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shel_wny has 8 years experience and specializes in Critical Care / Psychiatry.

FPMHNP student.

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  1. What equipment to bring to psych unit?

    I just bring a pen. (And a kind heart, and a mutually respectful attitude.)
  2. Hi all, I have been a critical care nurse for 4 years in the MICU/SICU. I wish I knew more about what to do during emergencies outside of the ICU. I want to know what to do if I come across a car accident and someone needs help, if someone gets bit b...
  3. Will I Be Ok?

    I usually just say, "Well...I'm not quite sure. You're in the ICU and you're pretty sick right now." Then I often look up at the monitor and tell them what is good and what our goal is for the end of my shift. My patients usually trust me and appreci...
  4. IV tips and tricks

    IVs are a huge problem for me too. I feel so incompetent, though I have confidence in all of my other clinical skills. This is an amazing thread! Now I've got some new stuff to try to take my mind off my failing record.
  5. Prior service and looking to work at local VA Hospital

    Ok, as I understand it, your prior service in the military would count toward your time for retirement. The VA loves to hire veterans. I would definitely go for it and put in an application with human resources at the VA that you would like to work. ...
  6. Healthier Living Support Thread: PART TWO!

    Thanks for the response everyone. Still haven't found a good pilates DVD yet, but haven't done much looking besides asking on here. I'm finding that jasmine green tea with 1 tsp of honey really helps take the edge off my hunger at night. Resisting th...
  7. Healthier Living Support Thread: PART TWO!

    Hi everyone! I'm encouraged to see this thread is still here from before I took a break from Allnurses stuff. As a full-time student who works full-time I've definitely gotten into the habit of eating poorly. As of today I am 7 days caffeine-free whi...
  8. "Labs" has been updated on the MICU FAQs website...

    Just wanted to let you know that your website ROCKS! I read a little bit each day. I'm definitely going to have to get my newbie hands on your book before I set foot in the unit. Thanks again! Shel
  9. Meds to know for the New Grad in ICU

    Thanks! Now time to hit my med book!
  10. Meds to know for the New Grad in ICU

    I just accepted a position that starts at the end of May in the SICU/MICU. I personally know that meds are a weakness for me and I want to crack down on them in preparation for this job. Could anyone point me to a list of important critical care meds...
  11. Can't Decide - NeonatalICU or Stay in Trauma

    I always thought a long orientation was preferred against a shorter one. At least that's what my instructors and colleagues seem to make me think!
  12. Options for childcare when mandated

    Thanks! Exactly the kind of information and encouragement I was looking for. :) Much appreciated, Shel
  13. The facility where I work enforces mandatory overtime. My husband and I are anticipating having a child within the next 5 years. A major concern of mine is being mandated and having no one to care for my child while my husband works. My family is mil...
  14. A little advise. . . PLEASE

    You've invested 3 tough years of frustration, blood, sweat, and tears into this. Why quit now and let that all go to waste? You need a degree to show for all that! My advice is to get yourself in the best shape possible. At my local YMCA they have a ...
  15. Heroin OD in the Boston Public Garden

    Wow! What a strange case of the photographer being in the right place at the right time. Very unfortunate for the user and his friends. Maybe one life will save two... Shel