very low fees, but last I checked it was nearly impossible to get into if not a single parent as they have first priority. Good luck in your search!
  7. Yuppers21

    Too many schools?

    By the way, keep in mind I am not suggesting closing down current schools who are up and operating under present guidelines. All I am trying to stimulate discussion on is whether or not it would be a good idea for the BON (or whomever deals with this) to deny accredidation to new programs based on information from local stats that do not indicate a NEED for more new grads in the near future. Until hiring demand increased, accredidation for new programs would be witheld. Is this too communistic/socialistic for some? Believe it or not, I'm not sure how I feel one way or the other on it, which is why I would love to hear some discussion on it.
  8. Yuppers21

    Too many schools?

    Of course this is america, and as long as done within in legal boundries, a business is allowed (and usually encouraged) to open, run and ideally profit. So with that in mind, why should anyone discourage the opening of more schools as long as they can recruit enough business to keep their doors open right? But if that's the case, then by what means was it justified to require a minimum NCLEX pass rate of these same schools? As long as any of their students can pass it the first time around, what obligation do they have to ensure most of them do? If a school gets a reputation for having low NCLEX pass rates, prospective students would find out and most likely steer clear. Obviously someone felt it was necessary to intervene. As far as if I am contributing to the problem, I guess one would have to define what the problem is then, eh? For me, it's ever increasing private-for-profit schools that are popping up on every corner, charging 3-4x more for an associates degree then what your typical community college or state university will charge. So with those guidelines, then no, I am not. I attend a competitive entrance state univesity who's nursing program has been around for 20+ years. But other's will disagree (and possibly be offended, to which I apologize, that's not my intent). Let's face it, a lot of people want to get into nursing. I don't care why someone wants to be a nurse, but current hiring conditions fail to support all those who feel that way. People want to be nurses, not just nursing students, so the real demand is not being supplied anyways.
  9. Yuppers21

    Done with 3rd

    Agreed, May 2011 cannot come fast enough! My last final is at the end of this week and then I will be doing my best to enjoy my winter break!
  10. Yuppers21

    CRNA to anesthesiologist

    Yes, you will need the 1 year minimum of ICU experience, and as someone else mentioned, probably more if you want to have a better chance of being accepted. Also keep in mind that you may not be hired straight into an ICU as a new grad anyways, so I don't think it would be wise to place age-markers for when you will actually be working as a CRNA.
  11. Yuppers21

    Too many schools?

    Just a thought, and please excuse my ignorance of how the process works, but can the governing body that has the power to take away the accredidation from nursing programs due to inadquate NCLEX pass rates also control the number of schools in a certain area (by refusing to give accredidation) so as to avoid the current situation we have now? If a certain area has consistantly been flooded with unemployed new grads, how is it wise, reasonable, and in the public's best interest to allow even more nursing programs to open up in said area? Other than the obvious cash cow this lucrative business that nursing school has become, I just can't see the reason for this, yet it happens all the time.
  12. Yuppers21

    Advice to nursing students from a hiring manager

    I think Linda's advice makes sense for the most part. I can easily see why a hiring manager would take the new grad RN with LPN experience over the new grad RN without any. But here's something to consider that's been mentioned. If you get your LPN, will you be able to find work right away? From what I can gather from this site and hear-say in my area, LPNs are not always in high demand either. So while getting LPN experience while going to RN school might be preferable, realize that some may not get that experience because the can't find a job in a reasonable amount of time!
  13. Yuppers21

    % of people failing your program?

    I am just finishing my third semester, and we have lost only a few people along the way. Most of them have left due to circumstances outside of academic performance, very few people actually fail their classes in my program. My guess is this is largely due to the competitive nature of getting accepted into the program. Acceptance was decided soley on GPA and the pre-entrance exam score.
  14. Yuppers21

    What's the deal with anxiety meds for students?

    I too worry about the number of students who seem to be on meds. It seems this day that there are many people out there that simply want a pill to fix their problems, rather than try other options first. For those that truly need, I am thankful these meds are available, but it seems that some may be too quick to turn to them and not explore equally effective alternatives.
  15. Yuppers21

    hurst review, yes or noway

    I have never taken, but have heard second hand that it was really helpful. Supposedly for one person I heard about, she went from failing the NCLEX at 75 questions, to passing it at 75 after taking the Hurst reveiw. But that's all I have as far as information for their product.