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I'm wondering what everyone's goals are. Are you just going for an RN, BSN, MS or is your ultimate goal something a little different? Personally I want to work as an RN for a while and if I... Read More

  1. by   Sugarcoma
    After earning my ADN I plan to complete an RN-BSN program. After that I will follow where my heart takes me. I am thinking either NP or CRNA.
  2. by   shippoRN
    If all goes well in the future i hope to
    continue to practise
    write my award winning fiction novel :spin:
  3. by   aerorunner80
    Yes nursing is my final stop. Of course that is after I get my NP.
  4. by   AmericanChai
    I am going to do nursing for awhile, then maybe I would like to be a nursing instructor when I get towards retirement age.
  5. by   Cherish
    Well after getting my RN (first step). I want to pursue my BSN, and have my employer and Reserves pay for that. After that I will then join the Army or Navy, full-time. I just left the Army in September so I know how that life is but for advancement they seem to advance officers faster than the other branches, but they deploy more and if you have family (which I plan to in the future) its not as family appreciative as other branches.

    I will try to get an advanced degree in CRNA (first choice, more deployments) or NP. If either doesn't fall through I will then have the military pay for my MSN in a business or management degree. So that way I can advance through the military and become a high ranking officer and nurse. Then retire from the military early (I joined when I was 17), and either be in a civilian practice as a CRNA or go the federal route and retire from the government, also.

    Then travel the world with two retirement checks and my savings
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  6. by   amf1987
    Quote from EthnicBeauty
    I'm wondering what everyone's goals are. Are you just going for an RN, BSN, MS or is your ultimate goal something a little different?

    Personally I want to work as an RN for a while and if I like the healthcare profession I'll be going for NP or PA degree. So nursing is just a foot in the door for me. Anyone else?

    I want to become a surgical RN and then eventually a NP or possibly teach
  7. by   DreamyEyes
    I'll be going to LPN school, then I want to pursue my RN. I eventually want to work as a pediatric nurse...I've always wanted to work with kids. Then maybe become a FNP, who knows?
  8. by   CT Pixie
    Hoping to graduate my LPN program in June '08, work for a year, take two pre-reqs to get into the LPN-->RN bridge program. Hoping to have my career end up in NICU. I have no desire to teach, or be in manangement. My dream/goal is bedside patient care
  9. by   TemperStripe
    I'm getting my BSN and then I'll work for awhile and experience some of the specialties that interest me (ER, ICU, OR, Oncology, Rehab, and the list goes on.) I've toyed with getting my master's and becoming a NP, but every time I make a plan, it ends up getting changed so I'm just trying to enjoy the ride. I'd like to retire kind of early so my husband and I can go live abroad and I can do some work on the side to support our travel habits while we're over there. I've also always wanted to do international aid and disaster relief. I should have gotten this degree the first time around!
  10. by   OgopogoLPN
    I will do my LPN from September until Aug 2008. I will work as an LPN for a few years and then decide if I want to/can afford to etc take the LPN-BSN bridge which would be a few more pre reqs and then 3 more years of full time school. I'll be 31 soon, so if I decide to to BSN, I'd like to do it before I'm 40.
  11. by   EthnicBeauty
    This is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Everyone here has such high goals and aspirations for themselves. It's great to see what everyone has in mind and keeps everything in perspective when things get tough (and they definately do!)
  12. by   coolvibesRN
    I started as an LVN/LPN, now am ADN-RN, Going for BSN,then hopefully CNP, if my brain will be willing then onto Phd.:spin: :spin:
  13. by   Blove86
    Well first I want to get my BSN, then take a year or two off to work and gain experience, my brain is in definite need of it! Then on to grad school. Im not sure if I will pursue and MSN or obtain an administration degree, but we shall see! PhD is not something I am all that keen on doing, lol