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  1. JenNJFLCA

    Is this true about most nurses..

    It's funny to think what I was first like as a brand new nurse. I have come a loooong way. You do need a thick skin, but that doesn't mean you have to be mean. Confidence was a big issue with me- and still is. I have come a long way and know that I still have room to improve. It will come though, so just give it time!
  2. JenNJFLCA

    So Who Runs Your Floor, You or the Aides?

    Our techs, UC's, and tele techs control our floor. Nurses complaints fall on deaf ears. It's really discouraging, because in the end the patient really suffers. I am tired of busting my butt while others are chatting it up at the nurses station or are on personal phone calls and have the nerve to get mad at you when you ask them to do something. I am also pretty tired of the "Get here right now" or "answer my page right now" mentality. Do they ever think both your hands might be occupied or you are on the phone with someone regarding a patient?
  3. JenNJFLCA

    Migraines and the night shift

    Hi everyone! I am thinking about going to the ICU but they only have night shifts available. Any advice on how to cope with night shift and migraines? I know irregualr sleeping habits is one of my triggers. I am married and my husband works a normal 9-5 type job. Any suggestions? Can this be done without having one giant migraine all the time? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  4. JenNJFLCA

    Night shift and migraines

    I am thinking about going to work in the ICU, but they only have night shift positions available in all of ICU's in my hospital. I suffer from migraines, and irregular sleeping habits is one of my triggers. I know it will only be temporary, so I'm wondering if I should just bite the bullet and do it. Anyone else get migraines and work the night shift? How do you cope with your families?
  5. JenNJFLCA

    New Grads - Rotten Shifts?

    I'm a new nurse and I got day shift right off the bat. I think it just depends on the demand.
  6. JenNJFLCA

    Is there REALLY a nursing shortage?

    I've been a nurse for 4 months and I think there is a shortage because of the poor working conditions and the huge retiring nurse population. Med Surg is a temporary thing for me. I am sad to say that, but the conditions are horrible and I am already tired of being treated like dirt.....
  7. I got my first BS in Marine Biology w/ a minor in Chemistry. I can honestly tell you that nursing was a heck of a lot harder! :smilecoffeecup:
  8. JenNJFLCA

    New Migrain Treatment?

    Man, I thought my migraines were bad! I was 21 when I started getting them. I haven't heard about the cauterizing a nerve, but I would def do some research about that first. One of my classmates in nursing school gets botox injections for her migraines. It sucks that insurance doesn't pay for it. Obviously it's medically necessary. :angryfire
  9. JenNJFLCA

    What's your holiday bonus?

    We got $100 gift card to Sweetbay Supermarket for Thanksgiving. Maybe we'll get $25 to the hospital gift shop this year like we did last year. I'd rather they just give us $125 to Sweetbay.
  10. JenNJFLCA

    two full time jobs for a new grad

    I just graduated in May and passed boards July 29th. I've been off orientation for one month (just made it through my first schedule of being on my own! whew!) and I can't imagine working more than three 12 hour shifts a week. I thought I'd be working tons of OT now that I'm on my own. Ha! To be honest, I am way to stressed to even be thinking about working any other days. MAYBE in the next month or 2 I will pick up an 8 once or twice a pay period. I thought that it was just me, so am relieved to see that experienced nurses recommend not to pick up a lot of extra hours. To the OP, I'm glad you are rethinking!
  11. JenNJFLCA

    No Holiday Pay?

    We get time and a 1/2, which is not enough to be away from our families IMHO. I get paid and extra $25 for working every other weekend. :angryfire Not much incentive to come in if you ask me! :trout:
  12. JenNJFLCA

    "I don't want to do bed side nursing"...SAY WHAT!

    There is someone from my class who was working in a ER after grad, and told the nurse "I am not going to mkae that bed. That's the tech's job!" Needless to say she didn't last long there, esp after failing her boards. Then she was a tech on a tele floor and just stopped showing up. People like that are funny...I don't get them! I always help when I can. I don't think I am better than anyone. I am doing my time on the hospital floors but I won't be doing this forever. Maybe I'll go to the OR or something....I'll probably get my MSN. Who knows, but the floor is not in my long term future.....
  13. JenNJFLCA

    Burnout-anyone familiar with this?

    I have been a nurse for 2 months and I can tell you now I will not be working in a hospital for the next 30 years. There are so many things you can do as a nurse. Working in a hospital on the floor is just a small piece of the pie. I am "serving my time" for a few years, and that will be it for me out there on the floor. Sad, huh?
  14. JenNJFLCA

    What do nurses really think of CNAs?

    Most of the CNA's on my floor are great. I know there are some nurses that treat them like dirt, so I try to be friendly and will do my own vitals, etc if we are short. I try to help out whenever I can, but unfortunately they will take advantage of me and not care for my pts if they know I will help them all the time. I am trying to find a happy medium. They fight over a hallway that has a particular nurse because they know their job will be easier that day if they work with her pts. That's just sad. I just got off orientation so we'll see how it ends up with me. One of the CNA's has a horrible attitude. Whenever I ask her to do something for me she says (with an attitude), "well, I have to do this, this, and this so it can wait." I just want to say, "well, I have to give meds, chart, call the doctor, change the dressings, and now pick up your slack too." Sorry, this lady makes me angry sometimes. I was a tech in nursing school and was never that rude to people.
  15. JenNJFLCA

    HELP!! What's in the day of a UNIT SECRETARY????

    We'd be lost w/o our US's. They put all the orders in, fax things, write up the MARs (soon we'll be computerized though), answer the phones. It can get pretty crazy when we get 5 new admits at the same time. Best to stay away from them during that time if you can....
  16. I'm already pressuring my boss about the December holiday schedule! :chuckle I would worry about this manager....she doesn't seem like very open manager. More like a behind-the-scenes non-people-person.