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nurse, mom, Nana to Jack, Juliet, Mackenzie and Hailey,teacher in CNA program, adjunct professor in BSN program

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  1. What Happens When We Leave Our Dream Job?

    Follow up 2 years later... I now have my MSN, and teach both at a high school and a University. Although a part of me will always miss "my kids" , I have new challenges that I am enjoying, and a different set of "kids"! I truly believe in the "Bloom...
  2. When Hospice Goes Wrong

    (((Viva))) Have not been on in quite a while... so so sorry to hear of your tremendous loss. I pray that this nurse was reprimanded, and learned a harsh lesson on how NOT to be.
  3. I want to go back to school?!

    I am currently working 5 days a week while in my last semester of my MSN in Nursing Education. Yes, it is a huge time commitment. Plan to study at least 4 hours per credit hour per week. That said, there are many online programs in Nursing Leadership...
  4. Brian Short News

    So sad and tragic. He will be missed by all of us who spoke to him online, he seemed like such a kind and caring person. Prayers to his family and friends.
  5. What Happens When We Leave Our Dream Job?

    Your post has triggered a reply from me, as well. I had a job I loved. I had moved up the ranks and become the nurse manager of a program for kids with multiple medical physical emotional and psychiatric needs. It was my home. and then, new managemen...
  6. Quizlet or Study Blue?

    My Students use quizlet for vocab testing and do enjoy it more than traditional flash cards or other study aides. I have never heard of Study Blue but will look into it now!
  7. RN-MSN program at Aspen University

    I am considering Aspen, as well as Regis and a brick and mortar. I currently teach in an LPN program, and love it! I would love to hear feedback from aspen graduates, both pro & con. Thanks!!!
  8. The CEO said WHAT!!!!

    I once had a CFO (who, for some unkown reason was in charge of the nursing department) tell me that we were "a draining, bleeding wound in the budget. " i thanked her and reminded her kindly that without a Nursing department her facility would not e...
  9. A REAL Nurse

    As a current nurse manager, I can easily see why some would think that I no longer "work in the trenches". But in my speciality, I still do and love it. I try not to tell my family's caregivers that I am a nurse, since I am so specialized. Funny, tho...
  10. How many hours do you work?

    give it a try... iwork >45 hours a week and get soo bummed that i dont have much time for anything. oh how i miss shopping in the middle of the week; or going out to lunch...or spending a rainy day in my sewing room or a sunny one in my garden!
  11. I have always used humor to attempt to relax the patient a little. most will respond to that. "Sorry I have to ask this bit dont worry i have been a nurse for a long time and not much surprises me anymore" will usually get a chuckle. I have many ado...
  12. what about pedi psych? or school nursing? both of those would benefit greatly from your expertise. wish i could hire you for my facility!!!! good luck with the search!
  13. I would definitely not put anything in the spacer. not only is it an infection risk it is also a choking hazared. the "catch the cloud" idea is a good one. I usually just demonstrate taking a "big monster breath" and holding it in. they get it after ...
  14. Seriously, does my office look like a wal-mart???

    It is not the supplies that are the issue. Again; these are not NURSING issues. I know my staff has enough to do caring for the sick kids ..and if it is a medical issue, then by all means come to us. I hate to think another child who really needs us...
  15. have to agree with ericsolon... tread slowly and lightly with this friend. 8 weeks is ridiculous for a d&c. sounds like this person needs some mh counseling. she is overwhelmed and scared. you need to set firm limits NOW with her. (ie; i am avai...