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Previous Student Loans/Financial Aid


Hi everyone, I am curious to know if anyone is still paying back a student loan from a previous degree. I am still paying for some student loans I took out to get a 2 yr degree in the Computer field and will have to borrow once again when I start an ADN program next September. Has anyone had problems getting a student loan for a 2nd 2-year degree program. If I am correct, once you have a bachelors degree, then borrowing is much tougher. Is this correct? Thanks in advance for any opinions.

I had "leftover" loans from first degree. I just put them in deferrment and took out more. :) I haven't had any trouble getting loan money. You can't take Perkins loans but the Stafford loans are sufficient.

I have a bachelors that is worthless that I took out loans for and now I am going back for an Associates in Radiography. I haven't had any trouble getting new loans or putting the old ones on deferment. The only thing is, after you get a Bachelors, you are no longer eligible for grant money, just loans, which kind of sucks, but oh well.


I allready have a Bachelor's that I took out student loans for and am currently paying back. I am also attending CC ADN program and took out more student loans to pay for tuition and books.

I did not have any problems getting Stafford Loans for my Bachelor's or my current ADN program. After you have a Bachelor's though, it is difficult if not impossible to get government grants like Pell.

I was a little nervous about being accepted for more loans because I have Deferred my loan twice (6 mths. each time) since I have been paying it back. But, I have always been dilligent in paying it on time, etc. and it seems that as long as you have never "Defaulted" on it they will allow you to borrow more.

As long as you fill out all paper work within the required time frame and have been good about paying back past loans or letting them know when you would have trouble paying them you shouldn't have any problems getting a loan.


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I have a BS from a private school and have them in deferrment now. I am going to take out more loans for a 2nd degree at the same school. Am I crazy or what? I am not eligible for anything from the school except loans. I have started to look for scholarships, which has also proven to be difficult b/c I am 25 and already have a BS. But, I keep trying to find money. I would suggest playing the lottery too! lol! :p I am also working full time, so I can pay some tuition right out of pocket. Things should get interesting when I start clinicals! I don't know how associates degrees work, but you might be eligible for more than me. Just talk w/ your financial aid office, they should be able to help.


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Originally posted by angelac1978

I have a bachelors that is worthless


a bachelors isn't worthless.. it allows you to do many types of graduate work

Originally posted by agent

a bachelors isn't worthless.. it allows you to do many types of graduate work

true, but considering that the BS is in Geography and not a health related field, I still had to go back and take some pre-reqs. But I guess it's not totally worthless... but just about. ;)


Thanks for your replies, it sure made me feel better to know that I will probably have no problem borrowing additional funds when needed.

I am going to have the same thing. I have a TON of money for an out of state school tuition for my economics degree, now I'm thinking of going to nursing 2nd degree program. Either 2 yrs of $40,000 or 1 year at $20,000 ... deciding what I want to do now ... or what I can get accepted into is more like it ...

I have a student loan from 3 1/2 years at a university. No degree, but I have to pay . I didn't have any problem getting new loans. I decided not to transfer my classes from my other school. Since I dropped out several years ago, and some of the science were over 5 years old and I couldn't use them any way. I had to start over but really only had to re take english and biology, no big deal.

I am paying half the loan back now, I consolodated and have a small monthly payment.

Good luck!

Soooo, would getting a loan be a good thing or bad? I seriously can't even pay my tuition this year...

Do you ever watch Suze Orman's show? She always says that student loans are "good" debt. (Makes me feel better about the ton of loans I have!) You can get them for a really low rate now, too.

Originally posted by ogden2k

Soooo, would getting a loan be a good thing or bad? I seriously can't even pay my tuition this year...

if your smart about them, they are a good thing. the rates are low and you can decied how little to take out. they can take some of the burdden off while you are in school

I really think if you are struggling right now to pay tuition or living expenses while in school, then getting a student loan makes sense. As everyone else has said, the interest rates are really low, and you get a 6 month grace period after you graduate or leave school before you have to start paying them back. When you do pay them back, you will have several repayment options to choose from, and you can even consolidate the loans and get a lower interest rate. Also, if you decide to go back to school for whatever reason, you can defer your student loans and get even more if you have to. Of course you might be paying them off until you are 90 but sometimes the peace of mind of knowing your school is paid for is worth it! :D


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