Professions before nursing

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Lacie, BSN, RN

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Was in the military as an MP, then a police officer when I got out. Hubby didnt want me to continue as a cop so entered nursing. Got rid of the hubby few years later and wish I had stayed in Law now.



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Medical receptionist after high school x 4 years

Stay-at-home mom x 8 years (definitely the best job):loveya:

Casino slot attendant x 2 years (worst job ever):barf01:

LPN school x 1 year

LPN x 6 months (working on my RN):smilecoffeeIlovecof



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Waitressed/Bartender through out college...received a bachelors in Marketing.

Outside sales just under 1 year....inside sales just under 1 year...

realized I loved working with people and I wanted to help them more then force things upon them! Also, my inside sales job is in the medical device industry which helped me realize I wanted to pursue a career in this field.

Applying for Fall 2010 program!




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I worked in food service in High School and did more food service as well as retail work through college while I earned a degree in teaching. I worked as a teacher for 6 years and every year got worse.

While I took pre-reqs I worked as a bank teller because it was the first place that would hire me. It took me 6 months just to get that job. Now I'm working as a CNA and finishing up my program. I guess we can say that nurses are very well-rounded individuals from reading these posts.



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Dottie, RN

Dottie, RN

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Right after high school, I worked as a rep for American Airlines, taking inbound phone calls for reservations and did that for a year. After that, I worked for a non-profit research organization as a secretary for 11 I'm at another facility working as an administrative assistant and will begin nursing school in the evenings in the spring!

Wish I would have decided to go into nursing while I was still 18, but better late, than never!


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advertising editor

b.a. in writing


nursing - mostly psych



college jobs


steak house - yuck! i was as much a piece of meat as the cow!

supervisor of dd group home - gave me great budgeting skills





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BA in Criminal Justice, intended on going to Law school. Got tired of school and decided against going.

GM of a casual theme restaurant for 3 years. Grew old quickly.

Master Jaguar technician for the last 10 years, as in Jaguar cars.

Time for something different now that my wife is going back to work. Something more rewarding, and something I can do to give back to society.


NurseLoveJoy88, ASN, RN

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highschool and worked at micky ds bestbuy and a tech.


NeoNurseTX, RN

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Waitress .. I went to school for nursing straight outta high school.



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i worked as a correctional officer and cna



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In high school, worked in a grocery store, graduated went into the Army-communications, got out BS computer technologies and AA in tool and die-worked as an engineer in a factory for 3 years, then went into maintenance in said factory-big pay cut, but more satisfaction. Got tired of being filthy all of the time after 5 years and went to nursing school....7+ yrs here