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  1. Did any of you do the ATI questions/games? I truly despise ATI with a passion. Or do you have to do the games before you take the final test?
  2. The average wait is 8 months, longer if your in Texas (10 months). I got a date in 4 months BUT that was calling every single day. I called on May 25, 2015 and got a date June 7, 2015. 9 days from getting a date set to taking the test at Chambersburg, PA. It can be done. Good luck!
  3. I started in October 2015 with only 12 classes to do. I was planning on doing one term too. Haha haha! My mentor wouldn't open up my next class until the date it was suppose to. I got 4 classes completed in 6 months. I got a new mentor a few days ago and I am hoping she doesn't do the same stunt. They will not open up more than one class at a time now. And I was not allowed to pick the order of classes either. I hope to finish this term, otherwise I would have went to UTA.
  4. Nibbles1

    How fast can you ACTUALLY do rn-bsn

    I started October 2015 with only 12 classes to take. I planned on being a One Term Wonder! ha! I didn't tell my mentor that information either. My mentor has deliberately slowed me down. My first class, Care of Older Adult took over 4 weeks to complete because she refused to open up the test even though I made a 92% on the pre-assessment. Next, she wouldn't open up my next class until it was scheduled. I honestly regret going to WGU. I wished like hell I would have went to UTA.
  5. Nibbles1

    WGU RN to BSN in 6 months

    I think the statistics class has changed because I have math on mine. I was truly planning on being a one term student, however, I think that mentors have caught on and I have been "delayed" getting into my next class or something is being held up. I only had 12 classes to take and it's taking me 4 months to the date to get this far and I only have 4 classes done.
  6. Nibbles1


    Mine is nice, however she is totally keeping me behind. Not a fan of the mentor thing. I have been doing online school since 2010. Don't need a babysitter.
  7. Nibbles1

    Orientation starts in less than 2 hours

    I've read over the TASK 1 and it still doesn't make sense; even after watching the videos 5times. Ready for a mentor to be assigned to me. I have a list of questions ready to go.
  8. Nibbles1

    Orientation starts in less than 2 hours

  9. Nibbles1

    Orientation starts in less than 2 hours

    I called and they said until we have mentors assigned to us, we will not be able to see the tasks.
  10. Nibbles1

    Orientation starts in less than 2 hours

    Thank you so much!
  11. Nibbles1

    Is it true all nurses get MRSA or C-DIFF?

    We swabbed a restaurant table when I was in microbiology. It tested positive for c-diff. I think the zombie apocalypse is going to start from either a Walmart cart or a buffet restaurant.
  12. Nibbles1

    Orientation starts in less than 2 hours

    So I have a stupid question. Where are the tasks located for the biochemistry class? I clicked the assessment box on the "degree plan." It just explains a small description of what the task is. Am I over looking it? Feeling overwhelmed right now.
  13. Nibbles1

    Orientation starts in less than 2 hours

    I finished the orientation in about 2 hours as well. Started watching the videos on biochem. Good luck to every one!
  14. Nibbles1

    Yes You Can

    I went to Chamberburg, PA for my CPNE. There's multiple sites you can choose from.
  15. Nibbles1

    Yes You Can

    Don't let anyone tell you that EC graduates are not taken seriously in the world of nursing. I had an interview today and my interviewer was a graduate from EC. She is the DON of an ICU hospital. I got the job, btw.
  16. Nibbles1

    why do many MAs and CNAs call themselves nurses?

    I was reading on the Texas Nurse Board that SB1753 requires name badges to say REGISTERED NURSE, LICENSED VOCATIONAL NURSE, NURSE MIDWIFE, CLINICAL NURSE SPECIALIST not just RN, LVN, CNS, etc... it goes on to state that hospitals have until 09-01-19 (3yrs) to implement this.