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I'm have a great 4 y/o only child named Peyton (boy). I've been married for 8 years to my highschool sweetheart. I have my Associates in Office Administration but have always been drawn to nursing so now i'm a mom working FT and going to school!

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  1. peytonsmom

    Mercy College of Northwest Ohio

    I second the skills lab! There's no way to really study some things at home and knowing the procedure doesn't necessarily mean you now how to do the skill (or pass the checkoff!). My advice is to take it seriously right from the beginning. It's easy to get behind and with the lowest passing grade being an 80% it's very easy to end up in a hole you can't crawl out of. My class started w/ 52 and we're down to 20. A few of those we lost transferred to a different program but the majority were people that failed.
  2. peytonsmom

    Anyone graduating Dec 2011 ?

    I graduate in December as well. I go to a nights program and we have summer classes so by the time December gets here I will have done 10 straight semesters of school (a whole 3 years and 4 months!). I am SOOO over school at this point and ready to be done. We just got our summer and fall schedules and I felt like crying, ok honestly I DID cry. lol I feel like they're testing us...you only get to graduate IF you can live through this schedule. A few of the people that started are program switched over to the accelerated day program last year so they graduate in four weeks. SOOOOOOO jealous!
  3. peytonsmom

    ADN to BSN to CRNA = Realistic Goal?

    A lot of it will depend on where you live. We are super saturated w/ nursing grads in my area so there aren't any ICU's that hire new grads period. All of the ICU's require at least a year of med surg, some of the bigger hospitals (and therefore higher acuity pt's in the ICU) require two years of med surg or 18 months in stepdown (and of course to get a job in Stepdown you have to have a year of med surg experience). The bigger hospital in the area isn't even hiring new grads for med surg. *sigh* I had a similar plan as you but heading to CNM instead of CRNA. So it's looking like i'll be finishing my ADN in December, working a year in med surg while finishing my BSN, then trying to get into a L&D job for a year so I can then apply to CNM programs. Really drives home the point that I should have started this process when I was younger.
  4. I don't know of any hospital system in my area that hires CMA's. We have several STNA's on the floor and the rest of us that work as aides are just nursing students. In the major hospitals in my area if you are currently enrolled in nursing school and have done your first two clinical rotations (one of which being mEd surg) then you can work as a NA.
  5. I'm with most of the people that say don't even bother trying. They're not going to get it unless they've been there. I think this especially applies to people that have been to college for things other than nursing. I have a business degree and I can tell you I put in about 1/4th of the time and 1/10th of the effort that I have been putting into nursing school, but most people seem set in the "college is college" mindset. I work 2 twelve hour midnight shifts each week, am heading into my last two semesters of school, and have a 5 year old boy currently involved in tball, 4-H and riding lessons. I'm very active in my son's school and am currently trying to figure out how to head up the committee for teach appreciation week that just so happens to fall during finals week. There are usually two days a week that due to my work, school, & son's schedule I end up getting 2 hours of sleep or doing 30 hour stretches before I can fall on my face for 5 hours and do it all over. All of that and my husband and a lot of family/friends STILL doesn't truly "get" how difficult nursing school is for me. *ETA* - Our pass is an 80 and we have 20 of the 52 people we started with.
  6. peytonsmom

    Mercy College of Northwest Ohio

    The new ADN uniforms have a flipping zipper instead of buttons. They also have a collar and princess seams. blah. They are very formal and professional looking though, I just think the new tops really are kind of uncomfortable and like the old button ones.
  7. peytonsmom

    Mercy College of Northwest Ohio

    I agree w/ LoveANurse. If you're able to knock out the BSN right away i'd do it. Like she said, jobs are scarce right now and hospitals can afford to be choosey. If there are plenty of qualified BSN grads out there, they're going to get first pick. I have classmate that works as a PCT at UTMC and they told her that she shouldn't even bother applying for nursing spots there when she graduates because they're pretty much only hiring BSN grads right now because they have so many applicants. Unfortunately for me I had to do ADN because I really needed the nights/weekends program. The thought of going back to school again as soon as I finish this program makes me want to puke, but that's what i'm going to do because it will make me a lot more marketable as a potential employee.
  8. peytonsmom

    Done! 4.0 intact!

    Awesome! That's a serious accomplishment!
  9. peytonsmom

    Beginner's guide to dosage calculations

    Yep! It does ratio/proportion, formula, & DA.
  10. peytonsmom

    Beginner's guide to dosage calculations

    I second Calculate w/ Confidence. We used that in our program and I found it pretty straight forward. I also second (third, fourth) using DA. I was very anti DA going in and was sticking w/ the ration/proportion method. I was getting the right answers but a friend convinced me to try DA and it made things 10x easier. I have yet to miss a single math/dosage calc question on any test in two semesters using it.
  11. peytonsmom

    Failure of non-required classes 5 years ago?

    I had a few issues on my transcript from my first go round in college when I was also dealing w/ some tough personal issues. When I applied to nursing school 5 years later, I had to write a letter explaining the grades and situation and it went to a review committee before I could be formally accepted. They had no problem accepting me and were very understanding.
  12. peytonsmom

    Test Questions, your thoughts?

    This is half vent and half to see if i'm not just using the correct thought process here. The question was "List 2 complications of a cast extremity" I listed foot drop as one of my answers and it was marked incorrect. I submitted our form w/ the proper documentation from our textbook where it states that foot drop can be a complication of a leg cast. She responded with (quote) "the test question did not indicate which extremity was casted..." I really make an effort not to read too deeply into a question on tests, but a leg IS an extremity right? Because the question did not state a specific extremity I assumed that all extremities were fair game. If you just wanted a general complication of a cast such as skin break down, then why specify "of a cast extremity"? Am I reading too much into the question on this one? Question 2: One of the answers on our test for a question about RA was "loss of function of a joint". She marked those of us that chose that answer wrong because the book states "reduced use of function of a joint". Her reasoning that "loss of function" indicated complete loss of function where as "reduced use of" indicated partial loss of function. Several students argued that it was simply semantics. Thoughts on this? Is there a difference or is it just semantics?
  13. peytonsmom

    Did/does Anyone Work while doing ABSN?

    I work a full time job, have a 27 y/o "big kid" husband , and a 4 y/o son. Dh is assistant coaching our nephew's pony league team and our 4 y/o has horse show and tball season starting. Did I mention my husband is also working full time and finishing up his bachelor's? Our schedule is insane and we do have to have an occasional helping hand from grandma & grandpa with getting our son to and from certain events. I would give just about anything to not have to work FT while in NS, but it just is not an option for us financially, period. It's very difficult but i'm doing it and doing it w/ decent grades too. You just have to go into it understanding that your life is going to be overwhelming for awhile and get really good at carving out little blocks of time for studying. I save up my vacation days and take them on days of big tests too which helps. Bottom line is that it's not fun, not easy and there is a good reason that schools tell you not to work but it's not impossible.
  14. peytonsmom

    What do you hate the most about nursing school?

    YES! We have a few of those in our class and I would die of embarrassment if I were their relatives!!
  15. peytonsmom

    What do you hate the most about nursing school?

    The time commitment! I knew what I was getting into beforehand but it doesn't make me hate missing out on time w/ my son and important activities. Our last clinical of the semester is the same day as his first horse show of the year so i'm going to have to miss it. Worth it in the end but the working a FT job and dealing w/ nursing school on top of it just leaves very little time for the important things.