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    Pumping and working

    I am interested in switching over to IR. I have talked to a manager already. I am due with child #2 in February and would start 3-4 months after that. My question is, how breastfeeding/pumping friendly is this position? Has anyone had problems getting out to break for pumping? I'm ready to sign on the dotted line for the job. This is my biggest concern. This position would be in a big academic institution if that helps.
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    Job offer. Urgent care

    Current job offer. In privately owned urgent care center. 3 Day workweek, can work more if wanted. 11 hr days. Full time is 1600 hours/year. Start at $35/hr while doing “boot camp”/orientation. (Made more as a nurse but it’s just a short time) Orientation can last 1-3 months. After that will get $60/hr (about $95k/year at 1600hrs). After two years goes to $65/hr. 1 week paid vacation but can take time off without pay when needed. Open holidays and weekends. Weekends just once a month (they have prn staff who cover weekends). Closed for major holidays. Minor holidays are reduced hours. Very flexible scheduling. They schedule 3 months in advance (I don’t like that). Clinic staffed with mainly paramedics, EMT-I and RN’s. (Yay!) Expected to see 3pts/hr. Scribe assigned to each provider (no additional cost to provider). Pt leaves with dc summary in hand. Provider to call pts with follow up lab work. Quick chem 8, ultrasound and X-ray available. Will be adding CT soon. Everyone seems very happy there. Work hours are 8:30-7:30. Clinic closes/stops taking pts at 7pm-ish. $1500 CME. No license reimbursement. Malpractice provided. Full benefits (medical, dental, 401k with 4% match). Thoughts?
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    Job offer. Urgent care

    I will not be on my own during this time. I will be in the process of getting credentialed. When I go on my own, then I get full pay. During credentialing, someone will be signing off on my charts.
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    DEA license question

    I will be graduating my FNP program in May. I am currently interviewing for positions, I have already had 1 interview with the second part coming up soon and another interview for a different position, same company. My question is this, has anyone ever worked for an employer who pays for your DEA license with the provision that you can only use your license at that facility? How exactly does that work? I thought a DEA license was a DEA license was a DEA license......
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    Tired of searching for CRNA Interview Questions??

    How would you handle the situation in real life? That is your answer.
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    Tired of searching for CRNA Interview Questions??

    Are you still on this board? I have an application in at this school. Can you tell me about yourself? Experience, GPA. Interview process? Did you get in? Are you going to this school? This is one of my top choices for school due to location and rural clinical experience.
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    Any NNP's here?

    I'm just wondering if there are any neonatal nurse practitioners on this board? I know for sure I want to be an NP. I got a job in the NICU and learned about the NNP role and was wondering if you ever regret limiting your practice so much by doing just neonatal? I'm still so new to the neonatal world, less than 3 months experience so far, that I haven't made any decision in stone yet but it's very enticing. There is a program at the hospital that I work at where they will pay either 80 or 100% of my salary as a staff nurse while I'm in school PLUS pay for all of the expenses related to going to NNP school with a 2 or 3 year commitment in return. It's super enticing and has me seriously considering NNP school.
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    picc lines and TPN

    My question is why do you have to disconnect your TPN in order to admin a med? Why dont' you put a port on the line that you can use? We will clamp our line above the port, flush, admin med, flush again, then unclamp to let TPN continue running. That way we are not disconnecting anything and breaking the line.
  9. All I can say is ignorance is bliss. It seems that the more I learn, the more scared I get. I have been working as an RN for 10 months now and I'm no less scared now than when I first began. Has this happened to anyone else? The good news is I still feel dangerous but I feel a lot less dangerous than when I first started. I would have though that by now the fear would have subsided and I'm very surprised that I feel it is worse. I don't dread going in to work nor do I have nightmares or think about it much on my off days. It's just the fact of knowing what can go wrong and how quickly it can happen that scares me. I still wonder if I will react in time if one of my babies has a death spell (a serious apneic and bradycardic episode). I really hope that the care I give to them really does help. I get very nervous about handling the micro-premies because I'm afraid I'm going to hurt them (the smallest I've taken care of so far is 400 grams). ET tubes still make me nervous, especially on a baby who was a difficult intubation.......and don't get me started on trachs!!! Even though they are more secure and stable than ETT's trachs still scare me. I love my job and have no intentions of quitting anytime soon. I just want to know I'm not alone, even this far into the game.
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    Pregnancy and floor nursing

