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Pediatric Private Duty; Camp Nursing
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CloudySue has 6 years experience and specializes in Pediatric Private Duty; Camp Nursing.

Private duty for trach/vent peds/infant, also a camp nurse in the summer. Two awesome tween girls, great husband, living the dream. A Girl Scout leader, too!

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  1. CloudySue

    The rest of the year

    Pediatric private duty, PRN.
  2. CloudySue

    How to stay awake during NOCs in PDN?

    Many great ideas here, ones which I use daily! I keep a strict sleep schedule. I might go to bed 2-3 hours early on my nights off, so I can enjoy a few extra hours w my family the next day, but it's important to stay close to your schedule 7 days a week so you don't get jet lagged. I think of it as not being on an odd schedule, but I consider myself living on Sidney, Australia time! I take melatonin before sleep every morning. I use darkening shades and use a white noise app on my phone. I make sure I get at least 7 hours of sleep each day, and if I get less, I take a 1-2 hour nap in the evening before work. I try and eat well, and take vitamins, ESPECIALLY vitamin D w calcium. We overnighters are very susceptible to vitamin D deficiency, and I've been dx w it twice. Vitamin B in a super formula is great for energy, cheaper than a 5-hour energy drink and arguably the same effect. Good luck!
  3. CloudySue

    need ideas for my teenage male patient

    What are his physical and cognitive abilities? It's impossible to answer your question if we don't know more about your client.
  4. This happened to me once at a new case. around 5 in the morning, both parents went to work and left me, my 6 year old client, and 5 other siblings sleeping in their beds. The mother was very offended when I questioned her, "Is there going to be someone here for the other children?" She assured me that the eldest daughter was in charge and I was not responsible for any of them. I figured the eldest was 18, turns out she was 14. Are you telling me that if there was a fire, I would just grab my client and run out? NO! Of course I'd be scrambling all over the house waking up the other kids. I'd be the nurse that left a bunch of kids to die if I didn't! The funny thing was, the mom fired ME for me questioning if someone else was there. I wasn't going back anyway. I think there were other nurses that never complained about it, so of course I was the troublemaker, lol!
  5. CloudySue

    should I get liability insurance?

    Yes. Absolutely. It's about 100 dollars a year or so. I was warned in nursing school to NEVER trust your employer to cover your butt. Corporations will deny responsibility and throw you under the bus if it suits them, especially if it's really an error on your part.
  6. CloudySue

    I didn't return to my old camp because...

    I didn't return to my first camp for a number of reasons, but the big one was that I was expected to pretty much ignore my girls at camp. I wasn't permitted to speak to them more than just a greeting in passing, not allowed to hug them in front of other campers, (in case the other kids get jealous/sad/whatever) and if they came in for medical attention, I was expected to let another nurse treat them. I felt like a non-custodial parent. Since I was told at hire that I'd be able to see and visit w them a lot, and that was not the case, I complained about it, so eventually I was begrudgingly allowed "planned visitation" with them. What I had to do what take them to my cabin during the evening free time and hang out w them there, because they didn't want any of the other campers to see us together. The camp I work at now (for three summers so far) there are no official restrictions between my children and me. We don't abuse the privilege but it's so nice to be in an environment that doesn't micromanage our every move. I see and talk to my kids at least once a day and I get to treat them if they come into the HC. The directors have no issues w it. When I get the occasional hug from my own kids, their friends sometimes simply come up to me for their own hugs or pile on as a group hug. I can be everybody's camp mom.
  7. CloudySue

    Agitated Pt Makes for Hard G-Button Feedings

    I didn't see anything here either that indicated that they thought you were an idiot. If these responses upset you so easily, you may want to take a hard look on how you take constructive criticism and consider processing it in a healthier way. The only thing more concerning to me than a new nurse in PDN is a new nurse in PDN that cannot gracefully handle taking advice and concerns from other, more experienced nurses.
  8. CloudySue

    Old wives tales

    I also worked in a home w onions "to remove germs". It was a Mennonite home. They replaced them once a week or so and they really got rank. The room reeked so bad and I was working 12 hour shifts, so I gathered up the onions and tied them up in a plastic bag when the family slept, and put them back in the morning.
  9. CloudySue

    It was only 3 weeks

    Many camp nursing jobs ARE only for three weeks, or less. I've met nurses who just spend one week of their paid vacation from their real job to provide their own children with a week of camp. You don't have to talk about the reasons you left your contract early. Having camp nursing on your resume is an interesting tidbit that might provide a colorful lead-in topic for the interviewer to break the ice. Have a few positive statements ready to say and then allow the interviewer to move on.
  10. CloudySue

    Lice more prevailent?

    We had an extraordinarily large amt of lice cases come to camp this year. Fortunately we started with a contracted lice company who has been taking care of checks and initial treatments, so we have been able to handle and manage these cases well. (Many of these cases are international and sending campers home is not an option nor is it our policy.) My question to all of you is, have any of you seem an uptick in the number of active cases coming into camp this year? We've seen them come from the US and abroad, so I'm wondering if lice are on the rise across the board. We had a couple of cases in other years, but nothing close to this!
  11. CloudySue

    Walking into a mess

    Am I being picky, or does anyone else get annoyed when they start a shift and the parents don't do any cleaning maintenance? For example, the enteral pump bag still has remnants of the last feed in the bag and the tubing, the suction canister is full of muck, the diaper is dirty, the Foley bag is full, etc. It seems like common courtesy to not leave all those jobs to the oncoming nurse. Maybe I'm just in a bad mood but it's grinding my gears tonight.
  12. CloudySue

    Legal issues and other topics in private duty nursing

    No, an LPN would not take $10-12/hr for lower level tasks. We are nurses too and command better wages. We are not glorified CNAs.
  13. CloudySue

    I got subpoenaed

    I had a phone interview on Friday w the client's parents' lawyer, with the clinical supervisor and office director in the room w me. It went quite well, just straight questions/answers to clarify orders and what I did about them. My supervisor doesn't think I'll be called for the hearing; I didn't have anything new to say beyond what she had said. I hope that's it for me; I have a very busy summer planned and don't want to cancel anything to show up to testify.
  14. CloudySue

    Employee benefits we don't get in Pdn

    I went through ACA coverage because although what my employer offered for single employees was acceptable, it got crazy expensive for my husband and kiddies. But now I got a flyer in the mail this week that my employer is going to start offering better coverage so "be on the lookout for details". Cautiously optimistic but expecting nothing earth-shattering.
  15. CloudySue

    Mantoux question

    Are you in the US? I was under the impression that all new hires had to have the Mantoux test everywhere, unless they provided proof that they've had it in the last two years. I thought that was a federal thing. Maybe it's just my state.
  16. CloudySue

    Mantoux question

    Hi, Gang, Every year the counselors who arrive without proper Mantoux documention get shuttled into town during pre-camp for their tests and subsequent checks. Our head nurse is no longer with us and although I'm not the "head" nurse, I've been charged w a lot of the pre-camp health center tasks. I was wondering what we'd need to do to start giving the Mantoux ourselves, it seems like that would be a whole lot more convenient and cost effective. We do not have a camp doctor on staff, rather, we have two doctors in town who have been servicing our needs for many years who see our campers in their office, as well as prescribe our standing orders for PRNs. Can somebody please advise me on what needs to be done to get this ball rolling? Thanks!