Nurse questions my assessment

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I had an  acutes HD pt the other day that was squirrelly and trying to climb out of bed.  She was confused and kept asking to come off the machine.   We ended up taking her off 2hrs early.  She came to the HD room confused and with slurred speech.  This was not new for this pt.  I called to give report to the floor RN and she was asking me why she had confusion and slurred speech.  I stated this was her baseline.  Floor nurse states to me that she is confident in her neuro assessment but can't speak for mine.  She wanted me to call a neuro alert on the pt.  I asked why stating she was stable.  Floor nurse states she wasn't like this yesterday.   Per charting she came in with slurred speech and confusion.  I stated she came to dialysis in this state.  Floor nurse wants me to call MD to report new symptoms.   There were no new symptoms.   I told her to call if she felt it was necessary.   So now hospitalist gets involved and asks if she fell and hit her head in HD.  I reported to her that nothing like that happened.   Again Floor nurse wants me to call neuro stat team.  I refused as pt was stable.  Was I wrong to not call?

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No, there was no change in condition. What are you going to call for? Let the floor nurse call if she thinks that there's an issue, so she can explain it


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I agree. I met a lot of clown floor nurses. I have so many stories of ridiculousness.