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  1. Has anyone gotten pregnant and continued w/NS?

    We have two pregnant students but neither was planned exactly at that time. ;-) Honestly I don't know how anyone can do it, but I know it can be done. I was sooooo tired with my two in first trimester. In second tri I had to go on bedrest with my sec...
  2. Well, No Nursing for Me

    Wow I'm sorry about that!! In our area we have several nursing schools. The two community college programs have the highest NCLEX pass rates, at over 90% passing the first time. However down the street another community college is about to lose its a...
  3. We have this teacher coming up that everyone says is super hard. Even A students fail her tests! Yikes! I always do all the work and reading but I'm wondering if there is a study guide that will outline the most important things I should know and cem...
  4. Should I become a Nurse at 30?

    Hi Dave, I'm so sorry for what happened to your son! What an ordeal!! Like you, I became interested in nursing because I had a sick child. I am 36 and about to graduate from nursing school in March. I started my pre-req's at the community college, o...
  5. Pt fainted on me while standing up

    Thanks for your feedback. :-) I pretty much did exactly what some of you described-- padded the fall and eased her to the ground in a somewhat controlled way. My instructor is a nice person and I learn a LOT from her. She makes me think deeply about...
  6. sharing some happy personal news

    Thanks again for sharing my happy news! :-) This AM I took the bandage off and it seems to be all closed up. It looks like an innie belly button, and not leaking at all. Kids heal so fast! I remember how much panic I felt when her button fell out a c...
  7. chickenpox immunity

    It's best to get titres done because then you know for sure.
  8. personal tragedy

    I'm so sorry for what your family is going through! I also don't have any personal experience. I think the best thing, if she's responsive and can squeeze people's hands or blink her eyes and understand questions, is to ask her what she wants. If not...
  9. Really need help with this issue, LONG

    No advice as I'm a student nurse, but WOW! I wonder if the BBB would be appropriate for reporting something anonymously.
  10. What nursing drug book do you like?

    The Mosby's drug guide-- it has nursing considerations in it like assess for low pulse before giving the med, etc. - Things you would not get from a regular pharm book. The other resource I use a LOT is It's free and lot of doctors use...
  11. sharing some happy personal news

    Thanks so much for listening! :-) I still can't believe it's true, that this part of the journey is over. I do NOT want to do peds, though. I think I have done my time in peds already. Give me grown-ups any day.
  12. Nurses with self-harm scars?

    I just was thinking about how much courage and strength it took to overcome your issues and not self-harm anymore. If I had those scars I would probably get some kind of tatoos over them to celebrate my journey. :-) Not to hide them necessarily, but ...
  13. sharing some happy personal news

    When my second daughter was born, she presented right away with eating problems, FTT, and crying a lot. At 3 months old, after the ped was still blaming it on colic, I took her to ER desperate for help. She stayed for 6 days and came home with an NG ...
  14. Texas catheter help

    In our textbooks and labs it's called condom cath, but on the pt. chart it said texas cath and that's what the nurses were calling it too. So I have no idea where that term came from. I wish I had looked at the package to see if that's just that part...
  15. So You Want To Go To Nursing School? (circa 1960's 1970's)

    Wow!! The first thing we learned in Block one pre-clinicals was how to wash our hands. The second thing was how to make hospital corners. This has actually come in handy because once the floor was out of fitted sheets and I had to use a long straight...