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KelRN215, BSN, RN

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I'm trying to figure out why you would WANT to post your nursing license # on a social media site.

NurseNightOwl, BSN, RN

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Social media is never a secure site, and personal information shouldn't be freely shared in that forum. You would not share your social security number or even your telephone number in an open forum, so I would think that your license # would fall under the same thing.

I am not sure the intent or the purpose. If someone wants your license number (say to verify your license for a job) then social media would be the last place I would post to tell someone about it.

I think it's usually screen shots of your name and number by new grads when they find out they pass NCLEX.


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I think it's usually screen shots of your name and number by new grads when they find out they pass NCLEX.
Yes, it's this. A friend of mine graduated from NS, got her license in the mail, and posted a picture of it on Facebook.

On the spot where the license number resides, she'd Photoshopped it out and typed "git ur own". I about died laughing.

I agree with the others, while mine is public and anyone can look up my license number, I have never had the need to post it on social media. Why would you?


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Maybe she/he is just very proud and wants to show it to everyone in social media. Some are even use RN with their fullname attached to it in facebook account.


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I'm not sure why it's a big deal. All you need is my last name in my state and you can get my license number; I'm the only RN with my last name, and the other non-RN license is a relative. That's certainly not the same as posting my phone number or address or social security number.

Having said that, I don't even post pictures of my food on social media. :)

Ruas61, BSN, RN

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Why would you post any kind of personal information like that? I don't understand it. Yeah, you can about get anything online but why wave it around? I guess it is the information think.

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Why would you WANT to post your number on a social media site?

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Yikes, that's a little more information than I'd be comfortable with! Our state lists our name, any previous names you held a license under, year you were first licensed, year of expiration and city you live in. I'm not sure why the city in necessary, but knowing that some states share more, I should be happy!

My state has professional license holders information on the secretary of state's website. You can go on the website, look up by license #, and get their name, DOB, and address. That bugs me and I would never post my license #.


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It's public data so anyone can look up the number (rin my state it's on the OOP website if you do a name also lists our city). But posting it on social media takes the work out of it, so it's that much easier to steal identity. I definately wouldn't do it! Or if the person is hell bent on posting it for whatever reason, at least black out the number or something

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In my state's it's easy to look up people's license number. Actually in both states.

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