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I am taking this as one of my pe-reqs to start NS in August. Is anyone else taking Nursing patho in the spring?... Read More

  1. by   missgigius
    Yes, those classes are HSC 100 and HSC 200 and I will be done with all of my pre-reqs and co-reqs for the Nursing Program. So I can just concentrate on my nursing classes.
  2. by   SA2BDOCTOR
    I will be taking patho in summer 2007 online. It is a requirement for the accelerated nursing program
  3. by   marilynmom
    I am taking patho this coming semester as well. Just got my book today, it's by McCance. Good luck to everyone!
  4. by   missgigius
    My book is Pathophysiology for the Health Professions by B. Gould.
  5. by   lisabeth
    I am still debating as to whether or not I should take Patho now or not. Would it be smart to take it before Chemistry?
  6. by   SummerGarden
    Quote from TexasAngel
    I am still debating as to whether or not I should take Patho now or not. Would it be smart to take it before Chemistry?
    The course I am taking will not allow me to sign up without Chemistry, A&P I and II, and Microbiology. I know I will probably not have to use all the information acquired in those courses, but I am told by others that some of it will come up and so that is why I must prove with transcripts I have already taken the classes. Why are you allowed to sign up without chemistry? Maybe your Patho course is not as intense so it will not matter if you do not have Chem????

    I do not mean to deter you, but Chemistry is usually essential to Pathophysiology courses. I am told that Patho presents a lot of information on balances of fluids (acids/bases/chemical compositions) and systems within the human body. I suppose you could teach yourself the chemistry to get through the class, but it would be a lot easier to be at a point in your education, where you only have to refresh you memory. Just my
  7. by   bblair
    I would most definitely suggest taking chemistry before patho. I am currently taking patho without having taken a chemistry, and it's soooo hard. I think the others in my class that have had chemistry still think it's a tough class, but at least have a lot of the background knowledge and vocabulary down already.
  8. by   shoegalRN
    I am taking Patho now as part of my nursing program. It is a very hard class and I suggest you take Chem and pay close attention in Physiology. Get your critical thinking skills up to par. The test questions would be worded as if you are already a nurse.
  9. by   jacqueline8217
    I am taking Pathophysiology and we are using the Nowak/Handford 3rd edition text. I am also taking Study of Diseases and Nutrition and I am finding that as we go along in the chapters, what I learn in one class, just supports what I have learned in the others. Also, I have taken Anatomy and Physiology as it was a req. for Pathophys. AND was told that we had to take Microbiology and AnP (1yr) and chem as well. But so far, I have only taken 1 sem. of AnP.
    In the beginning of the semester, the teacher had given us a little summary on the difference of the Studyof Disease and Pathophysiology. But I think my explanation was more clear: The difference is Study of Disease studies the disease itself and its effects and Pathophysiology studies the healthy body at the subcellular level and what happens to the cells and tissues when a disturbance occurs from disease. Pathophysiology is very detailed. One of my classmates was asking me how we were going to study and all I could think of was what another senior student let me know: read read read and read again.
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  10. by   DDRN4me
    Taking Patho now as LAST class... it does rely very heavily on A&P. there is also some chem involved , but hte larger focus is A&P Mary
  11. by   Just_An_Illusion
    I need a little advise...

    I plan on taking Pathophysiology in the summer. I have the option of either taking an accerlated 10 week class (will attend class 2 time per week) or taking it online.

    I'm finishing up A&P II right now with a strong A. I've also had chemistry. Would it be better to take Patho in a classroom or online? Is Patho just as hard as A&P I, II?

  12. by   missgigius
    I am taking patho online right now and I love it. But I have taken the majority of my classes online and it works for me. If you have a strong foundation on how the body is supposed to work when everything is functioning properly (You're averaging an A in AP, so you must have a good understanding), patho online should be easy learning about what happens when the body is not in proper working order. :spin:
  13. by   Just_An_Illusion
    Missgigius, thanks for the feedback! I've never taken an online course before so I guess I have a little case of the jitters. Is it as detailed as A&P I,II?