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Hey, so I'm looking for advice from other nurses and hopefully this will get me my golden answer that I been looking for! But im Currently stuck between, being a full time nurse or being a full time entrepreneur. I was going to Chattanooga state a couple of months ago. I needed 4 more classes in order to apply to the nursing program.  Being an entrepreneur it allows me to be flexible ; get up when I want to or when my kids are sick I can be there without calling out. But I have the passion and love for medical field. Also going for nursing scares me because the 12 hour shifts that nurses work. Could I do that with having kids. Could I do that with being a wife ? I do know that nursing you work 3 days out of the week and you free the rest. I think my main this is my family. I'm a first time mom plus a bonus kid. My daughter currently 11 months. I think I'm looking for advice to feel more comfortable going into nursing ? I have thought about LPN THEN RN or MEDICAL ASSISTANT-LPN- THEN RN ??…. 

You have a long way to go before you are a nurse. Right now you are just fulfilling your pre requisites. I do not know what program you could apply to. Speak with a counselor.Your nursing goals are scattered. Many of us have done 12 hour shifts with kids.

What is the entrepreneurship you want to do?

I'm a licensed esthetician, but I love doing hair. I currently do facials and etc in a suite at the moment as being a caregiver. Where I am, they have the opportunity to do " medical assistant schooling" for 9 month's online and don't have to come to school be maybe at least 1-2 days a week.. so I thought to do that, then work my way up to LPN and so on.  Do you guys feel like nursing is worth it?  I also know that I have the potential to go to a med spa also !! 

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AllNurses has a good article about online programs for Medical Assistant, and some affordable LPN programs. Feel free to check it out to gain some insight. Do you have a degree already? I would say if you don't, having the skills in nursing would always be useful. As they always need nurses, you can always have the job to fall back on, which is ideal if you do have a family.

Some of my coworkers had worked part time or casual, as they wanted to take care of their kids and watch them grow. Others had started their own side business like doing lashes, medical aesthetics, or real estate while working as a nurse. They beauty of nursing is that you can technically still maintain your license and work as a nurse, but also be an entrepreneur. Where I'm from, we can contribute to a pension, so essentially they work part time to have some good retirement savings, but also work elsewhere to make the big bucks! Best of luck!  

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If you want to be a nurse, go to school and get your RN. Nursing isn't all about bedside, working 12 hr shifts etc. Nursing has many aspects: School Nursing, Advance Practice Nursing, Case Management, Utilization Management, Nurse Navigators, Nursing Educators, Legal Nurse Consultants, Nurse Informaticists, Nurse Executive Leaders, Nurse Scientists, and Nurse Entrepreneurs. I said nothing about "bedside". Most people outside have a limited view of what nursing is about. Do a little more research, you will see. Hope that helps!

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