Has anyone had bunion surgery?

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Hi this might seem like a strange topic  but I'm wondering if anyone here has had bunion/ hammertoe surgery?  I have been told I need this surgery which will also include fusing my great toe.  This has really thrown me for a  loop!   Not what I  was  expecting to be dealing with.   I would be off work 10 to 12 weeks as my case is severe.   I really don't want to be off but if I don't have a done it will only get worse.   I have at least 10 more years that I need to work.  Just looking for others experiences.   Thanks 

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Hi! I've actually had bunionectomies on both of my feet, bilaterally (big toe side and pinky side). One of my surgeries was a breeze, while the other was not. It depends on what type of bunionectomy they are doing. With my left foot, I just have a wire. I was off work for 2 weeks (?), maybe less. In a walking/CAM boot for 4 weeks. My right foot had to have bones broken and fused during surgery, and I have a number of screws. So recovery was longer and extremely painful. I was off work for three weeks. For that one, I was in a boot for two months and intermittently used crutches for the first few weeks.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

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ooo thank you for sharing. I've noticed the pain in both bunions slowly getting worse.... not looking forward to the surgery when the time comes ugh.

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I've watched a bunionectomy several times. And then there was the lady who refused to have it done once she was told she could not wear high heeled shoe afterwards. She said, "Well, just forget it. I'm not going to give up my high heels!"

The most uncomfortable one to heal from was an old fellow (80's?) who had pretty bad arthritis, making not only a couple of honkin' bunions, but at least 3 'crossing toes' and a hammertoe on each foot. I have to say, though,that the old guy did heal and was thankful he had it done. He had to have his custom-fit arthritis shoes re-made to accommodate the changes in his feet. But he didn't look like he was walking on hot, broken-glass shards anymore.

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