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  1. I understand exactly what you are feeling. It was that way for me last year, only it was the grades for me. Clinicals were awesome. I had to drop because I knew I was going to fail. I came back this year feeling like it would help out with the ...
  2. ARG! Considering dropping classes while I can...

    Wow. You do have your hands full. I don't think any of us really realize just what we are in for. I would have thought I would have been able to pull nursing school off being the fact that my daughter is 16 and I don't have to work, but unfortun...
  3. Anyone know of good links

    as always, thank you daytonite.
  4. Anyone know of good links

    Looks like a good link, and one I can use. Thank you.
  5. Anyone know of good links

    for medical errors? I used to have some saved, but I cant find them now. I am needing info on types of medical errors with statistics, etc. We have a 3 part project to do, so if anyone has saved links they can share, that would be greatly apprici...
  6. Do Nurses Eat Their Young?

    I must have been extremely fortunate. There were enough nurses in my clinicals that appriciated us being there that I didnt have to deal with the ones who felt otherwise. I will say this, we had a great clinical group and great clinical instructors...
  7. Had my very first clinical today!

    That is too bad that she would have acted that way. Maybe you wont come in contact with too many like that. Good luck
  8. Had my very first clinical today!

    There will be some who arent friendly, and I just stay out of their way. There have always been a few who are very helpful. I ask them questions, and so far, I havent had any who treated me like I was stupid or anything. One was very good at sh...
  9. Do Nurses Eat Their Young?

    So far, I have been very lucky. The nurses I have worked around in clinicals have been very helpful.
  10. Worried

    those are some good links. i guess all in all, it is discipline. i skimmed both very quickly. it is time to end this break and get back to the books.
  11. Worried

    Sounds like you may be burned out. Keep fighting it. Just keep your eyes on the end goal. Hang in there.
  12. IM injection

    This was very helpful. I have given plenty of SQ injections, but no IM injections as of yet.
  13. Need Advice... Take a yr off or start Fall 09??

    If I had known then what I know now, I would wait and take a break. Nursing School is nothing like the pre-reqs, and I will say, I am so burned out. I wish so bad I had been able to take a break before getting in the program, but I got accepted, ...
  14. Hilarity of nursing school stress :)

    That was funny. Thanks for the laugh. I hate being so consumed by it all that I wake up from one of those dreams and cant go back to sleep. :smackingf
  15. I think we all feel that way from time to time. I really do doubt all of this sometimes. I absolutely love the clinicals, and caring for patients, but the classes are about to kill me. I really do wonder sometimes if this is what I should be doi...