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pedi, pedi psych,dd, school ,home health
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DDRN4me specializes in pedi, pedi psych,dd, school ,home health.

nurse, mom, Nana to Jack, Juliet, Mackenzie and Hailey,teacher in CNA program, adjunct professor in BSN program

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  1. DDRN4me

    What Happens When We Leave Our Dream Job?

    Follow up 2 years later... I now have my MSN, and teach both at a high school and a University. Although a part of me will always miss "my kids" , I have new challenges that I am enjoying, and a different set of "kids"! I truly believe in the "Bloom where you are planted" theory, and am now growing new roots!
  2. DDRN4me

    When Hospice Goes Wrong

    (((Viva))) Have not been on in quite a while... so so sorry to hear of your tremendous loss. I pray that this nurse was reprimanded, and learned a harsh lesson on how NOT to be.
  3. DDRN4me

    Brian Short News

    So sad and tragic. He will be missed by all of us who spoke to him online, he seemed like such a kind and caring person. Prayers to his family and friends.
  4. DDRN4me

    What Happens When We Leave Our Dream Job?

    Your post has triggered a reply from me, as well. I had a job I loved. I had moved up the ranks and become the nurse manager of a program for kids with multiple medical physical emotional and psychiatric needs. It was my home. and then, new management and a layoff. To say I was devastated was an understatement. I had planned to retire from there. So, at over 50 I had to re evaluate what I wanted to do when I grew up. I am currently teaching...something I truly enjoy. I am also in the midst of my MSN in Nursing Education... something I had pretty much given up on the idea of ever doing. So there is life after your "perfect job"... and sometimes it is what you least expect!
  5. DDRN4me

    Quizlet or Study Blue?

    My Students use quizlet for vocab testing and do enjoy it more than traditional flash cards or other study aides. I have never heard of Study Blue but will look into it now!
  6. DDRN4me

    The CEO said WHAT!!!!

    I once had a CFO (who, for some unkown reason was in charge of the nursing department) tell me that we were "a draining, bleeding wound in the budget. " i thanked her and reminded her kindly that without a Nursing department her facility would not exist and she would not have a job.
  7. DDRN4me

    How many hours do you work?

    give it a try... iwork >45 hours a week and get soo bummed that i dont have much time for anything. oh how i miss shopping in the middle of the week; or going out to lunch...or spending a rainy day in my sewing room or a sunny one in my garden!
  8. I have always used humor to attempt to relax the patient a little. most will respond to that. "Sorry I have to ask this bit dont worry i have been a nurse for a long time and not much surprises me anymore" will usually get a chuckle. I have many adolescent males in our facility who need us to check various body parts and functions. with them i use the Iam old I am a grandma line and they usually laugh at me.
  9. DDRN4me

    Seriously, does my office look like a wal-mart???

    oh, it could have been me writing this. Kids are not an issue ..staff are !! they want everything from cough drops to safety pins to spatulas...hello we are not your personal supplier!!!
  10. DDRN4me

    Update from Syracuse

    Funny, I am leaving for Syracuse in the am..my nana lives just outside the city and is turning 100 on monday!!:redpinkheif you are looking for a decent place to go there is an Irish pub called Colemans that my family loves~~
  11. DDRN4me

    Contaminated Scrubs..do you wear scrubs to the stores

    my great grandma used to say you eat a peck of dirt before you die!! i would rather i wear my scrubs to the store than the person who cleans the floors.....or the toilets....etc
  12. DDRN4me

    Hospice and Fund Raising

    i think what our local hospice does is ask the families to consider donations to hospice in the pts memory. I personally am not offended; hospice is a vital service that is difficult to completely fund with insurance or Medicare.
  13. DDRN4me

    10 years or longer in nursing?

    Gradutated the first time with an lpn in 1981...2000 with ADn; 2007 with BSN.... still love being a nurse; it is who i am not just what i do. Dealing with extraneous bull excrement happens with every job; you just have to learn how to deal with it.
  14. DDRN4me

    Inspiring Quotes

    as my siggy line says...God Grant me the serenity to change the things i can; accept the things I cannot; and the wisdom to know the difference.
  15. DDRN4me

    My Family Tragedy: Passing of Showbizrn's Brother

    so sorry for your loss and the tragic circumstances.:heartbeat
  16. DDRN4me

    I tried so hard.

    Hang in there,,, the first test is always the most difficult as you have no idea what to expect from the instructor. if you were within 2 points of the class average, then you ae fine. Use the experience to help you study for the next test but dont dwell on the possibliltiy of failure; look at it as a learning experience on test taking! good luck!!