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  1. Rivs

    New York to Florida Licensure Information

    I just applied last week for the same thing. This is the email I received from NYS with instructions. What you are requesting is a certification. This is a document other states, certifying agencies or jurisdictions may require to confirm a New York license. It is the official statement of the basis of licensure and includes a licensee*s name, profession, license number, date of birth, registration status, professional school attended, professional examination results, and any conditions or restrictions. Certifications will be issued only at the request of the licensee for submission to another licensing authority. Certifications must be requested in writing. Be sure to include your name, profession, license number, date of birth, and the address to which the certification should be mailed, as well as any forms, which must accompany the information. There is a $20.00 fee for each certification; the check or money order should be made payable to the NYS Education Department. Mail your request(s) along with the required fee(s) to: Office of the Professions, Division of Professional Licensing Services, Certification and Verification Unit, 89 Washington Ave., Albany, NY 12234-1000.
  2. Rivs

    North Port/Port Charlotte

    Anyone have any information about RN positions in the North Port, Port Charlotte area's. Also, what can you share about living in either of these area's. Thanks for the information.
  3. Rivs

    Mandatory Overtime

    I just accepted an RN position working for the Office of Mental Health in NY State. One of the things that isn't sitting well with me is the thought of mandatory OT. I asked many questions in regards to how often it happens, RN turn over...etc...and was told that the facility is almost at full staff and that this OT will be minimal. I am just not convinced of this after reading some articles that the union has published online about this topic. What is your thought on mandatory OT?
  4. What would be considered as a disqualifier for receiveing a direct commission in the Army Nurse Corp?
  5. Rivs

    How can I be assertive when it comes....

    Thanks for the responses from all. One thing that I didn't say in my original post is the fact that I am an assertive individual most of the time, but when it is time for me to be more direct with women when they say something insulting, or what I perceive as being disrespectful to me, I let it slide. I have this thing that I need to respect women no matter how out of line, or disrespectful I think their behavior is towards me. If I was having a problem with a man, I would just step up and say what is on my mind, but my approach to women is very different. Do any of you other guys have this type of common thinking, or do I need to change my thought process here. COREVETTE GUY, I sent you a message about the Nurse Army Corp.
  6. Rivs

    How can I be assertive when it comes....

    Very well said, and I thank you and others like llg and tweety for understanding exactly what I am saying and trying to get across.
  7. Rivs

    How can I be assertive when it comes....

    I am by no means attempting to bash women, but with some of the replies it appears that I offended some of the women (traumaprincess). Again, I apoligize for this. If you read my post carefully, I stated that this problem isn't with all women and I have learned alot from many of them. It just appears that some women are much more defensive than men on the floors. I work well with many of the women on the floors and I am liked very much. I am just trying to find a way to deal with the more aggressive females when I feel that I am being put down and stepped on. At this point, I ignore it, but there will come a day when I need to step up and say enough is enough. Yes, some men can also be this way, but the men I have worked with have really been nothing but helpful.
  8. time to deal with some of the women I work with. I am in my final weeks of my nursing program and will be starting my new position as a graduate nurse in late May. I am just looking for some pointers from you guys on dealing with the sarcasm and aggressiveness of some of the women that I may be working with. I have always been very polite and courteous to whom ever I work with, but since I began this nursing journey, I have come across some very RUDE and aggresssive women (many are very defensive). Not all women are like this of course, since I have also worked with some very nice women and have learned alot from them. I normally just ignore the sarcasm, but I am afraid if I continue to ignore it, I may get EATEN UP on the floor once I start my job.... Hey guys what do you think of starting a male nursing company...the slogan can be " Male nursing available.....top quality care without the DRAMA". I apoligize in advance to the women out there that this may anger.
  9. Rivs

    Males and females

    [quote= There are a few perks we get for being male: 1. Female pts almost never let us insert or perform catheter care. 2. I get my choice of lockers in the locker room. 3. Men's room is usally open so no running to the next hall like the women sometimes have to do. 4. Guys don't try to look down my scrub top when I take their BP. 5. A number of patients think I'm a doctor so they behave better (at first) 6. A female pt. can "fire" me because I'm male, and it's ok with everyone. 7. Psych. pts don't deal me nearly as much BS as the ladies put up with, even the female ones. You'll get used to it.....or not. lol LOL....I guess I am looking at things from the wrong perspective.....LOL
  10. Rivs

    Males and females

    I have a prior degree in IT and this is a career change for me. I understand that the nursing field is dominated by females and I will be amongst them in the spring as a new grad nurse. I am presently working on a psych unit as a tech and have already seen the differences in how women and men handle problems. I am sure that I will ruffle some feathers with this topic, but I just have to say it. Most women seem to turn little problems into some major crisis. I see it almost every day on this unit. The way they talk to patients and other staff is really beginning to tick me off. So far I have held back, but I can feel my lips beginning to cut loose. I have talked to two of the male RN's on the unit who have been in nursing over 15yrs and they say that you just have to let it go and to get use to the smirks and rude comments that the women say. For me, its not what they say, it's how they say it. I talk to everyone with the utmost respect and I expect the same amongst my peers. I don't want to spend the next 20 years "getting use to it". Most of the female RN's are just RUDE and talk in such a disrespectful tone. Why is this? Secondly, I would love to see a surge of male recruitment to the field.....how about you guys!
  11. Rivs

    Failed Test

    Thanks for the responses!!
  12. Rivs

    Failed Test

    Hey there all, I failed my Nursing test this week by a few points. We have to get an 80 for it to be considered passing and I got a 76. Is it common to fail a test here and there and still think you are cut out for this stuff? I still have an 89 average so far this semester, but failing a test has really bummed me out. I hear gossip amongst everyone that it gets harder as you go along and that Maternity is a killer for alot of people.....and I don't want to be one of them.
  13. Rivs

    Fluid & Electrolytes...

    Thanks alot for the great explanations and sites...... :)
  14. Rivs

    IV Math

    Hi, does anyone have a website where I can get some practice doing some IV math questions. Thanks.
  15. Hi everyone, I am having a hard time understanding the Fluid and Electrolyte balance. Does anyone know why a particular IV is given to someone...ie, why a hypertonic solution is used instead of a hypotonic solution....etc... I really want to understand this stuff, but it is driving me crazy. Thanks.
  16. Rivs

    Men's Nursing Shoes

    Thanks for the advice everyone!!