Bizarre Lab Practical-

  1. So I know part of Anatomy and Phys is dissecting. That's fine. But when I am asked to learn the human muscles in addition to the muscles of the cat, all origins and insertions, plus ear, eye, spinal, and nerve anatomy and then only asked/tested on the cat... I am peeved! I want to be a nurse not a VET (no offense vet's or vet techs)

    Grr.. Anyone else having frustrating movements in their A&P courses?
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  3. by   Calinurse4
    That's a bummer. We only use human cadavers and are tested only on humans
  4. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    We did the cats. They said cause it was similar to the humans, but we had to do the same for the Muscles and insertions and all that. We didn't need to do the cat nerves though. But we were tested on it.
  5. by   ssullyorthoRN
    We did not have to do cats but we had to do PIGS!!!! I had the same thought as you I want to be working with humans...NOT Animals!!!
  6. by   Jubilayhee
    Quote from Soon2BeK10RN
    That's a bummer. We only use human cadavers and are tested only on humans

    Human cadavers? Are you in medical school or undergrad human anatomy?
  7. by   lorba
    All of my lab practicals for A&P II involved the cat. The toughest one was blood vessels since they're so small. They say a cat has a very similar anatomy to a human and it is not realistic to use human cadavers at this point. I agree.
  8. by   Cilantrophobe
    At our school we also studied fetal pigs as well as human cadavers. It's not that uncommon.

    I completely feel your pain about the cat thing because I would feel the same way. SOme people here on all nurses had to study dogs and rats, and even skin cats....YUCKY!
  9. by   peytonsmom
    We did cats too and I thought the same thing as you. BUT since i'm at a CC and our lab fees really don't run to human cadavers I made do w/ cats! (we also did sheep brains/testicles, cow eyeballs, pig ovaries and fetal pigs). Luckily for this class we didn't have to skin them, but we did have to skin the ones that we had in our Human Phys class I took back in highschool. We ended up having a few kids drop the class.