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  1. colleen10

    Job Safety for Pregnant Nurse

    Hi everyone, I am a nursing student with 5 weeks to go before I graduate. I also work part time as an aide on a renal and abdominal surgical floor. I am also 4 weeks pregnant and need advice on how to stay safe on the job and at school. I don't go to my doctor for another month and really don't know what I should or shouldn't be doing at work. I work next week and plan on telling my employer about my pregnancy at that time, but am really clueless at the moment as to what types of patients I should avoid. Radiation and meds. like chemo are pretty obvious but are there weight lifting limits and what about infected patients? Back in October when I was at my doctor for an annual, he really only said to be sure to use standard precautions and be extra cautious about CMV in dialysis patients. Since I have told my preceptor and classmates about my pregnancy I am getting some conflicting information. My preceptor says that I should only avoid patients with Airborne precautions while a classmate of mine who is pregnant and due any moment said it's not worth hurting yourself just because of school and has completely avoided all patients on contact precautions all year. I don't want to be one of those "prima donna" pregnant nurses who avoids everything, I just want to be safe. I don't see a problem with contact precaution patients as long as you where you gown and gloves and handwash, is there something I'm missing here? Are there other dangers I have not considered? Whatever advice you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Col
  2. colleen10

    Possible Nail Loss, No Idea Why

    Hi Leslie, You must live in the North East with me and have nothing to do but spend time on the computer since the weather is so hot, humid and rainy. Thanks for the help. I checked out the page and can tell that the one about the air bubbles in the nail causing white spots is what I had when I was filing my nails too much and pushing back my cuticles. I stopped that and the problem went away. I guess what seems to fit most is the Onycholysis, but my fingers don't look as bad as the pictures. I am going to do a search on the term onycholysis because I think I saw something about it being associated with contact dermatitis.
  3. colleen10

    Thyroid Problem

    Hi Clara, Don't want to speculate too much but the information you have from tests could be any number of different things. Looks like your values are normal except for your TSH which is a bit high. If you do not have any sypmtoms of a Thyroid Disorder such as Hypo or Hyper- Thyroidism then you could have nodules on your Thyroid which can be quite common and not indicative of a major disease. I know it's hard but try not to worry too much until you get to the Doctor's. A friend of mine had Thyroid nodules which needed to be biopsied. She had no sypmtoms and they were palpated during a typical doctors examination. She had to have a ultra sound and then a biopsy and they turned out to be nothing but an over growth. Depending on what you have, I'm quite sure you can most certainly continue your plan of going into nursing. You have the rest of the summer to figure out what is wrong and if you do have Hyper or Hypo-thyroidism, time to get it under control. Good luck and I wish you the best.
  4. colleen10

    Possible Nail Loss, No Idea Why

    No, my hair and the rest of me is normal. No more hair loss than what I usually have with brushing and drying. My hair doesn't appear brittle or dry. No weird rashes and nothing wrong with my toe nails either. The rest of me is absolutely normal except for these 4 fingers. I don't take any meds. except some Nasacort every now and then for allergies which I have been taking for years and I take a multi-vitamin at hs. I've been taking that for at least 6 months. The only problems I had with my fingernails was that they were brittle for a while and for a month or so I had those white dots on them, I think their called Mee's lines. That was many months ago though.
  5. colleen10

