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aerorunner80 has 8 years experience as a ADN, BSN, MSN, APRN and specializes in MSN, FNP-BC.

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  1. aerorunner80

    Two jobs, one has to go

    I have been working at an urgent care clinic for the last two months. I'm not liking it. I'm a new grad FNP (May 2019). It's 12 hour shifts. 1 hour drive each way. No benefits. Have to provide my own malpractice insurance. Pay is good ($55/hr and then $60/hr once credentialing is complete). I've been doing this job PRN. I hate that it's 12 hour shifts with an hour drive each way. It makes for a very long day. At the end of the day I'm completely exhausted and the day after my shift, all I want to do is sleep. To top it off I had zero orientation. My anxiety is sky high the day before my shifts and most of it has to do with the long hours away from home and family (also not having any orientation/training doesn't help either). After only 2 months of working at most 2 days per week, I'm already seeing 30 patients in a day and I feel so uncomfortable and overwhelmed. I've worked one day already where we saw 100 patients in 12 hours with just two of us. The other provider I worked with ran their butt off because I'm still slow and have to look a lot of things up. They also have no real system in place for when people call in. Most places will have people on call to cover for sick call but this place does not. This gives me major anxiety that this will happen to me when I am fully credentialed. My main job is at a teaching hospital much closer to home (30 minute drive) working in a specialty clinic 32 hours/week. Amazing benefits and a very comprehensive orientation. My schedule right now is working 5 days per week with random afternoons off. No weekends/holidays. I don't feel it is reasonable for me to work 5 days per week at my main job plus one other day at the urgent care clinic without completely burning myself out. I have two young children at home as well. I feel pressure from my husband to keep the urgent care job. I told him when I first started the urgent care job that I'm not willing to kill myself to make a few extra bucks when we have young children at home and other obligations. He really pushed back and I stood my ground. Now it's come to that point where I don't know how it's going to be reasonable. I know he's going to push back at me and state that I should be able to work the second job because my main job is *only* 32 hours per week. I feel like he just doesn't get it an only cares about money. My main job, with bonuses and incentives, is going to pay appx 25,000 more per year than I made working as a full time RN. I start my main job on Monday and told the urgent care clinic that I am taking at least 2 weeks off to see how things are going to go and if I will be able to fit in any days. I didn't know what my main job schedule was going to look like until I got my orientation schedule Friday. Has anyone ever been in a situation like this one? I really need some advice. I do think it's worth giving the new job 2 weeks to see how it's going to work out (how late I'm going to be staying charting etc) before I schedule myself at the UC clinic. Another part of me is just wanting to quit the UC clinic all together, get through orientation at my main job and then if needed and if reasonable, find a PRN job closer to home and with more support. Again, any advice is welcomed. I'm just not sure what to do/how to handle the situation.
  2. aerorunner80

    How long it took you to find your first NP job

    It took me 3 months after graduating to find both of my jobs. For my main gig, I'm still in the credentialing process. For my side hustle, I start tomorrow.
  3. aerorunner80

    Do you have your own malpractice insurance?

    I have my own policy as well.
  4. aerorunner80

    New NP pay

    New grad FNP here. My main job in specialty care is $80k/year, part time, full benefits, 4 weeks PTO, CME allowance plus tons of free CME, free health insurance for just myself. I will also have a generous amount of admin time that I can do either at home or in the office. Very supportive academic environment. My side gig is in a rural NP owned urgent care. Start at $55/hr and go up to $60/hr after credentialing is done. No benefits but it's flexible and keeps my hard earned skills in use. I also did a rotation in this clinic while I was in school and really enjoyed it.
  5. aerorunner80

    Job offer. Urgent care

    I will not be on my own during this time. I will be in the process of getting credentialed. When I go on my own, then I get full pay. During credentialing, someone will be signing off on my charts.
  6. aerorunner80

