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  1. krimicrat

    Been on nights for a month and...

    I work three 12 hour shifts per week. I try to work three on, four off. The day of my first night shift I try to take a nap in the afternoon. This usually doesn't work so well. Then I work that night, come home and take my 4 year old to daycare. I get home and go to sleep by 8am. I sleep till three or four, then get up, get my son, a make dinner. I leave around six for work. Repeat this until the morning after my last night. Then I sleep till one or two, wake up and will go to sleep with the family that night. Then I'm on days till my first night and the whole thing repeats.if I have trouble I'll take a Benadryl, but that is rare. I have darkening shades for my window, ear plugs and a fan, and eye covers :)
  2. krimicrat

    Been on nights for a month and...

    I have a husband and three kids, 10, 7, and 4. What has made things much easier is that my husband works from home. The kids start back to school soon too, which will be good for them too.I figure I better make the most of nights. I'm on the days list, but I'd much rather be happy while I'm waiting for my day spot. So I'm focusing on the positives of the shift: I see my family more, it's a better learning environment, more money, and it's fun! We laugh a lot at night:)
  3. krimicrat

    Been on nights for a month and...

    I like it! I am so surprised! I was very anxious about it for a long time, but am happy to report things are going well. I thought I would post to support those who have nights in their futures and are worried about it. You can do it!
  4. krimicrat

    Night shifters who flip

    On the day before your first night, do you try to take a nap? I have tried this, but can not fall asleep! This means I just stay awake for 24 hours, then come home and sleep during the day. Any tips or tricks? I would love to get a solid nap before my first shift, but so far it's a no go!
  5. I too am interested in learning how to be healthy and work nights. I start nights in May.
  6. krimicrat

    Tylenol IV

    The CCU in which I work as an extern has used it for around 6 months or so.
  7. krimicrat

    Is nursing your second career?

    I am a lawyer in my third semester of nursing school. I have been working as a tech for almost a year, and will be an extern at the same hospital this summer. I love it, and can't wait to graduate so that I will have time to help people as a nurse in the hospital, and help people as a lawyer (as an advocate through various organizations).
  8. krimicrat

    Beta Blockers

    My thoughts exactly. That is crazy.
  9. krimicrat

    Infant Circumcision in Nursing school

    The OP is not saying she won't participate in the labor and delivery. She is simply saying she will not participate in the circumcision. Really not a big deal, and I know some L&D floors accomodate this routinely....
  10. krimicrat

    Infant Circumcision in Nursing school

    ALSO, it is a myth that a circumcised penis is 'easier to care fore.' Because the foreskin is fused to the head for the first several years of life - there is absolutely ZERO that needs to be done during the diaper years. You wash it like a finger. However, for those boys who have been circumcised, there is a lot to do. First, there is wound care during the healing process. Caring for a wound that is constantly surrounded by pee and poop has got to be unpleasant. Then, there is the constant worry about adhesions. One must constantly push back the remaining foreskin stump for months and sometimes even years, in order to avoid adhesions. I personally did not want to get that involved with my son's penis, and have been glad to have to do NOTHING. Later, an intact boy will wash his penis like any other body part. Not an issue. Another American foreskin "myth." I know this isn't a debate thread, but when mistatements are posted about the foreskin, I feel it is important to correct them.
  11. krimicrat

    Infant Circumcision in Nursing school

    Hmmm, I think the 80% of men around the world WITH their foreskin would beg to differ with you. The human foreskin serves many purposes, some of which include: 1. Protecting the penis and preserving it's intended soft, supple state. A whole penis (the head) is a mucosa surface, like the inside of one's mouth. A circumcised penis dries out and the skin thickens. 2. The foreskin containes thousands of nerves, and serves as errogenous tissue. 3. Providing a gliding motion during intercourse. An intact penis usually does not require lubrication during sex. 4. Protection from infection during the diaper years - the foreskin is fused to the glans for the first several years of life, keeping germs out. The opposite belief is a common misconception among Americans - we fear the foreskin. Rediculous and hilarious, really. 5. There are stretch receptors in the foreskin, providing another pleasurable sensation during sex. ETC.,....
  12. krimicrat

    Infant Circumcision in Nursing school

    I, too, am going into my OB/Peds rotation, and am also ethically opposed to forced circumcision. I will observe, but till not participate or help in any way with the procedure. This is the only legal procedure I would ever refuse to participate in, BTW. All other procedures I have thought about, the patient can consent. In end of life care, while I may disagree with a choice (usually to extend life despite suffering), I could still carry out the family's wishes, etc. But not with infant circumcision. Won't do it. I do not anticipate any problems with my nursing school or instructors. They have been very open minded and tolerant, and I do foresee any drastic change from this mode of thinking on this issue. I plan not to say anything until I am asked to participate, in which case I will politely decline. If asked, I will say my moral code dictates that I not participate in infant circumcision.
  13. krimicrat

    New grad 30 weeks pregnant and starting on L&D department

    As a lawyer who practices business law, including human resources and employment law - who is also a nursing student working in a hospital - I agree, completely! I have hired and fired many people, and never, once, did I ever discriminate against someone for being pregnant. It is not dishonest to not disclose a pregnancy during an interview. In my opinion, to do so would be unprofessional. This is not the Dark Ages...
  14. krimicrat

    My best orientation mistakes

    When I was orienting as a tech, my preceptor told me to 'pass ice' to all the patients. So, I dutifully filled the ice bags with ice and gave the bags to the patients. A nurse saw me do this, and, laughing, said, "And, just what do you think the patient will do with a bag of ice?" *Lightbulb* Oh....she means put it in their cup and fill the cup with water! Obviously, this is what she meant! Just showing how green I was....
  15. krimicrat

    From Nurse to Lawyer, anyone?

    I am a laywer with three semesters left in my BSN program. I think having a JD-RN is an amazing combination. Good luck with your dream! Here, the LSAT is the test to take to determine whether you can get into law school. Each school has their own standards for what score will suffice.