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  1. Hi all - I am seriously considering this program. I started the RN to BSN program at CSI, but between the commute and classes scheduled at times that do not work with my schedule, I have made the decision to transfer to a program that is fully online. Has anybody out there attended the program at SUNY Empire State? I'm looking for feedback on the program. Thanks for your help!
  2. lorba

    SUNY DELHI RN Program Fall 2012

    I am applying for the fall as well. I originally applied for this spring, but took too long to send in the required documents, and received notification that the spring semester is now full, so I rolled my application over to the fall. I'm currently in the RN-BSN program at College of Staten Island, but I'd like to transfer into the program at SUNY Dehli. I feel that it will be quicker and more convenient. I'm also interested to find out what others think of this program.
  3. lorba

    Got 75 questions, 1/3ed of them SATA

    I took mine on Wednesday. Got 75 questions and I felt like it was mostly SATA. I had pretty much the same pattern. I was freaking out through the whole test. Went home and tried the "trick", got the good pop up, and found out yesterday that I passed! :)
  4. lorba

    Difference between saunders 4th & 5th ed.?

    Hi all - I was wondering if anyone knows if the Saunders Q&A book has different questions than the Saunders Comprehensive Review. I have the 3rd edition of Saunders Comprehensive review and am wondering if I should get the Q&A book for more practice. Thanks!
  5. lorba

    NY nursing students can't start IV's?

    I'm in Brooklyn, NY, and we will not be starting IV's either. I've been told by friends who graduated that it is something that you learn on the job once hired. I plan on taking a phlebotomy course anyway, just so I don't feel completely lost when I start working!
  6. lorba

    Anyone for KBCC Spring 2011 program?

    Nursing li means that you are in the nursing program! I'm about to start my last semester of nursing at KBCC next month. Congrats!
  7. lorba

    kingsborough NLN / MAY 2010

    You could probably get a copy from A-108 if you need it again. I didn't need to provide anything to the clinical agencies. I think some of the other hospitals from future courses may require it. You should keep a copy of the actual physical paperwork that your doctor filled out for you just to have for your own files. I always copy everything before handing it in just in case they say they never got it or they lose it, etc. I'll be at orientation tomorrow helping out. Maybe I'll see you guys there. Good luck!!
  8. lorba

    kingsborough NLN / MAY 2010

    Ideal is on Flatbush Avenue and Avenue K in Brooklyn.
  9. lorba

    kingsborough NLN / MAY 2010

    I don't think any of them are really very far from the school. I guess it depends on where you live. I got lucky because I only lived a couple of minutes away from Shorefront. As far as supplies go, you'll definitely need a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, a pen light, and a watch. You're going to use these things every week at clinical (even the on campus ones). You can get them at the uniform store. The uniform isn't bad. I went to Ideal Uniform Store on Flatbush, and I told them I was from Kingsborough and she gave me exactly what I needed. The woman knew what was allowed and what wasn't. They won't let you get away with white sneakers. They have to be nursing shoes, but they are extremely comfortable!! I'm sure you will be able to get most of the books used. I can't imagine that they would have a list of different books than we had last semester. I bought every book that they had on the list early so I could find them used and cheaper. Of course, we ended up not using most of them, but I figure they are good to have. You will definitely need the Fundamentals of Nursing book. This is what they base all of the exams on. I'm sure you can get this used since they've been using it for a few semesters now. And, you will need a good care plan book as well. Hope I covered everything!! If you have any more questions, let me know.
  10. lorba

    kingsborough NLN / MAY 2010

    I did my first semester clinical at Shorefront Geriatric Center on Surf Avenue in Coney Island. I know some of the other ones they go to are Menorah which is right by the school, another one right next door to Shorefront, and I think there is one on Cropsey Ave, and one by Lutheran that they send students to. The first few weeks, they are just going to have you do clinical on campus, and then they will start sending you to the actual clinical site.
  11. lorba

    kingsborough NLN / MAY 2010

    I took the dosage calculations class at Kingsborough last fall online and it was really easy!! You have to show up in person I think three times to take exams. I ended up with an A in the class. P.S. Congrats on getting accepted into the program!
  12. lorba

    good luck to all

    Good luck to you!!
  13. lorba

    Procrastinators Unite!

    I'm supposed to be studying for my last lecture exam tomorrow, but I'm on here to see if anything interesting is going on. How funny that the first post I see is exactly what I'm doing!! Good luck to everybody who is studying for finals!
  14. lorba

    Winter session

    I know that Kingsborough Community College offers Microbiology in the winter session, and I'm pretty sure the other courses that you listed are also offered. I think it may be hard to get a seat in the microbiology class as they tend to fill up very quickly with nursing students who need it as a pre-requisite. But, it doesn't hurt to at least check it out.
  15. lorba

    kind of nervous

    I know exactly how you feel!! We are doing our clinicals at a nursing home for the first semester. We don't actually start until October 6, but that's all I can think about. I worry that I won't be able to hear the blood pressure, or feel the pulse. I worry about talking to the patients, and having them get annoyed at me for asking them too many questions or doing too many things to them..lol. Since I started I've been so stressed thinking about this, but others in my class feel the same way. I know that it won't always be this awkward and we'll get more comfortable with it in time. Good luck!!!