    I just found out yesterday that I am pregnant with my first. I go in on Monday for blood work to confirm since I have yet to be late (april 1). I'm just wondering when I should tell my unit director. I'm not planning on telling her until I get confirmation from bloodwork. Does this sound about right? I work in the NICU where I will be the 5th currently pregnant person so I'm also a little hesitant to tell her because of that but I know it's something that I'm not going to be able to hide in several months anyway. My only concern right now is exposure to x-rays but I work with an awesome group of people who are willing to chip in and hold for me since I won't be able to. There are also a couple of people I am going to tell when I go back because I know I can trust them to keep a secret but other than that, nobody else needs to know at this point. At what point did you tell your coworkers? I'm afraid I won't be able to keep my big mouth shut since everyone knows we are trying and I get asked almost weekly if I'm preggers yet but I feel it's the right thing to keep mum for a while to let things settle in.
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    anyone familiar with the zaky?

    So that's what that's called! One of our parents brought one in for their child who had a trisomy. It seemed odd to me. More like a hand shaped beanbag that was much heavier than the beanbags we have made for us by volunteers. I certainly wouldn't use it on any micro's. I think it would crush them! Older kids should be alright, like 33+wks.
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    Pregnancy and floor nursing

    That is what I ended up doing.
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    Grandmas doing kangaroo care?

    Has anyone run into a situation where the grandma asks to do kangaroo care without getting permission from the mom? What are your feelings on this? Personally, I would not allow it as the nurse unless I ask mom if it's alright. To me this is a very private special bonding experience that is best between mom and baby or dad and baby if dad is comfortable with it.
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    Grandmas doing kangaroo care?

    We allow the parents to put 4 people on a list that can come into the unit to visit without them there. These people are issued different color bands and are not allowed to bring in visitors themselves, only mom and dad can bring visitors in with them. How this works is that we tell the parents before they put names down that the people who get the bands have access to all information about the babies and if they don't trust these people, don't put them on the list. We have very little problems about it. As nurses, we are guarded with what information we give out to anyone but mom and dad anyway. If a banded visitor asks how the baby is doing, we will tell them the very basics such as there have been no changes but we don't get into detail with them like we do parents. From my standpoint, it's an issue of respect. Yes these people CAN get information but it doesn't mean we HAVE to give it out to them.
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    Almost a year in and more scared than before

    you make such an awesome point here. no this isn't my first carreer. it's my second. i do find it interesting that it has taken me this long to only start to feel comfortable. in my previous carreer, i gave it 6 months. thank you so much for your reply!
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    Should new grads start in ICU?

    As other posters have said, it depends on you. I really enjoy the ICU environment because of the challenges is presents. When you think about it, the ICU level is as high as it goes so if your patient goes bad, you're it. You have to deal with it and do your best because there isn't anywhere else for them to go unless it's heaven.:heartbeat A good orientation, as others have said, is important. It will really help you develop your skills. We had 6 weeks of classroom lectures during our orientation plus working on the floor. It was quite intense! What I think will really make or break you are the people you work with though. A good group of coworkers are worth more than their weight in gold! I can't count how many times I've asked everyone I work with questions that they have answered. If it weren't for them, this ship would have sailed moths ago.
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    Pediatric Cardiac Arrest Question

    Remember this in any situation where a patient goes down.... No airway = No patient. You can do chest compressions until the cows come home and use the air in the lungs from the last breath but eventually that oxygen gets used up, the CO2 will build up because your airway is blocked (no exhalation) and your patient will die if no air exchange is able to happen.
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    Is NICU for the soft-hearted sensitive types?

    I'm offended by that statement. I was hired into the NICU still wet behind the ears and have done just fine! No matter what type of nursing you go into it's going to be hard. Real nursing isn't taught in school, it's learned on the floor and the learning curve is steep. It's certainly not impossible otherwise there would be no nurses. OP, only you can decide if NICU is for you or not. "Sensitive" is so subjective that nobody can answer your question but you. We can give you insight from our point of view but it's your decision in the end. That being said, NICU is everything. It's happy, sad, rewarding, aggravating, busy, fulfilling, intense, scary.......and that's in just one shift. I wouldn't trade my NICU job for the world though.
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    Preceptorship in NICU - waste of time?

