roll call!!

  1. Looks like they did some work around here!

    Lets do a quick roll call to see who's here (pre-nursing students)!

    I'm FutureNurse2005, hoping to start the BSCN program in Fall 2005. I'm in Canada and plan to move to California after I graduate! I'm completing my pre-reqs right now (I HATE MATH!! :chuckle ) and will be applying in December of this year.
    I'm married with 2 kids and no pets yet!

    Nice to meet you all!
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  3. by   dixienurse2be
    I'll hopefully be starting an ADN program in the fall. Have all of my pre reqs and admissions test done, just waiting on the final word.

    Good Luck to everyone hoping to start soon!
  4. by   luckyladyore
    I'm excited about the challenges ahead in the nursing field. I'm married with 3 beautiful children. I hope to pursue my nursing degree in the year of 2005 GOSH......hopefully I will start the BSN program in 2005-06 whoooooo thats a long time...... much work to be DONE I have 2 more semesters left until my A.S.(A.A) yeah then I'll be at an OPEN university hopefully I wont have to wait that long.... open means anyone that is accepting me.....

  5. by   coolatta19
    I'm a Jersey girl, mom of 1 sweet nine year old boy... taking the pre-reqs
    at my local community college in the evening and enrolled in a PCT course during the day. Hopefully, in the fall of 2005, I'll be accepted into the full time ADN nursing program...Thank goodness for my supportive family and this board!
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  6. by   GDeppe
    I am presently taking 2 pre-req courses required for the community college (FL) for their ADN program. I am enrolled in 2 more for next semester but they dont have to be completed to enroll. I am going to apply for the jan class and hope my "points" will be enough to be accepted. I am an (GA) LPN, but not currently working. --- Good luck to everyone!!!!

    Ginger in FL
  7. by   mom2three
    I've completed all of my pre-reqs, taken the admissions test and CPR/AED... however, the program I'm interested in, a PART-TIME ADN program is very competitve to get into. I'm currently on a waiting list for entrance to a January 2005 ADN Program... most likely, I'll start January 2006, so I'll spend all of next year completing all my non-nursing classes.

    I am a Mom to three children ages 2, 3 and 4 (I'm busy! - they loved my Anatomy books - my three year old can locate her digitals, cranium, umbilical and cervical!) and I have an incredible husband who stands by me 100% and is just as excited as I about doing this!
  8. by   Annabelle57
    Oohh... I'm so glad they made this forum!

    I'm a 27-year-old pre-nursing student here in sunny (and extremely muggy) Florida - I'm currently taking Nutrition and Microbiology. So far, I have an A in both... but it is only the third week of classes! I was never a science person in high school or my first degree, so it amazes me that I'm doing this well in a science class (and a hard one at that!).

    I'm trying to get in to an accelerated BSN program 15 minutes from my apt - I'd graduate in August 2006 with my BSN! I'm really looking to go into the NICU or PICU when I graduate and will probably go for my NP or higher, if my time and resources allow it (I'd love to teach, too).

    Wishing all of you the best - we can do eet!
  9. by   TXNURSE26
    [font=Comic Sans MS]Hi all,

    [font=Comic Sans MS]I am glad to see all of the "future nurses" like myself. I am married with a 7 month old baby girl. I have taken the NET test and am still awaiting the final word on if I am in or out. I plan to start a full-time day program for LVN in August, work at a hospital somewhere on the "baby floor" and then get my ADN and be a L&D RN. I am really excited about it!!!!! Nice to meet all of you!! :hatparty:
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  10. by   sierralafry
    I am just starting my pre-req's at a local CC down here in Southern California. I work full time during the day, so I have to take my classes part time at night. I am going to be taking my English pre-req this summer to get it out of the way first. My CC requires that I complete certain pre-req's before I can even apply to the nursing program. I don't start my class until 6/21, but I'm so excited to start!
  11. by   shel_wny
    I'm Michele...or Shel as my friends call me.
    I am 23 and married and I live in beautiful Western New York.
    This Fall will be my second semester of pre-nursing reqs for an ADN.
    I go to school full-time and work full-time as a CNA at a LTC facility (still training for certification).
    My goal is to get my ADN, complete my BSN a year thereafter, and then if I am enjoying myself - enter a Master's program to be a Nurse Practitioner.
    I have no time frame for any of this. I live in the moment. :P

  12. by   spunkygirl
    I'm on the waitlist for my CC. and also taking courses to apply for the BSN program. I'm hoping to get into either one in 2005-2006. I will go w/ who evers takes me in first. Right now my CC is saying it is projected that I will be accepted into their program in 2008. Which according to them isn't exactly accurate because so many people change their minds or go elsewhere. But just in case I'm trying for BSN. Theirs isn't a waitlist but done on a point system according to mostly grades and few other things. So chances look good on getting to go that route sooner.
    This summer I'm taking O chem. and psy. So I will be very busy this summer for 6 wks. Oh the stress.
  13. by   alexillytom
    Count me in too. I am also on the waiting list at my CC in NJ. (it sucks!) I am also researching another school across the bridge in Philly. I have a few more prereqs to
    take. I am a wife and mother of 3 gorgeous children. I also work full time at a very boring
    job, but it allows me to do my homework/studies at my desk.

    Good luck everyone!!

  14. by   AmyLiz
    Waiting here too!

    I've only got 3 more "non-nursing" classes to take at my cc...hopefully I'll be getting into the program Jan '05. Taking "Interpersonal Communications"this summer and Microbiology this fall. If I get into the program in January, I'll wait to take Pharmacology until next summer. If not, I'll take it in January & hope to get in the program Spring quarter.