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  1. NurseNightOwl

    May 1st Start Date WGU

    Congrats everyone!!! I'm starting my 2nd term May 1st and I've been nothing but pleased so far.
  2. NurseNightOwl

    Happy LTC Nurse

    Just wanted to give a quick anonymous shout-out to the facility where I currently work... I've been there a month now, and I continue to be astounded by how genuine and caring the administration is and how the facility as a whole really backs up its mission statement. I may still be in the honeymoon phase, but I go to work everyday happy to be going to work, because I know all I'm facing is general stress from the residents and their health/cognitive issues, and not all that PLUS a poorly-run company on top of everything else. The difference between my previous jobs and this place is night-and-day. Places like this prove that you can give good care and still turn a profit!! :)
  3. NurseNightOwl

    Documenting bruising/discoloration

    And let me add that I have looked at the examples my coworkers are using, I'm just looking for various perspectives here. Thanks! :)
  4. NurseNightOwl

    Documenting bruising/discoloration

    Hi everyone, just wondering if you could help me out with how you narratively document on bruising/discoloration on your residents, for example if someone is post-fall and you're documenting each shift for three or four days, and you're working those three days in a row, so you're documenting as the discoloration is fading day by day... Hope this makes sense :) replies are much appreciated in advance!
  5. NurseNightOwl

    Getting your Florida License via Endorsement: A Detailed How-To Guide

    I'm really not sure how all this works for license by exam, I'm sorry If you call the board, they are happy to help, you might just have to wait on hold for a really long time.
  6. NurseNightOwl

    Getting your Florida License via Endorsement: A Detailed How-To Guide

    Yes. No hard copies are allowed at all. I believe there is the fieldprint service (scanning) in every UPS store location.
  7. NurseNightOwl

    Getting your Florida License via Endorsement: A Detailed How-To Guide

    Yes!! I just don't know all the steps for that process :)
  8. NurseNightOwl

    The *EXPERT* Beginner

    My very first unit manager was a person promoting this idea. She hated for me to ask any questions and would often say, "You have the same RN behind your name as I do." Yes but I don't have all your experience!!! (This was LTC). What I finally said to her was that last time I checked, they were paying me the beginner bucks so she would have to start treating me like a beginner. She was actually nice after that! Haha.
  9. NurseNightOwl

    Getting back into LTC!

    After a short stent in PDN after moving to a new city, I am so happy to say that I'm starting a new LTC job in March. And dayshift was icing on top of the cake! So happy to be getting back to my true nursing love. :)
  10. NurseNightOwl

    My Poor Legs!

    This explains so much, THANK YOU!!!!
  11. NurseNightOwl

    Identification tag

    I started with my company in November, still waiting for my ID to come in the mail...
  12. 1. My extremely supportive boyfriend (we live together). 2. My very supportive mom (also a nurse). 3. My dogs. :)
  13. NurseNightOwl

    Stop it!

  14. NurseNightOwl

    VENT: other nurses doing things "above and beyond"

    That's a great point, thank you!
  15. NurseNightOwl

    Nursing students on medication

    Exactly. Also, a lot of people are prescribed this medication. Nursing school is stressful, especially with other responsibilities like working or families (or both), and it's possible they're just "drugged up" on caffeine or Red Bull. In a perfect world no one would work without being 100% rested, but that just doesn't happen, in or out of school.
  16. NurseNightOwl

    Need some encouragement

    It took me several weeks before I didn't cry on the way home from my first job. You will eventually get more comfortable, and don't let the jerks get you down!