    Possible Nail Loss, No Idea Why

    Hi everyone, I am writing because I have a bit of a problem. I have noticed the past few weeks that my finger nails seem to be lifting from the nail plate and I have no idea why. I am a healthy 29 year old with an unremarkable medical history. When I look at some of my nails I can see that it has lifted from the nail plate down to various points. It is most prominent on both of my pinky fingers where it's lifted about 1/4 of the way down the nail, then there is some on the next finger next to my pinky. I don't really see any on my middle, pointer or thumbs. They don't hurt, there's no redness, irritation, discoloration, etc. as you might expect with a fungal infection. To the best of my knowledge I haven't banged them up. They look perfectly normal except for the pulling away. They aren't pulled away so much that they are actually loose, but I can tell because the area is lighter, you can see that the line where your nail over hangs the plate is way back now. Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be the cause? I am going to call my doctor but I want to go in with some ideas. The only thing I can think of is some sort of nutrient deficit or a contact dermatitis. I started working at a hospital on an externship a few weeks ago and thought maybe it is some sort of reaction to the gloves or anti-bacterial soap we use. Could it be a Latex allergy? I've checked the internet but haven't seen any information on Latex causing this type of reaction. Could the soap be drying out the area underneath my nails? My hands don't appear to be dry. I used to constantly wear nail polish and stopped a few weeks ago when I started my externship. I know I didn't have this problem when I was wearing nail polish. I had very brittle nails for a while which I attributed to the nail polish, when I quit wearing it, the brittleness went away, but now this is starting. Any leads you guys have would be appreciated.
  6. colleen10

    Medical record problem--a wee bit long....

    I just wanted to say that this whole situation is rediculous and if I were you I would have found a new doctor as well. To pay so you can come in and they can fix THEIR mistake is outrageous. In fact, I'm so spiteful that I probably would cancel the check that I wrote to them for the first appt. They obviously didn't do it right, why should you have to pay for it? I read an article that more doctors offices want to be treated like "businesses", ie. if you cancel an appt or don't show you still get charged for the appt. Well, then, if they want to be treated like a business they should start acting like one, providing quality service and information for a cost, and if they don't do it right, don't get paid.
  7. colleen10

    Summer Reading Suggestions?

    Ooohhhhh, I bet you'll like Echo Heron's books. I think her first book was "Critical Care" and it talked about her getting through nursing school. She is a good writer and some of her stories are amazing, heart breaking, and a lesson in themselves. I will never ever ever release a patient from restraints just because they "look like" they are calm and with it, all because of her story.
  8. colleen10

    Learning the bones???

    A nice lab manual/anatomy coloring book helped me immensely!!!!!!!! I colored in the various bones with different colored color pencils. It sounds sort of childish but it really helped break everything down for me. ie. when your looking at a black and white drawing of the skull, they all kind blend together but if you color code them, ie. Occipital, Frontal, Temporal, it makes it easier to locate them and seperate them from one another. Also, check out the stickied website in this student section. A lot of them are to really good A&P sites. Another thing that may help is to try to memorize 5-10 a day depending on how much time you have before your exam. Also, quizing yourself when ever you have a spare moment will help to. I used to quiz myself in the shower, still do. Sometimes touching the bone on your own body and saying the name out loud makes it easier to remember too. Good luck!
  9. colleen10

    What colors do you wear?

    Hi Violet, I am starting an externship program in 2 weeks and was just ordering myself scrubs online since we are allowed to wear what ever type of scrubs we would like to. I checked out AllHeart.com and ordered two sets from them. If you do a search for "Barco" the maker of this particular set you will come up with a section on scrub sets they make, it is a flair legged scrub pant with nice big pockets (I have a pair I wear for clinical and I love them) and also a very basic matching scrub top. The set is around $22-23 dollars and they also sell the "Riverwashed" material that is so nice and soft. They have many different colors so I hope one of them falls into the "Blueberry or Periwinkle color" that you are looking for. I'm just mentioning this particular set because I thought the price was decent for both a top and pants and I own 2 pairs of the pants and have found them very comfortable. The have a drawstring front but a little bit of elastic in the back. Plus the big pockets make them nice too. I have heard some people on this board say that they had problems ordering with Allheart such as the item was delivered really late or they didn't have it/not in stock, etc. but when I ordered my pants and steth. from them before clinicals started I didn't have any problems with them. It may depend on the actual supplier of the item, in this case Barco, and not actually Allheart. I also checked out Life Uniforms website and they have a huge selection but are a bit pricier. I have located a store in my area and am going to take a drive out there one of these weekends to see what they sell in the store.
  10. colleen10

    Working your way through school?

    I think a lot of it depends on what type of nursing program you are in and how you can schedule your classes. I am in a 2 year ADN program. I finished all of my pre and co-reqs before going into the program. So, basically the only thing I am taking now is my nursing class/clinical which meets one night a week for class/lab and then 1 day a week for actual clinical at the hospital. I am a second career nursing student with a mortgage payment so I have to work and go to school. I handled it very well this semester working full time and going to school. However, next semester our clinicals will be two days a week and I know there is no way I can work full time and go to school so I have quit my job and will hopefully find something part time and flexible for next school year. Many of my classmates though will be / have to work full time and go to school next year. Many of them also have small children and families to take care of, and some how they still manage. My advice is to get out of the way as many classes as you can (ie. A&P, English, Micro, etc.) before you actually start your nursing classes. That way you will have the time to work and not be so frazzled. Some of my classmates are finishing co-reqs. along with their nursing classes and also work full time and they have managed but they have not been happy campers at all the past year.
  11. colleen10

    Any Good Fundraising Ideas?

    PS I think it's called something like "Grandma's cookies" or something with Grandma in the title
  12. colleen10

    Any Good Fundraising Ideas?

    Hyperstudent and Jen, The cheerleaders for my local high school go around and sell tubs of cookie dough. The price usually ranges from $10-14. It may seem expensive but it is a big tub of frozen cookie dough. You can get dozens and dozens of cookies from it. The nice thing about it is that 1) it tastes good and they have a big selection like macadamia nut, white chocolate, peanut butter, etc. and 2) you can take it out and thaw it a little bit, make however cookies you want, then put the tub back in the freezer for use later. I don't know how much money they make off of it but I always buy one or two when they come around selling.
  13. That is just AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know a lot of people on the board have said that they have problems with cheaters in their nursing classes but I never thought my program really did until a few weeks ago. It was our last Med. Surg. exam for the semester, a week before the comprehensive final. I went to class and we did a little review of the material first, then the teacher let us break for 10 minutes and then after the break we would begin the exam. Well, I'm sitting there at the table, (we weren't in a classroom but a lab) and myself and another classmate start talking with the student next to me whom I've know since the beginning of last semester. We are talking about the review etc. when I notice on the inside of her arm black stuff. Her sleeve was pulled up a bit and at first I thought it was some sort of allergy test where they mark you up to see what you have a reaction too, then the more I looked at it the more I realize they aren't little marks they are words. I interrupted her and the other student and said "what is that on your arm?" Still not thinking that it's acutally notes on her arm because I have known her since the beginning of last semester and she seems to be a hard worker. She looks down at her arm and says "oh, sometimes when I have spare time at work or am in a meeting I just start writing stuff on my hand or arm to review the information." What she had on her arm was a chart of all the various types of insulin, their action time, peak time, etc. I told her very seriously, "I think you better go wash that off" and she just sort of looked at me, pulled her sleave down and started talking to the other student again. I was in total disbelief. A few minutes later she looks down at her arm again and says "I better go wash this off, it looks like I'm cheating." So, she left and when she came back I looked at her arm to make sure she actually did wash it off. I still can't believe it but the more I think about it the more it makes sense she was cheating. Even before the review she said she didn't think she would do well because she didn't have time to study and she always sits in the very back corner of the classroom. If she was going to cheat I doubt anyone would notice at all. What also makes me mad is that up until the last half of this semester all of our exams are completed on our own, ie. we sign up for a time to go into lab and ask the proctor there to give us the exam, then we go into a seperate room alone to take the exam. What if she has been doing this all along?
  14. colleen10

    Labor & Delivery Units Closing

    I live in Pittsburgh, PA and can say that yes, my state has been loosing OB/GYN's to sky rocketing insurance and malpractice verdicts. It can take 6 months to get in to see an OB/GYN if you are not a previous client and even if you have an emergency. A co-worker of mine had to wait 5 months to get in to see an OB/GYN for endometriosis. Other doctor's offices told her she could end up waiting as long as 8 months. While she waited she spent a lot of money and time in the ER. Her first OB/GYN left the state due to insurance costs. It takes me 3 months to get a "check up" appt. with my OB/GYN of many years, I think I could get in in relatively quickly though if I had an emergency. A few years ago a local hospital closed down it's midwifery service. Luckily, with much gusto and public out cry they were able to open up their own practice outside of the hospital. I agree with Dawn Gloves. Seems we spend a lot of time, money and public education on female health issues and disease prevention like breast cancer screening and STD's in the young at risk population but when the doctors aren't there to see the patient's what more can you do?
  15. colleen10

    Any Good Fundraising Ideas?

    Wow!!!!! That sounds so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! A lot of money but I think well worth it. Here are a couple ideas for fund raisers from my high school and college days. when I was in high school I think the parents booster club for the foot ball team made a decent amount of money by creating "noise makers" to be used at the games. They were these really big tin cans that had little rocks inside them and then at one end of the can a hole was cut where a large dow rod was inserted to make a handle. The cans were decorated in school colors, logo, etc. painted on and had streamers stuck to it too. They were really cool. I think I probably still have mine some where. Maybe you could do something similar for your college sports events. I would check to make sure though, that they would be allowed to be taken into the game. I think back then (10 years ago) they charged $10.00 a piece for them but they were really cool. In college we did bake sales, raffles, "cow pie lotto", we had a bunch of baseball caps made with our College name (Penn State) and then underneath it had the "College of Agriculture" underneath it. We sold these to other students in the college of Ag. and made a lot of money because we were the only ones that you could get such a hat from. Maybe you could do a hat with your college and "school of nursing" or if you go to a place big like PSU "College of Sciences". We also did Chinese/Silent Auctions as fund raisers. We would ask for donations from local businesses or ask that they give us items at a discount. We also had alumni create and donate gift baskets and then we had an auction. Basically, you line up all of the items around a room and place a note card or piece of paper in front of each item. People can walk around and if they are interested in an item write down what they are willing to bid. Then, if someone else comes along and likes the item they can write down a higher bid. At the end of the specified time period the last person on the list (with the highest price) wins. I have also seen this done as a raffle. Coffee/ tin cans were placed in front of the items and people would buy so many raffle tickets. They would place their ticket in the can of an item that they liked and then at the end of the period you hold a random drawing from each can. Who ever's ticket is pulled wins the item. I really like those types raffles and they can be a huge money maker depending on what types of items you raffle off and how many people you get to come. Items that I have seen auctioned/raffled off are gift certificates to hair/nail/spa salons. Getaway weekends at a nice local hotel, Certificates to florists, gardening places, restaurants. Items like Lenox clocks and figurines, professionally upholstered stools/benches. Gift baskets with different "themes" ie. a wine basket with wine, cheese, and glasses. One for the kitchen with cute little tea towels, tea bags, cups, etc. Christmas basket with ornamnets, music CD, etc. Since you are going on a "mission" I wouldn't have any problem asking your local churches for ideas and assistance in raising money. I'm not saying they should just give you money flat out, but they may be willing to let you in on some of their fund raising activities. At my church we often have people come into church and before we do the collection they will get up and speak to the church from the podium, explain what they are doing (going on a mission, trying to send the youth group some where, sending money to Appalachia, etc.) and then they will have a second seperate money collection during the service where that money is given specifically to them for their cause. Maybe if you or any of your classmates allready belongs to a congregation you can ask your pastor about this and see if your church can help you. Our youth group frequently sells donuts and coffee after mass as a fund raiser. And don't feel weird if you or some of your fellow students belong to a church or are not religious. I can't tell you how many people in my church see me in my uniform at church right after clinical and say "nursing, that truly is it's own mission". I think you would get a lot of support if you explain where you are going and what you will be doing.
  16. colleen10

    Can anyone explain how the nclex is changing?

    I also heard that there was some anatomy involved too. ie. they show you of a picture of a body with say multiple arteries shown and ask you to pick out say, the brachial artery.