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  1. TheBrainMusher

    Cherokee language

    Just a note, if you're living in the Cherokee Nation, look for classes. I lived at Tulsa at one point and the local community college (even OSU campuses) had classes on the language. Best of luck!
  2. TheBrainMusher

    Why would anyone do this? ACNP + CRNA

    Just curious if anyone else is exploring this option or have any current input on this matter. This is an area of interest for me.
  3. TheBrainMusher

    Drexel Accelerated Program

    I'm applying as well for Fall 2004!
  4. TheBrainMusher

    Faking having cancer, can you imagine?

    such a shame. I hope she gets help!
  5. TheBrainMusher

    Philly Accelerated BSN programs

    sanrionjb How is that going? I was looking at that! Do you have time to work as well? Do you know anyone that works as well? Thanks!
  6. TheBrainMusher

    A&P Instructor Is Trying to Take US Under!

    I agree with Colleen, usually prof's are a little more understand, I was taking night classes though. I heard day classes where I was taking my pre-reqs were harder (micro, a & p)
  7. TheBrainMusher

    I gave my first injection today

    congrats! I can't imagine when I start poking people with needles! Watch out!
  8. TheBrainMusher

    Philly Accelerated BSN programs

    Actually I also just heard of an Accelerated program being started at UMDNJ in spring 2004 or fall 2004.
  9. TheBrainMusher

    OMG! I got a scholarship!

    Congrats! Did you think about stafford loans at all for school?
  10. TheBrainMusher

    Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program (NELRP)

    That is exactly what I mean Farm. Its seems pretty ambiguious if you ask me ...
  11. TheBrainMusher

    Philly Accelerated BSN programs

    Thanks, I think I'm going to apply to the drexel program and the 2 year TJU program and see where I get in, if I get in at TJU and wait list on drexel, I'll just take the TJU program. I just want to get in and get started. So depressing, I wish I would have started this fall ... instead I found a new job.
  12. TheBrainMusher

    Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program (NELRP)

    Thanks for the help. Yes, I think it was along the lines of the NRA. I'm guessing that I won't be able to count on that then ... I understand the program, but now they don't list the short-staffed hospitals eligible! Anyone else with info?
  13. TheBrainMusher

    Loan repayments

    Anyone know anything about the Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program (NELRP) ? How sucessful it was? Acceptance rate, etc? I was wondering with the limited money that they had, if anyone took advantage of these funds in lieu of direct offers from the hospital! Thanks!
  14. TheBrainMusher

    Philly Accelerated BSN programs

    Well I'm actually looking to do drexel's program. I am either going there or TJU for the 2 year program. I am in the process of trying to figure out what will work financially. Whether sucking up the one year or getting a part time job and doing the 2 year route. Also, did you feel adequately prepared after just one year of school? I'm so nervous about the ACE program b/c I heard everyone talking about how people were dropping out left and right. I consider myself highly intelligent, but those drop out rates were HIGH! Also, does anyone know of a waiting list forming for either TJU or Drexel? Anyone from Udel's accel program?
  15. TheBrainMusher

    My Nclex results

    Congrats!:biggringi and good luck on your RN!
  16. Does anyone know how successful this has turned out to be? Acceptance rate, etc? Considering using this for nursing school but don't know if can afford the $20K/year on my own! Thanks!