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  1. prinsessa

    RNs: How much vacation time do you get?

    It depends on how long you have been working for my hospital. You start off with 24 days/year for full time employees. PTO includes sick days, vacation days and mandatory holidays (for employees who get holidays off).
  2. prinsessa

    Do you have to count lyrica at your LTC facility?

    When I worked at a SNF, one patient's cytotec came up missing several times. The DON asked several of us if we know anything about it. She also asked what it was used for. All I knew was that it was used for the stomach. I guess it can also be used to stop a pregnancy. I had learned that in nursing school but didn't really remember the other use. We had to start counting the cytotec every shift because I guess someone was stealing it. It is really unfortunate that someone would do something like that! Plus it just made more work for everyone else.
  3. prinsessa

    The Cynical Nurse Speaks

    There have been times where I really felt like I was going to lose it. Usually when I haven't had anything to eat or a second to go to the bathroom. I think it is a joke when I hear "we really care about our nurses!" If you did really care about me, you would make sure that we had enough staff so I could take a real lunch break. And Nurse's Week is a joke. It is nice that they provide free lunch to us in the cafeteria.....not so nice that we are so busy we don't get a chance to actually get any food or eat it! The only people who really get a chance to eat our free lunch are PCTs, unit clerks, and nurses who have a desk job.
  4. I haven't worked on many units but the least stressful for me was Mother-Baby. Yes, you can have 8 patients but I felt like I actually had time to do education. This was my final semester during nursing school so I wasn't technically a nurse yet. And most of them didn't take many medications. Most difficult was LTC. Try to handle 30 patients at a time. There would be times I would have to send several patients to the ER during my shift, plus try to give everyone meds at the same times, AND make sure no one falls! I really think that job is impossible!
  5. prinsessa

    The Lousy, Awful, Crazy, Rotten, *Really* Bad Day

    When I worked at a SNF, I had an ER nurse ask me if I pushed the patient out of the bed (this was a patient who tried to get up and fell). I was house supervisor at the time and this really made me mad! Really, you think we push our patients on the floor? I know they are also probably stressed but there is no excuse for that!
  6. prinsessa

    Covering up Medication Patches

    We use tegaderm. It drives me crazy when someone applies a patch and doesn't document where they applied it or when. We even have a spot on our eMAR for notes. And the note will stay at the top of the MAR until someone else edits the note (we use EPIC). There have been quite a few times that I don't know a patient has a fentanyl patch until the patient tells me or I actually see it on the patient. So dangerous!
  7. prinsessa

    Want to work in a hospital but no one will give me a chance!

    Become friendly with some of the doctors you work with. I know quite a few RNs (including me!) who got hired at the hospital I work at because a doctor recommended them.
  8. prinsessa

    Possible TIA or effects of medications?

    I had patients who looked like they could die any second and it turned out to be a UTI. And the strange thing was that all vitals were normal. Not even a low grade temp. I have called MDs before and said "so-and-so just doesn't look right. Can we get a U/A with culture and some labs?" I have never had a MD say no. They know that we generally know our patients much better than they do....especially if they are just the doc on call.
  9. prinsessa

    What are you really good at?

    I'm really good with dealing with difficult families/patients. Plus I remember random information from nursing school
  10. prinsessa

    CHF Protocols

    I work on a skilled care unit in a hospital and we don't even give IV push meds. We remind the MDs that if the patient really needs IV push meds, they don't belong on our unit. Usually they will switch to PO meds unless the patient really needs to be transferred. I'm usually so busy that I don't have time to monitor patients that are getting IV push meds.
  11. prinsessa

    Possible TIA or effects of medications?

    When I worked at a SNF we would send someone to the hospital if they showed any of those symptoms. It really could be anything from a stroke to a UTI.
  12. prinsessa

    8 or 12hr shifts?

    I work 5 8s per week and it works for me right now. I have kids so I like being home shortly after they get out of school. I live very close to work so I get home in 15-20 mins. Plus I like getting off of work earlier on the weekends that I work. It almost doesn't feel like I work weekends if I am home by 4:30 at the latest. I still have time to go out to dinner or do other things I wouldn't be able to do if I worked until 7:30 or later. Sometimes I am so exhausted by the end of my shift I don't think I could stay another 4 hours.
  13. prinsessa

    NPO and meds

    Generally if a patient is going to surgery the MD will say to hold all meds except for Beta blockers and long acting insulin. When the NPO order is being put in there is a section for NPO except meds or pt may have ice chips. Usually the doctors don't even fill that section out so it is up to the nurse to call in the morning. I generally call the OR to see what meds they want given before surgery.
  14. prinsessa

    Do Other Professionals Skip Restroom Breaks And Meals?

    There have been shifts where I didn't pee. That is usually because I didn't drink anything all shift either. I have learned to make myself eat something, even if it is only 5 mins. I wish I had someone to cover me so I could take a real break. Unfortunately there is only 2 nurses at a time on our floor. Leaving for 30 mins makes it difficult for the other nurse working with you.
  15. prinsessa

    How would deal with these type of CNAs?

    I am fair and get along with most of the CNA/PCTs but I will speak up if they aren't being fair with me (or the patients). The other day I was in a patient's room giving him medications. A bed alarm goes off on a patient who is a very high fall risk. I look out the door and the PCT is standing at the nurse's station talking to a co-worker. I got mad and said "So is anyone going to check on that bed alarm" and then run down the hall to go check on that patient. Luckily he was sitting up in the bed and hadn't go up yet. I had to leave the computer and all the meds in the other patient's room (which we all know is a no-no). These are the situations when I get mad. Or if a PCT goes to lunch without saying anything or takes more than a 30 min lunch. I tell all my co-workers that we are all adults and should act as such. I don't feel like I should be looking all over the hospital for someone. After giving several warnings about the same thing, I will go to the manager. I used to feel bad about doing stuff like that but there is only so much I can take.
  16. On my floor day shift does the blood glucose and insulin administration in the AM (unless someone is on a tube feeding and their blood glucose is supposed to be checked Q 6). It can be very difficult to give patient's their insulin on time. If you have 4-5 diabetics it is almost impossible.