POLL ---Can a teacher give a group grade, but YOU a different grade from the group?


  1. Can a teacher assign a group grade, and YOU a different grade?

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I came to class late.

Did my work.

But my teacher gave the group grade perfect, but me a 0.

Is this within a teachers reach to do so?

I e-mailed him and he said that I didn't contribute to the group.

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What does the syllabus or school policy state regarding late arrivals and grades for those days? Personally, I preferred the group projects where we were given individual grades instead of everyone in the group getting the same grade because there was always someone who either was dictator like or didn't pull their own weight. We did evaluations on each other as part of the project.

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My teacher has let us know that we may be given different grades. We all have peer evaluations to hand in for our group.

IMO...I think if you were late 10 minutes and did work when you got there, the 0 is harsh and unless stated otherwise, unacceptable. If you were so late that you had 10 minutes left of class about, or you came in and just played catch-up, the 0 was deserved.

But I'm not your teacher..

I don't really enjoy group projects either way. I'm usually the one always wanting to get them done and so far no one else is.

Anyway I really can't answer your poll since I don't have enough info since like I said I would be saying yes or no based on certain contingencies. You might want to check your school policy or talk to the department head?


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Yes, it is within their "reach" and I agree with the practice as well.

I cannot tell you how many times I've had to do group projects and one member (or two) will not do any of the work and expect to ride out on our work. Sometimes they'll swoop in at the last minute and knock some stuff out to justify them getting the same grade. It's very irritating to the rest of the group, and really not fair.

However, in your case the questions need to be answered: Exactly how late were you? Exactly how productive (honestly) were you? Which parts of the group assignment did you miss by being late (such as all the brainstorming and finding sources, etc). All of that should be considered when making the decision on how many (if any) points are taken away. I do think a 0 is harsh if you did in fact contribute something.

If you really wanted to fight it, you can speak with the professor and continue up the chain until you've exhausted your resources.


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If it's a nursing class, most of my teachers would have given a 0 no exceptions. I had one professor who dropped 2 students for being late without notice.


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How late were you? Did you miss the presentation (if there was one?)

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Agree with Rose_Queen. As an educator, I can assure you that group projects are always associated with a clearly defined grading rubric in order to avoid the "freeloader" phenomenon... whereby the do-nothings end up with same grade as those who did all the work. You should have been provided with the details in your syllabus or other document provided by that instructor.

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Well, did you contribute to the group? Perhaps the group approached the professor and expressed that you did not. It's obvious when someone doesn't pull their weight in a group project.

When I was a sophomore in high school, I had to do a horrible group project for Health class. Health class was a class that all sophomores were required to take. It was one of the few classes where your classmates could be, to put it mildly, academically not on par with you. Like straight A students in with the kid who sold drugs in the parking lot after school. And when a fellow good student and I were put in a group with a bunch of people who probably barely graduated (I don't remember if they did or not), we did the entire project. At the end, our teacher pulled us aside and said that it was obvious that we had done all their work and that our grade was a full letter grade higher than the rest of the group.


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I would try to speak to your professor during office their office hours to explain the work that you did do on the project. If he believes that you did not participate because you were late or that another group member said that you didn't do your part he is able to give you a lower grade, my school does peer reviews like many others so the students are able to say who did their work or not. however a 0 for just being late is a bit harsh but not completely unheard of. Good luck!!!

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Absolutely, you didn't do what was expected of you. I'm hoping that the rest of your group's grade didn't suffer as a result of your irresponsibility. Somehow, reading your other threads, you seem to be the "victim" often. Nursing school and a nursing career is going to be a very difficult row to hoe for you, I fear....

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Best to not ever be late. I don't know about other schools, but at mine, if class starts at 9 a.m. it started at 9 a.m. If a test was scheduled and you were not in the room before 9 a.m., the door would be closed and anyone arriving later would not get to take the test at that time. They had to schedule a time to take it and it was considered a late test and the grade was docked per the syllabus.


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I would hope the professor when dealing with groups is aware of who is putting forth the effort and who is not. It is the main reason of my dislike for group work, but fully understanding that group work in the real world happens at almost every job. I had something similar happen in my social science class, group work project, one student was late and didn't put forth the effort the others in the group did. The professor graded that student seperately