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  1. Need Your Opinion About Medical Emergency

    Am I the only that wonders why the OP couldn't move her own position to see the child or why wasn't she next to the child herself? Also, signing or talking will not prevent the post-ictal state after a seizure. As far as how the OP referred t...
  2. Nurses Fired For Viral TikTok Video

    I thought the same thing. This mother could've been totally exhausted or under the influence of pain meds. Pitiful time to mock her. But the one that struck me was making fun of a woman who refused an epidural and pain meds but still rated her pain...
  3. I Left hospital nursing. What are you doing now?

    Left the hospital setting 5 years ago when I thought it was already a hellhole and now I've see it's worse. (and in the past year, a company bought the rural hospital I worked in and has shut it down) I work outpatient endoscopy and love my co-wor...
  4. 9-5 (or 8-5) shifts as a new grad possible?

    Another thought as far as doctors office goes. Most are going with MAs now. It's unlikely you'll get an office job as a BSN grad unless it's a super specialized practice.
  5. Gastrointestinal (GI) Nursing

    Interesting read. I work in a free standing outpatient endoscopy center. In our rooms, there is a CRNA to give propofol, the physician and 1 nurse only. We assist the physican, label specimens and do the computer entries. Our techs are not part ...
  6. Trump tells supporter to not confront left wing rioters it makes sense, didn't know I had wandered into the Breakroom.
  7. Trump tells supporter to not confront left wing rioters

    why is this even on
  8. Misconceptions/truths about specialities

    Endoscopy nurses just look at butts all day
  9. allnurses decennary

    oh WOW!, I joined in 2005! The years fly by and I don't get on here as much as I used to but I still check in now and then. Since coming here, I went from LPN to ADN to BSN and changed jobs. Overall, I've been a nurse since 1987.
  10. Does Trump have Covid?

    I think he'd blab it all over everywhere to gather sympathy then he'd claim he got a bad batch of hydroxychloroquine.
  11. I Am A Sober Nurse, But Only for Today

    I am dealing with a family member in rehab as we speak and this gave me some insight into what that person could be feeling and how they could respond to those feelings. Thank you.
  12. Great article. I work in an outpatient endo center too. Only physicians do the procedures where I work. CRNAs give propofol for sedation and it works soooo much better than the old versed/fentanyl sedation. The only difference I see is that we do...
  13. Ask Me If I'm Safe At Home

    Ruby, I remember reading about your first marriage before but I didn't realize what a nightmare you'd been through more recently. Thank God you finally got out! We as if ppl feel safe at home in our endo center but most patients make jokes about t...
  14. Questions

    I learned from some of the best nurses!
  15. Questions

    Yes, of course. I use a sharpie marker to mark the top of the specimen container so i can remember the site, then mark on the chux under it whether it was cold biopsy, cold or hot snare etc. I then use hash marks to keep track of how many. If time...