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  1. lawandaluxnurse

    Bending and Breaking the Rules in Nursing

    I have not done it for a patient, but I would do that for my mom all the time. When she was in long-term care they put her on a puree diet. I was like no way. I am an RN and understand all the implications etc. I and my sister both signed a form releasing the care center from any legal issues if my mom wanted something that was not puree. Mom had Alz. disease and my theory was when mom goes I want her to be as happy as possible. If she went while eating cake or a grilled cheese so be it. That said my sister or I were there everyday for at least one meal usually supper and we both brought in numerous burgers, shakes, cookies, cakes etc and always supervised her with them. Mom loved to go to Donalds as she would call it and loved to drink soda, so once or twice a week and every weekend if mom was up to it we took her out and to eat , shop, church etc. We tried to keep her life as normal as possible. The only reason we even went to long term care was mom started having seizures and it became a safety issue. Well anyway. I don't think you did anything wrong and you made a resident very happy. Sometimes it is these things that keep them going. I always brought mom birthday cake and cupcakes etc at holidays just so she knew what time of year it was and that she was still a huge part of our lives. Yes there is a need for rules, but rules can be bent sometimes.
  2. lawandaluxnurse

    A Word to the New, the Inexperienced, the Overwhelmed and the Mystified

    Thank you for your story. I think we can all relate on some level. The OR does make for interesting experiences. WELL DONE!
  3. lawandaluxnurse

    Adult experience only but want newborns!

    I agree with above poster, try it, keep applying, something will come along! You have nothing to lose by trying! GOOD LUCK!!
  4. lawandaluxnurse

    Lamplight 2011

    Is there a Lamplight Walk Event this year in southeast WI, Nurse of the year in todays paper 5/1/11 but no other details given. Have we lost the spark?
  5. lawandaluxnurse

    Getting the spark back....

    Thanks for your post I found it inspiring. I think there are alot of healthcare staff out there that could benefit from this idea. Thanks again!!!
  6. lawandaluxnurse

    Was told I don't make a difference in the lives of Alz pts....

    Your supervisor is wrong. Don't ever think you don't make a difference with your patients. Those with alzheimers and those without it. I am an RN and took care of my mom for 7 years while also working with same type of patients. Yes there are times you get down and we all know this disease is hard on family as well as staff but it is the hardest for the patient. There were difficult days of course and many times I would just want to cry but I took pride in the fact that mom was comfortable and clean and content. I believe on some level you reach them. We may not always see it but giving good care makes a difference. There was a time when my mom forgot I was her daughter and of course this was hard and I had to remember it is the disease. One day 2 years later. Mom blurted out my name and again remembered I was her daughter. IT made me cry. Yes you have to meet them at the level they are at but that person is still in there . We may not always see them but they are there. I was lucky my mom knew I was her daughter to her dying day and I thank God for that. ..I also participate in Memory Walk each year. It helps me feel as if I am helping a little and It is a way to honor and remember my mom. Even the smallest things can make a difference to a patient. For my mom it was knowing she wasn't alone and having her "kids". my mom loved cats and when we had to go to LTC we gave her a stuffed cat that looked like hers. She carried that thing everywhere. Yes she knew it wasn't real but is reminded her of hers and it also gave her something to pet/stroke a comfort. Good Luck to you in your nursing. Don't let others blinders get you down. You are going to do just fine. Don't lose your special gifts for working with these patients. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEACE and GOOD LUCK
  7. lawandaluxnurse

    What Would You Do?

    GO for it. Why be miserable? I do agree with other posters give notice. I have been burned. You don't want to go down that road. Good luck !
  8. lawandaluxnurse

    how can you tell a drama queen?

    Does she have any memory issues? Strokes can effect this. Maybe just fear since she has had 3 strokes already...
  9. lawandaluxnurse

    Will severe spinal stenosis prevent me from nursing?

    I have been there with the back pain. steroid inj. and spinal fusion. You can still be a nurse. I would shadow or as someone else stated try being a CNA. I have worked floors to OR to home health. The worst place is a desk job. You just have to smart about it and take care of yourself. Yoga and pilates help. I wish you the best of luck. You don't have to give up your dream!
  10. lawandaluxnurse

    Where Are All The San Antonio Nurses!

    DITTO I need a job!!
  11. I understand what you are saying. I have been applying for ICU jobs for over a year and a half and all I get is NO! Hang in there!
  12. lawandaluxnurse

    How Do I transfer from OR to ICU nursing?

    good advice thanks!!! I will try the NM of ICU and HR.
  13. lawandaluxnurse

    How Do I transfer from OR to ICU nursing?

    I have applied to several. I have been blocked by HR. I have asked what it is I need to work on but get no reply. I am just ready for a change and feel like I have a good base background to do critical care.
  14. lawandaluxnurse

    How Do I transfer from OR to ICU nursing?

    Hi I have been working in OR and home health. I am an RN with 13 years exp. I have worked med/surg, cardiac/tele step down units and pediatric intermediateICU. I am trying to get into adult ICU nursing but keep hitting road blocks!! Does any one have any suggestions? I work in WI. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!