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  1. Jubilayhee


    Yes RIC accepts transfer students. URI does not. It even says it on their website. You could just stay at ccri and get your rn and then do your rn to bsn later.
  2. Jubilayhee


    URI does not accept transfer students, at least for nursing
  3. Jubilayhee

    Human Anatomy CCRI

    At night its only twice a week. You need to take anatomy to complete the three series on sciences so I would try to get that class out of the way asap.
  4. Erika I'm interested in the night program as well. How intense is the part time night program. Is it really that difficult? What are your thoughts.
  5. Jubilayhee

    LPN or CMA???

    Theres more money in lpn
  6. Jubilayhee

    I don't like my NP program and I am a half way through it

    I would stay as well. Most of your learning will come after school in the real world.
  7. Jubilayhee

    CCRI Spring (Jan) start.. a few questions

    The best time apply is February
  8. Jubilayhee

    CCRI nursing clinical schedule

    It is 4 days a week. Two clinicals days will be 7 - 3 shifts so I dont know if you have time to go drop your kids at daycare before that time. Lectures are 3 hrs long the other two days.
  9. I wonder why nobody brought this point up. But a nursing degree is consider a much harder degree to obtain than an elementary education degree. True It might take longer to achieve, but there are other factors to consider.
  10. Jubilayhee

    No HS diploma or GED, but is a CNA?

    You dont need a high school diploma to wipe ass lol:jester:
  11. Jubilayhee

    BSN student looking to shadow a CRNA in socal

    The hype is about the money$$
  12. Jubilayhee

    No waiting list at CCRI

    Nursing 1 class is two/three hours in the morning twice a week and clinicals are also two days 7-3 pm. So four days total, FYI, in class all they do is read off power points, so its not really vital for you to be there.
  13. Jubilayhee


    Look into lpn to rn programs at the community colleges.
  14. Jubilayhee

    Math Problem Procalc I cant seem to figure out!

    Doesn't your teacher teach basic metric conversion changes?
  15. Jubilayhee

    CCRI Fall 2010

    Based on last year, I takes around 2 to 3 months. People last year got their calls in April