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  1. krimicrat

    Been on nights for a month and...

    I work three 12 hour shifts per week. I try to work three on, four off. The day of my first night shift I try to take a nap in the afternoon. This usually doesn't work so well. Then I work that night, come home and take my 4 year old to daycare. I get home and go to sleep by 8am. I sleep till three or four, then get up, get my son, a make dinner. I leave around six for work. Repeat this until the morning after my last night. Then I sleep till one or two, wake up and will go to sleep with the family that night. Then I'm on days till my first night and the whole thing repeats.if I have trouble I'll take a Benadryl, but that is rare. I have darkening shades for my window, ear plugs and a fan, and eye covers :)
  2. krimicrat

    Been on nights for a month and...

    I have a husband and three kids, 10, 7, and 4. What has made things much easier is that my husband works from home. The kids start back to school soon too, which will be good for them too.I figure I better make the most of nights. I'm on the days list, but I'd much rather be happy while I'm waiting for my day spot. So I'm focusing on the positives of the shift: I see my family more, it's a better learning environment, more money, and it's fun! We laugh a lot at night:)
  3. krimicrat

    Been on nights for a month and...

    I like it! I am so surprised! I was very anxious about it for a long time, but am happy to report things are going well. I thought I would post to support those who have nights in their futures and are worried about it. You can do it!
  4. krimicrat

    My best orientation mistakes

    When I was orienting as a tech, my preceptor told me to 'pass ice' to all the patients. So, I dutifully filled the ice bags with ice and gave the bags to the patients. A nurse saw me do this, and, laughing, said, "And, just what do you think the patient will do with a bag of ice?" *Lightbulb* Oh....she means put it in their cup and fill the cup with water! Obviously, this is what she meant! Just showing how green I was....
  5. krimicrat

    From Nurse to Lawyer, anyone?

    I am a laywer with three semesters left in my BSN program. I think having a JD-RN is an amazing combination. Good luck with your dream! Here, the LSAT is the test to take to determine whether you can get into law school. Each school has their own standards for what score will suffice.
  6. krimicrat

    Contact Isolation: Do YOU always gown up?

    In my hospital, we are expected to gown/glove up if you step into the room - regardless of the reason. I comply.
  7. krimicrat

    wanting RN-BSN but previous bachelors

    Could it be a financial aid issue? I am not in CA, but am a 2nd degree BSN student in another state. I was trying to get my RN as opposed to a BSN, but the school would not provide financial aid b/c of my previous bachelor's degree. In my state, I am allowed to get a 2nd bachelor's degree on financial aid. Could you check with your state's regent for higher education to see what the restriction is (as opposed to the individual school)?
  8. krimicrat

    How does the dog handle your 12 hour shifts?

    We have a doggy door, and I block off the carpeted area of the house. B/c my husband works 8 to 5, she is rarely alone for my whole shift though.
  9. krimicrat

    What to expect as a CNA in a hospital?

    I work days in a hospital. I work both in a step down unit, and float to an ICU. They are very different. The step down we get report, do vitals, ask the nurses which patients are showers and which are baths, plan those and give them, change linens, do blood sugars, I&O's every two hours, answer call lights, take care of charts, etc. It is very, very, very busy :) In ICU the patients are bathed at night. But we do hourly I&O's, and many of the patients have hourly blood sugars, or q2. The call lights are less frequent in ICU, but you are still very busy. Excellent experience for nursing school. I love it!
  10. krimicrat

    MSN looking to relocate to Oklahoma City

    OHH uses electronic. Mercy and ohh are affiliated.
  11. krimicrat

    MSN looking to relocate to Oklahoma City

    Oklahoma Heart Hospital South is looking for RN's. It is a top notch facility! http://www.okheart.com/open-positions
  12. krimicrat

    Jobs while a nursing student?

    I am working as a NA in a hospital. Working full time during the summer, will drop to part time (12 to 24 hrs/week) during the school year. I am not certified, but have completed my first semester of the nursing part of my BSN program.
  13. krimicrat

    Nursing Student looking for work!!

    I am a nursing student who is also working in a hospital as a nursing assistant. I am not certified, but I just finished my first semester of nursing school. I filled out apps in the four hospitals I would want to work at when I graduate. The only one who called me back was my #1 pick - I honestly think I got my job by random luck! I would not suggest working in a nursing home during school if your ultimate goal is to work in a hospital. This is advice one of my professor's gave me. I don't know what to tell you other than apply everywhere you would want to work. I am very happy to have the job, and to be learning from these people. They are true professionals. I think the experience is invaluable for someone on the path to becoming an RN. Good luck!
  14. krimicrat

    Lawyer to Nurse

    I am a lawyer (8 years) in nursing school. I love it! I also work at a hospital as a nursing assistant. I personally do not find the careers so opposite. I help people in one way as a lawyer, and help them in another as a student nurse/nursing assistant/one day RN. What's awesome is that I now have time for pro bono work! I can't wait to be a nurse attorney! And no, I will not be suing anyone :)
  15. krimicrat

    Working during school?

    I know of several people who work during school. I start my job in June, and will continue working throughout the last two years of my program.
  16. I will start at a hospital as a tech in two weeks. Most of the hospitals here ask for either certification, or that the applicant has finished their Fundamentals course with clinical. I am very grateful to have gotten this position, and I plan to continue working throughout school. I will apply to their extern program as soon as I qualify for it. I would be thrilled to work in this hospital long term, and I hope that my working as a tech does help in that regard. I will be working full time, but will drop it to part time should I be fortunate enough to get an extern position.

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