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  1. Where do you find new grad nursing jobs in VA?????

  2. Where do you find new grad nursing jobs in VA?????

    As far as getting the names of people to talk to in HR, all you have to do is call the hospital and ask for the number for nurse recruitment. But like I said, I did all that and it got me nowhere. I was applying for jobs, and then making contact with...
  3. NVCC Class of 2013 Meet and Greet + Q&A

    Hey guys, I also just graduated the traditional nursing program through NVCC and passed the NCLEX. I start work with Inova next week. If you guys ever need any questions answered, I'm here to help!
  4. GMU RN to BSN

    Has anyone applied for Fall? Just curious. I know decisions will be mailed out soon. I feel like my chances are good, but I'm still finishing up my A.S. degree this summer and decisions will be made prior to that. Apparently it's pretty common, but i...
  5. Where do you find new grad nursing jobs in VA?????

    You got a call from a recruiter? I think that is great! I only ever got one call from a recruiter and it was to come in for an interview. But I applied for several jobs and never got a call prior to that. Inova DOES hire news grads, despite any rumor...
  6. Pearson Vue Trick - Poll once you receive your results

    PVT worked! Took it yesterday and got my results today (VA has a hotline).
  7. How long for VA NCLEX results?

    Thanks Flames! I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And start work on the 25th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. How long for VA NCLEX results?

    I have the same question. How long was it for you? According to the PVT I passed, but it shut off at 75 and I feel like I failed. And I'm not just being dramatic, that test was HARD.
  9. Hurst Q-review questions

    I'm so glad I found this thread! I'm taking the NCLEX in the morning and have gotten the following scores on Q Review : 81, 81, 73, 93. But like the OP said, I have no idea how to quantify my scores. BTW, is everyone giving their scores, or percentag...
  10. How long for VA NCLEX results?

    So did you have to wait a full 24 hours before calling? Does anybody know how soon the Automated License Verification is updated?
  11. update on 2nd interview

    Do you have an update? I'm curious to hear how it all turned out for you.
  12. What am I doing wrong?!

    I have so many questions. How exactly does the hiring process work? Who's in charge? What is a "hiring manager"? I just graduated nursing school (ASN), plan to take the NCLEX ASAP. I have zero healthcare experience, left the Air Force to become a nur...
  13. NVCC to Mason

    No. "NAS 162 & NAS 162 (8 credits) at NVCC will fulfill the requirements for Anatomy and Physiology and Microbiology ONLY for students who currently hold a RN license." This is taken directly from a sheet they pass out at the information sessions...
  14. Making contact with PCD

    Did I post this in the wrong area? I was really hoping for more advice or help.
  15. Making contact with PCD

    I have applied to 4 jobs. I just don't want to rely solely on HR to get hired. From what I understand, the PCD has just as much, if not more power over the hiring process. I will apply no matter what, but I don't want to apply over and over without f...