    It certainly won't hurt you at all. I did my preceptorship in the medical/cardiac ICU (adults) because that is where I thought I wanted to be until I got hired and started working in NICU. Yes in some ways it is irrelevant where you do your preceptorship. What is relevant is that you get an area that you are interested in. That way you will be open and eager to learn.
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    Nursing Grad Questions

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    Nursing Grad Questions

    On the blood transfusion question with the reaction............... NEVER flush the line if the pt is having a rxn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER NEVER NEVER!!!!!!!!!!! You will be giving them MORE of what is causing the problem in the first place! ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS stop the infustion first, disconnect the tubing and send the tubing and the remaining blood to the blood bank so they can evaluate and do what they need to do to see if there was something wrong with the blood given. ETA: You keep NS going with the blood to keep it from clotting and willflush your line with NS after the transfusion, given there is no reaction, to keep your line, PIV, central or PICC, patent. If blood is left to sit it will clot very quickly. Re: L&D question. The ice pack is the best answer becuase this is the least invasive, nonpharmacologic, nursing judgment/treatment available of the options. Ice is awesome for decreasing swelling and decreasing pain. If that doesn't help, then you can go on to other treatments.
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    HELP! Social question-over the line?

    I am replying to this before reading the other replies. I would not do it. If her child were being treated at a different hospital in town where you aren't working then it would be a friend helping out a friend. Lines could easily be crossed which could have an effect on the care of her child. IMHO.
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    how do you fit in working out with working?

    I'm an active person who can't sit still even if I tried! What I do when I'm at work is use my bathroom breaks wisely. We have a large enough bathroom that I can get down and do some pushups (I wash my hands after of course!). Sometimes I will do squats or lunges as well. 10 pushups every bathroom break or 15 squats or lunges (both sides) every break of the day. It adds up quick! I also take tae kwon do and will practice my kicks or my patterns on my bathroom breaks too. You can also take the stairs everywhere you go. It works out good where I am at because we are on the 4th floor but the 3rd floor is an extra half story tall for maintenance things they needed to put in so I get extra credit every time I take the stairs. When I get up in the mornings and have some extra time, I will also do some pushups before I leave or I use this time to do some ab work or to work on my tae kwon do skills. At night when I get home I like to stretch and may also do some quick abs here as well. It's a great way to unwind and help myself sleep after a day at work. There are so many ways to get exercise in. You just have to be sneaky about it. Even if you are not doing something for 30 minutes straight, at the end of the day it all adds up the same. Another good idea is to bring an exercise band with you and keep it in your pocket. Keep in mind this won't work if there is someone with a latex allergy on your floor. You can take this out in the bathroom or wherever you can and do a quick set (10 reps) of biceps, triceps, squats, lunges, chest, or back exercises. When I do things like this, it adds up to working out 6 days a week for me. If I want to take a day off (on a day off of work) I don't have to feel guilty about it if I know that I've been doing what I can by getting some exercise in while I'm at work.
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    Sepsis and increased A's and B's

    I've been searching for the correlation between increased A&B spells and the possibility of sepsis. Can anyone explain this to me?
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    got "fired"

    i just had to share that i got "fired" by my first family yesterday. this family has been on the unit for about 6 weeks now and has a reputation for being difficult. somehow i had managed to dodge this family because one of the primary nurses works a very similar schedule to mine. these past two days were my lucky days though. i was thinking things were going fine. apparently this mom has a tendancy to argue with nurses and we had no confrontations...thank goodness. last night toward the end of my shift the flex comes in and asks me if everything is going ok and i told her it was. then she tells me that this mom "fired" me and doesn't want me taking care of her baby anymore. then she asked me if the mom had said anything to me. she hadn't (i don't know if she typically does or not). i went out to the front desk after that and was talking to the charge. i was asking if she said anything specific that i did and they said that she didn't. i was funny after this because the charge just shook her head and said she was running out of nurses to take care of her baby. i was actually relieved to have been "fired" because i was going to request to not have this baby again but the mom took care of that for me! the person who precepted me was also working yesterday. she and i get along very well and we like to joke around with each other. i go up to her and tell her i got fired. i didn't tell her it was by a family (she's also been "fired" by this same family). the look on her face was priceless!!!! i did tell her right after that it was by this family. i just couldn't resist! :hpygrp: