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This is my assessment of my BSN program:

Algabra -

is there really a use for this crap?

Chemistry -

A waste of time unless you want to go into manufacturing illegal drugs. And by the way, does anyone really know if all of those formulas they make you learn really mean something?

Anatonomy & Physiology -

How is disecting a dead cat and learning it's parts going to help you study the human body? Do they really expect you to remember the names off all of the bones, etc? I sure don't!

Nursing Theory Classes -

Most all useless. Have applied little of the theory I learned to actual practice except for psych nursing theory. Drug calculations???? Have never had to do any in my 20 years of nursing. Everything I learned about nursing I learned through practical experience AFTER I got my BSN!

As for my Master Degree in Health Care Administration -

Same as nursing theory, all useless. Everything I learned about being an administrator I learn on the job through practical experience.



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I've said it before and I'll say it again: YOU DON'T LEARN TO BE A NURSE UNTIL YOU GET OUT ON THE FLOOR AND DO IT!!:eek:

All the lame-ass classes you take in school are primarily meant to ensure that enough new grads will pass the state boards and your school will keep its NLN certification:mad:

adrienurse, LPN

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I thought the exact thing when I was a student (not so long ago). I was always waiting to get onto the "good stuff". Although I hated the classes at the time, I probably couldn't do my job without the stuff that I begrudgingly learned in those therapeutic communication classes.


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We all think the same thing about nursing school. I hated therapeutic communication crap......doing the skits--YUCK!!! But like Ted said you get out there and all this crap starts coming out of your mouth, your like Whoa where did that come from!!!!! But it is helpful. Hang in there!! :D

I've become know as the psychosocial/communication nurse on my floor.......somehow!!! :rolleyes: :cool:


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Nursing school and the real world are two totally different entities.

Just hang in there, get through it and go to work.



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Why do you feel that way?!?!?!? :D

(Just kidding, of course!) :p

Happy Therapeutic communication to all! :)


Originally posted by ohbet

In regards to therapeutic communication "Tell me more about it" "Would you like to talk about it?"

That's not an open ended question ohbet! Not very theraputic!:D


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dawngloves-"Not an open ended question?"


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An attempt at therpeutic communication is better than no attempt at all. Most of the nurses and CNA's that I work with don't attempt this at all. Better a feeble attempt than a "Don't cry, or why are you crying"

I have been studying validation therapy for a while and have found it to be very valuable with the confused elderly. There may be no positive outcome - the resident still wants to go home because her mother is waiting for her, but a relationship of trust may be established , and at least the resident is not ignored, but is given dignity of walking with her in her reality. She will never see that her mother is dead and that she can't go home to her.

One daughter told me she tells her mother every day to wake up, your mother has been dead since 1958!

For more information on validation therapy, see http://www.vfvalidation.org/whatis.html


or you can find the book, The Validation Breakthrough at Amazon, or the library.

I remember my first job where a man with wandering tendencies (he would leave the facility and go look for his car) was having a very hard time. His wife was in the other wing, uncontrolled diabetes, wound care, necrotic toes, etc and he was found multiple times taking her to the BR. One nurse I graduated with told him he could not do this, whereas the man replied, "I was in the army, I fought in the war, and you tell me I can't take care of my wife?" The nurse looked at him and said "Good for you", then left. I was left to pick up the pieces and I looked at him and said "This must be soo hard on you." He then came over to me and I put my arms around him and he put his head on my shoulder and sobbed. "

I knew right then and there that I would always make an attempt at therapeutic communication. Any thing else is just wrong.


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You mean, all of you don't use algebra and geometry on a daily basis? Why, how could I get through a day without knowing (x - 2) + 2(x +4) = ?

Nice to know, but, where in the heck would I put this to practical use?

I think it would have been nice to have been taught:

- The proper way to write out a check

- How to balance a checkbook

- How to determine when/if you are getting a good deal on a car, how much over dealer invoice should you pay?

- Purchasing a home: negotiating your best mortgage

You know, real life stuff that affects you on a daily basis. Ah well...


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All I can say is...you never appreciate Maslow until you need it.

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Every course on my college transcript came in handy in the real world. I do not regret having to take any of the courses. I especially found that my Therapeutic Communications class was the one class that I used the most out of college....both in nursing and nonnursing settings. The teachings still work quite well in my life today with hubby, kids, grandkids, friends, neighbors, and so forth. I'm glad I had the class.....afterall, it was one course that I 'Aced' which helped to keep me on the Dean's List. :chuckle :lol2:

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