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  1. calinursestudent818

    Am I making the right decision?!!

    Do the PN-BSN program definitely.
  2. calinursestudent818

    National trend...hiring only BSN's?

    So I realized my answer may have been confusing lol go back to school, get your BSN, work as a BSN nurse for a year or 2, then hit the road as a travel nurse for a few years. Then if you decide you no longer want to do travel nursing, go back to school & get your MSN.
  3. calinursestudent818

    National trend...hiring only BSN's?

    Yep this is happening all over. My advice...go back to school & get your BSN in the next couple of years, so you'll be ahead of the curve, then work toward getting your MSN soon after that.
  4. Look into WGUs RN-BSN program you might like it...you can go at your own pace, I've read on various nursing boards about people who have finished it in 8 months-a year (they werent working or cut their hours down, so they could study more & get through the program faster). Then if you decide to go for your MSN later down the line, WGU offers that as well. UOP also has a masters program.
  5. calinursestudent818

    Should I retake Biology?

    If you have a B leave it be IMO, C or lower grade in science prereqs, I think constitute retaking the class because you really want your GPA at a 3.0 or higher.
  6. calinursestudent818

    nursing program with 2 little ones. realistic?

    You can do it, all it takes is supreme dedication, motivation, a helluva lot of hard work and a strong support system-having the babysitter situation well covered is very important to your success.
  7. I live in LA area too and will be applying to WGU! I'd say go with WGU, it will give you the time/scheduling flexibility that you seek. Plus, in the LA area the nursing job market seems to be phasing out the ADN nurse (which is what most Comm colleges offer) and looking for BSN nurses. Check out Cal State LA's BSN program as well, they have a high NCLEX pass rate CSLA is another school I am seriously consdering...
  8. calinursestudent818

    How old were you when starting prereqs and did it discourage you?

    I've been interested in nursing since I was a little girl but I also LOVED Journalism, so when I got into college, I choose to major in Journalism. I got my degree, then spent the last 11 years working as a Publicist & it was a decent career but I realized that I was never happy doing it, I just felt a void. About 2 years ago, the nursing itch was back in full force and I started looking into nursing programs. I really wish I had choosen nursing instead of Journalism the first time around but hey it is what it is right? And now, here I am, taking the plunge into nursing at 41. I'll be 44 when I finish nursing school. And heck yeah I'm terrified! Lol But I've always been a firm believer in the fact that its NEVER too late follow your passion/do what makes you happy & that sometimes one degree just isnt enough! So go for it!
  9. calinursestudent818

    General Eds... pre-nursing student... am I crazy?!

    Stay organized! And be strict w/yourself...stay on track. Make sure you have designated days &/or nights where a friend or family member will watch the kids, so you can study--a strong support system is VERY important. Also I highly recommend 1-2 days of your study time be out of the house-@ library, starbucks etc. its alot easier to concentrate away from the demands & needs of lil ones. Even if only for an hour, a couple times a week. Some other tips: set your alarm to wake up 1-2 hours b4 the kids do everyday to study (this is usually easier to accomplish on weekends), get the kids on a set bedtime schedule, so you can have 2-3 hours to study when they go to bed at night. Take your notes (or flashcards) everywhere with you & study on your breaks, while waiting @ drs office, during your kids extracurricular practices etc. Study, study, study. Put everything you have into it, itll all be worth it in the end!
  10. calinursestudent818

    Nursing Scholorship?

    Yeah I am still paying off loans on my first degree, I DON'T want to get loans again. So it looks like I will be paying cash or making payments. Sigh.
  11. calinursestudent818

    Last Year of Pre-req's!!!!

    I've been told many times by family & friends who are already nurses that getting a book in advance of starting your sciences & getting familiar with the terminology & basic principles helps tons. For example, I just got E-Z anatomy & physiology book & love it. Flashcards also help too I am told.
  12. calinursestudent818

    How I Chose Nursing

    Thanks for sharing that, it was a very touching story. Good luck to you with your nursing career!
  13. calinursestudent818

    2nd Degree issues

    I am in the same boat. Also I live in Los Angeles as well. In fact, I just posted something asking if anyone knows of any scholarships or grants out there for 2nd degree folks trying to get into nursing programs because I haven't been able to find anything. I'm going for a traditional BSN program. We should keep this thread going and if anyone finds anything we should just post it here.
  14. calinursestudent818

    Ready for a career change...

    I think in your case since time and the fact that you have to keep working full-time while going to nursing school is a factor, I think doing an evening LVN program now and then doing an LVN-RN bridge program in a couple of years will be your best route. :) Good luck to you!
  15. calinursestudent818

    Help me please :(

    I concur with all the others definitely go straight for your BSN. Life happened to me--marriage, kids, other job and now I'm 41 and JUST getting prepped to start taking my prereqs for BSN. I'll be 44 ish when I graduate my BSN program. I plan on doing my masters after that, so at this rate, I'll be around 47 when I get my Masters. I definitely wish I had done things differently and gone to nursing school years ago. So...do it now while you are young! Good luck to you!
  16. calinursestudent818

    Nursing Scholorship?

    I already have a BA in another field, so I don't qualify for pell or any other grants and still owe on student loans from the previous degree, so I am looking for other realms to pay for all or help pay for my nursing school. I've run across a couple of scholarships but most I have found are only for the new nursing student with NO previous degree. Does anyone know of any grants or scholarships out there for 2nd degree students, I haven't run across any yet but I am hopeful. Any info or advice would be appreciated. I am a minority also, so don't know if there are any programs or scholarships centered around minority nurses or not. Thanks!