How much do you make?

  1. I hope I'm allowed to ask this question. How much do you make per hour for private duty? Do you get benefits? I'm ashamed to say that I make 22.50 an hour and I have no benefits. I could sign up for insurance but it's 300.00 a month which I can't afford so I don't even have health insurance. I want a better job but man it's hard to find a job where I live.
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    That's about the going rate here in Indianapolis for PDN, $1 more for vent cases. Thankful that PDN is my prn job. My hospital job pays substantially more.
  4. by   middleagednurse
    I was poking around and I found a thread on nursing salary survey. So depressing. Some nurses making 40 50 bucks an hour.
  5. by   CloudySue
    Since LPNs make $17-19 an hour around here, as an LPN I find my $23/hr to be quite tasty. Especially since I'm working 55-60 hrs a week. The overtime is sweet. My agency realizes that paying OT to its employees is better than leaving shifts unfilled.
  6. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Quote from middleagednurse
    I was poking around and I found a thread on nursing salary survey. So depressing. Some nurses making 40 50 bucks an hour.
    Not in private duty. Home care (skilled visits) may pay $40-50 per visit (often 1.5-2hr visit if not longer not including paperwork which can take 1-2 hours additional ). Most private duty is paid by Medicaid which depending on the area of the country. LPN can pay $13-25/hr and RN $15-28/hr private duty. Higher end is usually for high tech (trach/vent, central line, IV infusion etc)

    I don't think my clinical manager with 15+ years field experience makes $45-50/hr!

    Those rates are usually hospital nurses in NYC, San Francisco Bay Area, etc with a significantly higher cost of living. In the south east hospital RNs often make $15-20/hr with differentials.
  7. by   nursearoo
    Private Duty in MA , (company I work for) $30.31/hr (RN) during weekdays, on evenings, weekends and nights $32.75/hr........holidays time & a half........
    I was in FL (same company) rate varied...anywhere from $16/hr to $20/hr depending on the differential for evening, night....holidays were only $5.00/hr more than your base pay. IF you were an RN and worked on an LPN case, you had to take the LPN pay..........reason why I left FL after moving down there, stayed for only 5 yrs because the pay sucks.....
  8. by   mluvsgnc
    As an RN (with trach, vent and GT pts.), I make 22.45/hr + $1 for shift differential. I work part time so no benefits; however, I could work 30 hours to receive benefits, but choose not to. My friend, an RN, makes $40/hr working at a county correctional facility (aka "the jail").
  9. by   smartnurse1982
    I think the biggest factor regarding pay is the agency itself,and location.

    I haven't the slightest idea why Pdn pay in the south is so low regardless of Cost of living index.

    My pay in SC as 18/hr as an Rn with experience,and it did not matter whether high tech or low tech.
    Rn's and Lpn's got paid the same rate.
    In NC i made 20/hr.

    Not only did i make less $$$ in the south,but i actually did more.
    For ex,i had to work changing wound vac dressings,Picc lines,and draw blood, in addition to vents,trachs,gtubes.

    In Nj,with many agencies i have worked for(5) PDN are not allowed to administer meds via Picc.
    The only thing we are allowed to do is assess the site,nothing more.
    I also do not draw any labs.

    My lpn coworker got paid $14/hr in Florida for Pdn.

    I currently make(RN) 32/hr in NJ,and it does not matter high tech or not.No shift differentials either.
    Holiday pay is time and a half although i notice the "half" always seem to disappear on my pay stubs.
    Health benefits are $480/month.
  10. by   brillohead
    Depends if it's Medicaid or not.

    Medicaid cases pay $20-$21 in this state. Car insurance cases pay more like $30. (Michigan has unlimited lifetime medical benefits for vehicle-related injuries. Yes, our car insurance premiums are outrageous.)
  11. by   Nibbles1
    I am making 25.00 per hr.0 benefits. I was told by some other nurses that they were making 40.00 per hr in PDN with the same company I was also working for. Come to find out they were lying about their amount. I guess to make themselves feel more superior. Who knows.
  12. by   poppycat
    I make $24.50/hour working night shift. Weekend differential takes me to $26/hour. This is for a trach/vent case. I think less complex cases are paid at $23/hour. I don't know what LPN pay rate is for any cases.

    I work 27 hours a week so don't qualify for benefits. When I worked more hours, I was sent all the info for their health insurance. It was extremely expensive & covered very little. Since I have great coverage through my husband's employer, I didn't take it.
  13. by   ButterflyRN90
    $16/hr. No benefits. No raises or differentials.
  14. by   Elektra6
    $24 hr weekdays/ $1 shift differential weekends, my heath insurance is $400 a month!