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PNP job outlook

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Is anyone here a PNP? What does the job market look like for a PNP? All of my experience as a nurse is with neonates and peds. Would I be able to get a pediatric job with FNP very easily? Would I be shooting myself in the foot as far as job opportunity goes if I persue a PNP over FNP?

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I'm a PNP and I had no problems finding a job. I have a strong Peds background and I knew becoming a Pnp was right for me. I had no interest in adults and knew Fnp wasn't the way to go for me. However there will always be more Fnp job postings because there are a wide range of job opportunities be uses they cover the whole life span,etc.

I have had FNP preceptors at my Peds clinical and I work with one in my current job. They didn't have an issue with getting pediatric positions.

You figure out what your career goals are. With FNP you can work with all ages and are not limited. I only can do neonatal to 21.

If see yourself working with kids and then later wanting to work adults in the future, you will have that option as a Fnp.


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Yeah, you don't need adult experience to go FNP.

Heck. I'm good at psychiatry and didn't know crap about it until I got in grad school. Notwithstanding of course, I made a living interviewing and reading people. I just wanted to be good at it.

I have a friend who went FNP who worked in opthal after RN training. The most she ever did was take a blood pressure and a history. She might have irrigated an eye a time or two.

If I could find time and not do pelvics and DREs I'd do family training mostly because I have certain disorders that interest me I could more readily treat in outpatient psych (read: leave the gray area). I have no interest in working in that capacity.


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