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  1. ogden2k

    X-ray Technician or Radiology

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm still not satisfied yet. I went to a hospital near me and asked if I could do a job shadow with an X-Ray tech, but they're not doing any job shadows during the summer. So, that kinda hurts me a little. I'll have to check out another hospital, it's not the greatest, but I guess I'll still get some experience.
  2. ogden2k

    X-ray Technician or Radiology

    I am looking at my options in the medical field and I was wondering about being an X-ray technician. What are the job requirements of an X-ray technician and also are you exposed to any radiation? Also, I'm not 100% sure what radiology nursing is, so if you could help me out there I'd appreciate it!
  3. ogden2k

    X-ray technician

    That's true, I'll check them out. Thanks
  4. ogden2k

    X-ray technician

    I'm not sure where this post belongs... Anyways, I am interested in being an X-ray technician. What are the side effects to it? Do you get exposed to a lot of radiation? Also, what type of things do they do beside take X-rays? Thank you for the information!
  5. ogden2k

    How much do you make?

    How much does an Xray tech get?
  6. ogden2k

    This is my first time here

    I'm new too... I hope I can learn more about the field I am interested in here.
  7. ogden2k

    I passed!!