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I know that we need them in order to get into the nursing program but some of them seem SOOOOOO useless! I have a Dialogue class and all we do is read this wierd book that the professor wrote... Read More

  1. by   SopranoKris
    I'm sooooooo burned out with school right now! I know we need to have these courses completed before starting nursing school, because they are foundational. However, I just want to start the nursing!!!! I feel like I'm jumping through hoops, trying to get every T crossed and every I dotted. UGH!

    OK, rant over!

    At least I'm DONE with pre-reqs at the end of this semester
  2. by   traumanurse2b?
    I am in my last semester of pre-req's/finishing my Associate's. Its taken me 5 years to complete due to marrying a military guy, moving, and having to take time off to work because we couldn't afford my classes at the time. Let me tell you, I am sooooo over this Associate's degree! I'm starting my BSN courses in January and I couldn't be more ready!!!!
  3. by   ginna121
    I am only in my 2nd semester in prereqs and I definately want to be done. I just try to focus my attention on getting through each class and people keep telling me how fast the time will go and how I will be done in no time.....I just can't wait!!!!
  4. by   britney705
    Yep I feel exactly the same way I just want nursing classes already!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   britthohenbrink
    Just tell yourself that the pre- requesites are a stepping stone towards becoming a nurse. I know that they can seem useless and tiring at time but think.... when you've completed them you get to start nursing school!!!!

    Also, remember that the reward is worth the sacrifice.
  6. by   beckyboo1
    I'm totally burned out on College Algebra. Any other class, I can study til I understand it. Not the same story with algebra. I'll be soooooooooo happy when I can finally pass it with a C!
  7. by   bbmtnbb
    "I go to school in Texas, and you're required to take 2 semesters of government, 2 of history, 2 of English comp, an art class, etc. to get any bachelors degree in this state... so yeah I can understand your sentiment. I didn't mind psych, sociology, or human growth/development though. After 3 years of taking pre-reqs I'm just so ready to actually start the nursing program. "

    Well, these are called General Education" Required for a BA/BS and even an AA/AS degree, so these are not nursing pre-reqs, just a college education not just in Texas but everywhere. As for Anatomy, physiology, and microbiology--those ARE nursing. You NEED to know those to understand your job. Sociology helps you to understand people, their cultures and is helpful in being able to communicate with others of other races, cultures and socioeconomic diversity. These courses ARE nursing. I hope everyone understands this. A nurse has a large responsibility to care for the whole person that is their patient and this will make you well rounded and capable. Please hang in there and think of this while you work toward your degree. Thinking of how this will apply to yoru career and make you a better person will help.

    What I am tired of is NOT getting into my needed prereqs and 'wasting' another semester. I really need my chem class and as of right now only 4 spots left and I cannot register until tomorrow at midnight and a second. Fingers crossed I get in!!!
  8. by   nguyency77
    bbmtnbb: I agree with you completely. I honestly don't get the schools that offer Intro to Nursing before people even finish Biology 101.

    I had the "not-getting-classes" thing when I was taking pre-reqs my senior year in high school. I remember feeling upset because I struggled to get a spot in classes where I knew people would start dropping like flies the second week in. Not fun.
  9. by   CT Pixie
    Quote from SaraMC
    I HATE sociology. I feel it's pointless and does not pertain to what I really need to know and takes time away from my important subjects(A&P , etc) but its required. I'm about to take humanities and dev. Psych in spring. Hopefully I won't feel that way about them. It just sucks going from full on science study mode to learning why society governs criminal actions. Lol
    Sociology is very important when you deal with patients from other cultures and why as a society we have the rules/norms that we do. What you as a member of one particular culture finds odd may be common in anothers culture and vice versa. It the big scheme of things it has a point an does pertain to information you need to know. As I'm sure you learned, some cultures find eye contact as being very rude and take offense when someone looks at them directly when speaking, where as in the American culture its looked upon as rude to NOT make eye contact. It may help you understand why a certain patient acts a certain way. Nursing isn't just about science. Just my $0.02.
  10. by   nguyency77
    CT Pixie: In my sociology class, we talked about crime. I think talking understanding crime helped me put away my biases about criminals. In nursing, despite the crime... we must still treat people as human beings.

    I hope when I finish nursing school, I'll be able to work in detox or corrections. Those are areas that interest me.
  11. by   CT Pixie
    My sociology class went into all aspects of the norms/bias etc of different cultures and the different components of cultures (crime, marriage, family, etc). Like you, we also explored into the subject of crimes and the different ways it was looked upon and treated in different cultures.

    I actually am in my in-patient psych/substance abuse clinical rotation for my LPN to RN bridge program and I am not wired to work with psych and/or substance abuse patients. While I won't and don't treat them any differently than I do a patient who wasn't an addict, that area isn't an area I like working in. I have been complimented by my clinical instructor, the in-patient psych staff as well as the patients on how well I do in that setting, it's just not for me. Although I did like the adolescent psych unit.
  12. by   soulshine101
    Sociology is very important in understanding people. There is so much diversity in healthcare, society, education etc. that it seems crucial to have a solid foundation in sociology so you can better relate to each individual patient.

    All of the pre-reqs I took an important foundation for starting nursing school in my opinion.

    Best of luck to you!
  13. by   SaraMC
    Every pre req I've taken can help me in some way with preparing for nursing school EXCEPT this darn music class I had to pick as an elective!! It's consuming all my time and I hate it lol.