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I want to go to college do you guys think its is better for me to get licensed in CNA or CMA im doing a BSN program 4 years

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CNA is going to give you hands on patient care experience, so I suggest that.

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I agree that working as a CNA will provide you with more relevant experience. While working as a CNA and studying to become an RN, take advantage of the opportunity to network with others in the field. Building relationships during this time may lead to job opportunities after you graduate.

Additionally, working as a CNA will allow you to have flexible hours, such as weekends and evenings, which can be helpful if you need to work while attending school.

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I would recommend CNA because it's one of the foundations of nursing. It would help you with testing, competitive points for entry, and NCLEX fundamentals. I'm saying this because I didn't take a CNA course. After all, I was a paramedic. It was noticeable during clinical rotations where my advantages and disadvantages were.

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Also, some of my classmates that worked as CNAs during nursing school were offered jobs at those places as an RN

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