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  1. traumanurse2b?

    How to deal with program politics?

    KelRN215, thank you for the response. I suppose I misspoke (or rather mistyped, haha). I should have said we are learning to be professionals (Professional Nursing anyone?) and I feel that perpetuating this "Say one thing, do another" thing isn't professional. I'm not a newbie to the real world, I've experienced this attitude in my big girl jobs. I guess I'm just a believer of "Be the change you want to see," so I suppose I feel the need to acknowledge this behavior. I have only emailed my advisor at this point to ask about the change, so as I said before I guess I will see what happens and take this as a learning opportunity. Thanks again for the response :)
  2. traumanurse2b?

    How to deal with program politics?

    Thank you for the input Akulahawk. I will look at this as a learning opportunity for the world of professionalism :) And when I get in the programs Honor Society, I will have even more reason to proud of myself
  3. traumanurse2b?

    How to deal with program politics?

    Technically I guess its a private college, its owned by a large network of hospitals in the area. It is nationally accredited.
  4. traumanurse2b?

    How to deal with program politics?

    SlinkyHeadCNA, I understand what you mean. If it comes down to be a big issue, Im going to leave well enough alone, but to me its the principle of the thing. We are supposed to be professionals and I feel like if you tell me one thing, I expect that thing, not something else. We have ran into previous issues this year already where there has been one thing said and another done, and petitions have been filed and the rules have changed. Its just frustrating I guess.
  5. traumanurse2b?

    How to deal with program politics?

    Thank you StudentOfHealing. I know exactly what you mean by getting involved in program politics. This will be my junior year and I have tried very hard up to this point to keep my head down and a target off my back. I am going to approach the situation as calmly and nicely as possible. I am just confused as to how something from 9 months ago could be changed and we received no notice. And I really want to be in the programs Honor Society, so I would definitely prefer the higher GPA. LOL :)
  6. traumanurse2b?

    How to deal with program politics?

    From a 3.7 to a 3.4, which may not be significant to some, but it is for me.
  7. traumanurse2b?

    How to deal with program politics?

    I am trying to figure out how to approach a situation in my program in which a nursing assistant course from last year (Fall of 2012) is being retroactively added to my BSN gpa. To keep things short and sweet (and not provide too much identifying information), the course was considered a prerequisite to the program. Our grade would not be added to our GPA for the BSN program, we just needed to pass the course. Now, almost a year later, we have discovered (by accident as no notice was given) the school has retroactively added that course (worth 2 nursing courses in credits) to our BSN gpa. I have already emailed my advisor to ask about it, but I am wondering if its something that I should follow up with the Dean. Thoughts? *Edit: I am concerned about this because it has dropped my GPA significantly*
  8. traumanurse2b?

    NCLEX practice book

    I have the current edition of the Saunders Comprehensive review. Great book!
  9. traumanurse2b?

    Tablet advice & input

    I have a tablet (transformer prime) that has a real keyboard that attaches and turns it into something like a netbook. It also comes with word, ppt, and excel on the tablet, for free. i love my tablet.... But take it from me, I wish I had bought a lightweight laptop instead. My husband was deployed last year and i had no computer, whatsoever. We have several programs we use that we have to use a computer for, like for concept maps and some of our tests are on the computer so we have special browsers we use. Sometimes I'm up until 2 am working on these things so going somewhere like the library to do these isn't really possible. If you will still have access to a computer in your home, then a tablet is a great idea BC of the versatility. If not, I suggest a laptop. I also wanted to add, my school REQUIRES you to have a laptop.
  10. traumanurse2b?

    What to do with nursing school papers?

    Binders with dividers. One binder for each class, then its broken down into 3 or 4 sections depending on the class. It will be class info (syllabus, schedule, etc), notes (which are actually ppts in the outline form with my notes added in), and then homework. If there are handouts or activities done in class, they go in a section at the end. I also use binder clips to clip together each test section of notes and if I'm feeling really "type a" I also paper clipped each week of notes together. It helps everything stay in order and it helped a lot during finals when I wanted to review certain areas
  11. traumanurse2b?

    Morton's Neuroma and Shoes

    PS. I have Mortons neuromas in both feet, and the dansko shoes never cause me problems. Try to buy them from a store where they can size you properly (somewhere like The Walking Company).
  12. traumanurse2b?

    Morton's Neuroma and Shoes

    My school has a similar description as yours for shoes, and Dansko shoe with a back are allowed. Your safest bet is to contact someone in the department and ask them. Chances are Dansko shoes are allowed. :)
  13. traumanurse2b?

    Recommended supplemental books please!!!!

    This series is GREAT. I have the Patho one and will be purchasing some others for my upcoming semesters. Everything is laid out in outline form, the questions are NCLEX style, and the rationales and strategies are great. Nursing Reviews and Rationales | Pearson
  14. traumanurse2b?

    My husband said...

    My husband told me the same thing, repeatedly. He has been deployed most of the past year so all he knows is what I tell him, and hes really been surprised to hear how crazy some of it has been. He comes home soon and will finally be able to help with the things I have had to do like mowing the yard, etc. and I cannot wait!
  15. traumanurse2b?

    What is your Fall schedule?

    Fundamentals - 3 cr Fundamentals lab - 3 cr Gerontology - 2 cr Med Calc - 1 cr Pharm - 3 cr Diets 1 - 1 cr (2) 5 hour clinicals a week. EEK!
  16. traumanurse2b?

    I am SO mad.

    Good decision :) You might find out later that someone else chose to report her to the school. Either way, karma will catch her one day.