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    Trump tells supporter to not confront left wing rioters

    why is this even on allnurses.com???
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    Misconceptions/truths about specialities

    Endoscopy nurses just look at butts all day
  3. beckyboo1

    allnurses decennary

    oh WOW!, I joined in 2005! The years fly by and I don't get on here as much as I used to but I still check in now and then. Since coming here, I went from LPN to ADN to BSN and changed jobs. Overall, I've been a nurse since 1987.
  4. beckyboo1

    I Am A Sober Nurse, But Only for Today

    I am dealing with a family member in rehab as we speak and this gave me some insight into what that person could be feeling and how they could respond to those feelings. Thank you.
  5. Great article. I work in an outpatient endo center too. Only physicians do the procedures where I work. CRNAs give propofol for sedation and it works soooo much better than the old versed/fentanyl sedation. The only difference I see is that we don't use room air for inflation. We use CO2 which almost totally prevents the "toots" afterwards. The CO2 mostly reabsorbs in the system and the patient is much more comfortable post-procedure.
  6. beckyboo1

    Ask Me If I'm Safe At Home

    Ruby, I remember reading about your first marriage before but I didn't realize what a nightmare you'd been through more recently. Thank God you finally got out! We as if ppl feel safe at home in our endo center but most patients make jokes about their dog or the gun they have at home. I need to make sure they understand how important asking this question can be. Thanks for much for sharing your story 🙂
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    I learned from some of the best nurses!
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    Yes, of course. I use a sharpie marker to mark the top of the specimen container so i can remember the site, then mark on the chux under it whether it was cold biopsy, cold or hot snare etc. I then use hash marks to keep track of how many. If time allows, I immediately chart these things so that at the end of the case all I have to do is print the labels and tidy up. It really isn't difficult, even when we remove 13 polyps, as we did from a patient yesterday lol
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    Where I work, a tech runs the cleaning of scopes, sterilizing, etc and also hangs the scopes. Otherwise, we (RNs) get the snares, forceps, argon, dilators, or whatever, and we do the opening and closing. We're an outpatient center so we don't do anything but EGDs and colonoscopies. Everything we need is in easy reach. It works fine for us so that's why I was confused and didn't see why a tech would be needed. In a hospital setting, I can see why it might be more important to have a tech in the room.
  10. beckyboo1


    I work in an outpatient endoscopy clinic. What struck me about brownbrook's reply was about techs in the procedure room. Is it common to have a tech and the room? We never use techs in the room and don't have any need for them. For us it's the GI doc, the CRNA and an RN. What exactly is a tech needed for during the procedure? Sorry to hijack the original post.
  11. In my 2 years in a GI center, I've seen 3. One only had a small portion of colon, one claimed he had no pain or discomfort, the other said it was very uncomfortable at times and he nearly had us stop and sedate him. Why do you ask?
  12. Do you have family history? That could be the reason.
  13. No no no! It is not even in the same category. Insist on a colonoscopy...and not a Cologuard either! I wonder how out of touch your physician is about other medical conditions. I can't even count how many times in my 2 years assisting with colonoscopies that I've seen colon cancer in ppl age 70+ who just never could see the need for one. People are so afraid of the prep and my thought on that is always, do you think chemo-radiation-surgery-colostomy wouldn't be scary?
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    Need ideas for safe Insect repellent

    Because this post has popped up on the homepage, I don't think everyone realizes it came from the Recovery forum.
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    Do nurses get away with nurse brutality

    I thought the same when the OP talked of "straining" a patient
  16. beckyboo1

    April Fools Jokes

    As in I hate those meeces to pieces!