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Jory has 10 years experience as a MSN, APRN, CNM.

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  1. Jory

    Testing Window of FNP Exam

    I am not an FNP, but just wanted to ask this out of curiosity. When you graduate from FNP school, is there a time limit where you can take the exam? Like 1 year, 2 years, 3 years? Or is there no end as long as you can pass it. I know there is...
  2. Jory

    Huge Zoom Mistake....Nurse Instructors Caught!

    This shouldn't even be up for debate. The dean needs to know about it because the professors have made it clear that they have a problem with minority students. I'm sorry, that is racist and there is nothing else that it can be called. They a...
  3. Jory

    How to chart to protect license

    You don't need a legal expert, all you need is to go to your BON website and see what reasons the BON are sanctioning licenses. In the example you gave, you don't need to go into that much detail b/c if you have a critical lab just check to make sur...
  4. Jory

    Contested a Doctor's Order Psych ?

    As a midwife, hysterectomies are rarely "recommended" for endometriosis anymore. In fact, it's a lazy providers way of dismissing the patient. A hysterectomy doesn't necessarily solve the problem as endometriosis is an inflammatory condition that ca...
  5. Jory

    What's your opinion on nurses dating doctors?

    It's a dumb move. Yes, it's fun while it lasts, but once things go south you have to still work with that person. Let's say you are the one that got dumped? How would you feel if you had to show back up to work and not only work with that person, ...
  6. I have never measured a PICC line ever removal when I was a floor nurse. Never. That is why there is a tip.
  7. Jory

    Case Study: An OB Catastrophe

    We have had our differences but you did a great job with this presentation. Well done.
  8. Jory

    Case Study: An OB Catastrophe

    Also....manual removal of the placenta is a huge risk factor for AFE. That's why you don't rush the process unless it's truly retained.
  9. Jory

    Case Study: An OB Catastrophe

    I have a massive question...why was the placenta manually removed at all? That is very important because the overwhelming majority of PPHs are preventable and caused my mismanagement of third stage labor. If the placenta was inappropriately r...
  10. Jory

    Vaccine Excursion

    When you say, "You didn't package them properly", HOW did you transport them. Rule #1 in transporting medication is seeing if the medication requires refrigeration. If you took them out of the refrigerator, what made you think they didn't ne...
  11. Jory

    What are they teaching?

    You don't get that choice as a nurse and the law doesn't require you to act as a police investigator. The only requirement for mandated reporting is "reasonable suspicion". The last time this happened there was the group at the nurse's station...
  12. Jory

    Compact license question

    Again...READ YOUR LICENSE. I don't think the OP said anything about doing anything dishonest such as listing a fake address. So let's not add elements to the story that don't exist. This isn't rocket science...her application above made it clear w...
  13. Jory

    Compact license question

    It's not dangerous advice considering it's written on the license you receive, what type of license you have. Unless you have personally went to every Board of Nursing in every state that is in the compact to personally research have no idea...
  14. Jory

    What are they teaching?

    My major beef right now with new graduates is this "trend" not to chart anything. They will say, "Oh, we are supposed to 'chart by exception' " but if you ASK them EXACTLY what that means? You get the deer in the headlines look. They have no idea. B...
  15. Jory

    Compact license question

    It depends on what kind of license you have. Compact licensure states usually have it indicated on the license if it is single state or multi-state. I think where you live is irrelevant and that is probably state dependent.