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lawandaluxnurse has 24 years experience as a ADN, BSN and specializes in Dialysis. OR, cardiac tell, homecare case managem.

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  1. lawandaluxnurse

    Nurse questions my assessment

    I had an acutes HD pt the other day that was squirrelly and trying to climb out of bed. She was confused and kept asking to come off the machine. We ended up taking her off 2hrs early. She came to the HD room confused and with slurred speech. T...
  2. lawandaluxnurse

    working beyond md reststrictions

    Hi I recently returned to work after having foot surgery. I work in acute care. I am back at work with short shift restrictions and half time hours for 4 weeks. This is my 2nd week back and I have already gone beyond my restrictions my 1st and ...
  3. lawandaluxnurse

    Help - “New” grad working in dialysis with crazy hours

    I think you have to do what is best for you! Yes we all work crazy hours and overtime but don't feel like you have to be stuck in dialysis. I have worked acutes for 7 years. It NEVER changes. We are always short staffed. Do what is best for ...
  4. lawandaluxnurse

    What is it like working at a Davita outpatient dialysis center?

    Acutes is a bear! I work 12 to 15hrs plus 3 to 4 days a week. We take call as well. I could work every day of the week if I wanted too
  5. lawandaluxnurse

    What Your Feet Can Tell You About Your Whole Health

    Thanks for the information but what about bunions and hammertoes?
  6. lawandaluxnurse

    Has anyone had bunion surgery?

    Hi this might seem like a strange topic but I'm wondering if anyone here has had bunion/ hammertoe surgery? I have been told I need this surgery which will also include fusing my great toe. This has really thrown me for a loop! Not what I was ...
  7. lawandaluxnurse

    dialysis nurse hoping to get into onc/infusio

    I have been doing inpatient acute dialysis nursing for 6 years. I have done cardiac, OR, med-surg, homecare and casemanagement. Would it be hard to transition to oncolocy/infusion? I need a change and oncology is an area I am interested in. Tha...
  8. lawandaluxnurse

    acute hd to plasmapheresis/blood center

    HI I am currently an acute hd nurse at a large midwestern hospital. I seem to be getting bored and want to try something else. Has anyone gone from acute inpatient hd to working at a blood center during plasmapheresis? just wondering if it is a go...
  9. lawandaluxnurse


    Has anyone out there transitioned from an acute hd nurse to plasmapheresis? I was wondering how you might like it and the pluses and minuses of it vs acutes. Thanks
  10. lawandaluxnurse

    burning out in acute care

    Thanks, I think I might try that. I would like to cut to part time with acute and maybe do chronics prn.
  11. lawandaluxnurse

    burning out in acute care

    I have been doing acute hd nursing for 3 plus years now. I am getting so tired of the long shifts. I have not worked chronics and am wondering if I should make the switch. Any advice. Thanks!
  12. lawandaluxnurse

    List all the Nursing Hats you have worn

    med surg, cardiac step down. pediatric icu. operating room. homecare case managment, acute dialysis nurse.
  13. lawandaluxnurse

    Consents for inpatient acute hd

    We have to get consent with each new hospitalization including chronic patients. I wish they would do like blood consents. It gets to be a real hassle at times
  14. lawandaluxnurse

    Consents for inpatient acute hd

    Does anyone know of any hospital systems than require a specific consent for hd? My company started this last fall and it has been a pain. Just curious. Thanks
  15. lawandaluxnurse

    return to work after knee arthroscopy

    Has anyone had knee arthroscopy for meniscus tear? I am wondering about the recovery time and how long I will be out of work. Hoping it is not long. Thanks