    Job offer. Urgent care

    Current job offer. In privately owned urgent care center. 3 Day workweek, can work more if wanted. 11 hr days. Full time is 1600 hours/year. Start at $35/hr while doing “boot camp”/orientation. (Made more as a nurse but it’s just a short time) Orientation can last 1-3 months. After that will get $60/hr (about $95k/year at 1600hrs). After two years goes to $65/hr. 1 week paid vacation but can take time off without pay when needed. Open holidays and weekends. Weekends just once a month (they have prn staff who cover weekends). Closed for major holidays. Minor holidays are reduced hours. Very flexible scheduling. They schedule 3 months in advance (I don’t like that). Clinic staffed with mainly paramedics, EMT-I and RN’s. (Yay!) Expected to see 3pts/hr. Scribe assigned to each provider (no additional cost to provider). Pt leaves with dc summary in hand. Provider to call pts with follow up lab work. Quick chem 8, ultrasound and X-ray available. Will be adding CT soon. Everyone seems very happy there. Work hours are 8:30-7:30. Clinic closes/stops taking pts at 7pm-ish. $1500 CME. No license reimbursement. Malpractice provided. Full benefits (medical, dental, 401k with 4% match). Thoughts?
  7. aerorunner80

    DEA license question

    I will be graduating my FNP program in May. I am currently interviewing for positions, I have already had 1 interview with the second part coming up soon and another interview for a different position, same company. My question is this, has anyone ever worked for an employer who pays for your DEA license with the provision that you can only use your license at that facility? How exactly does that work? I thought a DEA license was a DEA license was a DEA license......
  8. aerorunner80

    FP Notebook

    Does anyone here have experience using the FP Notebook app? I like that it's MUCH cheaper than Up to Date but is it as informative?
  9. aerorunner80

    Clinical References

    I'm a first year FNP student getting ready to start my first clinical rotation. What are some of your favorite clinical references that you use the most?
  10. aerorunner80

    Favorite Motivational Quote

    What's the difference between a NICU nurse and a pitbull? The pitbull will eventually release.
  11. aerorunner80

    Doctors Say the Darnedest Things

    Not a quote but rather a situation. One time a resident went to consent parents for a circumcision .......on a girl!!!! The resident didn't even realize it until one of us (nurses) said something to him.
  12. aerorunner80

    Same Undergraduate & Graduate College?

    I couldn't agree more. I got my undergrad and am getting my MSN at the same school. What I like about this is that I already know the system and am familiar with how the school of nursing operates so I'm hoping that the transition into a graduate degree program won't be quite as stressful as if I had to get to know a whole new school system. Ultimately it's your work ethic and knowledge that people will care about. This will speak much higher volumes than where you were educated at.
  13. aerorunner80

    Exactly how competitive are MSN-FNP programs?

    I'm accepted into my local state school and will start classes this May. Not everyone who interviewed got into the program so it was moderately competitive. It's nothing like applying for CRNA school, which is extremely competitive (I applied and interviewed for this in 2015). I would make sure that you have a solid nursing experience behind you. Then practice interviewing. Also make sure that you look the part. Spend the extra money on a nice suit that fits you well. The most important thing is to go in with confidence.
  14. aerorunner80

    We'd like to offer you the position but............

    I'm actually looking to different areas with better hours such as PACU. If I'm going to work holidays and weekends, I'd almost rather stay where I'm at because I have a lot of seniority.
  15. I am very active in some local Facebook groups. I go to meetups regularly and participate in online discussions. It's inevitable that the parents of a patient will end up in one of the groups I'm active in (they are parenting type groups). My question is, how do you keep professional boundaries if the parents recognize you while the child(ren) are still on inpatient? What I do right now is not respond in any way to the posts they make online in hopes that they won't realize I'm also part of the group. I'm not quite sure what I will do if they realize we are in the same groups and bring it up while I'm at work. My plan right now is to tell them that while they are inpatient (or their children) I will not friend them or participate in any online discussions with them. Once they are discharged I will participate in their posts but will not mention anything medical or offer any advice in that way since they know I am a nurse and I need to protect myself, my family, and my workplace. I do not list my occupation, specialty, or place of employment on my page for this reason. Is there anything else I can or should do?
  16. aerorunner80

    We'd like to offer you the position but............

    I actually spent a year and a half floating to PICU to get more experience in hopes it would help. We are not allowed to float to adult areas because we are a children's hospital.

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