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  1. Shawn91111

    Passed NCLEX in 75 questions - Long post

    Hey everyone, this is for anyone who is looking for any bit of reference (as I did for the last 3 months) about the NCLEX. I had my exam on the 10/13 and it shut off after 75 questions. I traveled home (2 hour drive) and did the PVT and got the good pop up. I did the quick results and found out I passed today. I have lurked, commented, and used this site for a good 3 months, so a huge thank you to everyone on this site. Here is what worked for me.... I graduated in August, and had been doing UWorld and Nurse Achieve questions since mid July. I took a CAT exam at the end of my 30 day trial for Nurse Achieve and got a pass-pass. For my UWorld I did the entire 2100+ Qbank and averaged out to a 61, I had around 900 questions I marked/flagged to go back to later, even some I got some right, but said "Oh, damn good question I want to see that again". I also did around 1000 questions on Nurse Achieve. I finally got my ATT in mid September and scheduled for Oct 13th, which gave me pretty much 30 days, so I looked at UWorld to see what were my low points and worked on them. Instead of hand writing notes, I copied and pasted the rationales to desktop folders and would review these once a week. I also added in Mark K's lectures, listening and typing notes on his lectures. Additionally, I went through a decent amount of the LaCharity prioritization and delegation book. Finally, I did 3 more CAT exams (pass-pass on all 3) and 2 UWorld assessments with a good chance of passing. As I mentioned, I traveled 2 hours to the site, stayed in a hotel the night before as I had scheduled my exam for 9am. I looked over nothing in the hotel room last night, as I felt I had been doing close to 4000 questions (between UWorld and Nurse Achieve), and just wanted a break, as 3 months was probably too long and I started getting bored the last 2 weeks. I either knew it or I didn't. I got to the testing site 30 minutes ahead and went through their screening process. I got through the first 10 questions and thought, yea it is vague, but this is a lot like my nursing exams. If there is one good thing I will say about my nursing program is that it was a *** (there were no A students, there were barely any B students, it was 60 students clawing their way to C's). That's why I feel there are nursing programs out there designed to get a student through their program, and programs out there to get them to pass the NCLEX. My program was tough, and I felt it was a normal nursing exam. My exam had I think 25 SATA, 1 drag and drop, no math, no EKG. It was a mix of everything, from maternity, peds, to priority, some mental health, and legal/ethics. I had no delegation, maybe 1 or 2 peds, pharm were basic beta blockers. There were a few random vocab that made me do a double take (thinking what the hell is that word), but only 2-3 questions that I had no idea what they were asking. I got out in 90 minutes and drove home. Did the PVT and got the good pop up. I hope this helps at least one person, as I know a lot of posts helped me through the last 3 months. Good luck to all.
  2. Shawn91111

    Working During ADN Program

    Only you will know the answer to that. So many programs from one school to another are different, what those programs require with lecture, clinicals, labs etc. I worked 50+ hours a week through the entire program (graduated this week) and yea it was a challenge, but I needed to work. It's doable with a support system, especially if you have a family (I do).
  3. Shawn91111

    Full time hiring or mostly per diem?

    Where in NY are they cutting back? I know Albany area is.
  4. What book is $1,000?
  5. Shawn91111

    Helpful Items to Purchase for Nursing School

    Check with your instructors on this. I bought one during my first semester for clinical's and was chewed out by the instructor, as she said no one in the hospitals uses them, and they can carry bacteria etc on them. Meanwhile, every single RN I worked with this semester uses them.
  6. Shawn91111

    Does your nursing school offer test review

    Not really. We get our tests back, and go into a board room where the instructor hands out "copies" of the exam with the correct answers circled. If you have a question she will answer it, but as far as going over questions, giving rationals, then that is a big no. This is one of the main issues I have with my school and how they do things here.
  7. I am able to do it. I work 3-12 hour shifts 1 week, and 4 -12 hour shifts the next week. This is not my preference, but you do what you have to do. Luckily the office I work in, my co-workers, and management allow me to rotate my schedule to get my school in (Mon, Tues, Wed) and work (Thurs, Fri, Sun and every other Sat)
  8. Shawn91111

    How do you eyeball respiratory rate effectively?

    If I can't visually see their chest rise, I have them place their hand on their chest while I am checking their pulse on their other arm
  9. Shawn91111

    Visible tattoos appropriate for RN's?

    My school's policy for clinical is no visible tattoos or piercings, although ears can have small stud piercings. If the tattoos are on the arm then a full length undershirt must be worn.
  10. Shawn91111

    Another first day of clinicals post...

    Had my first last semester in LTC facility. This semester is on the Med/Surg floor at the hospital, but was postponed to this week because of the east coast snow storm. Good luck
  11. Shawn91111

    Graduating RN BSN at 32

    lol at 28 being later in life
  12. Shawn91111

    Clinical sites

    First semester was a LTC facility, the second semester and throughout are hospitals for my program
  13. Shawn91111

    I'm In, Now What?!?!

    Know your dosage calculations, know your pharmacology (at least the drugs you are expected to know the first semester), know your fluid and electrolytes. We used Potter/Perry Fundamentals of Nursing, and I highly recommend this book to go with it. "Fundamentals: Davis Essential Nursing Content + Practice Questions 2nd Edition"
  14. Shawn91111

    Survivor of the first semester of nursing school

    I am with you, survived the first semester. I really enjoyed the clinical portion, and getting used to critical thinking (NCLEX) style questions got better as the semester went on. Final exam was decent, not the grade I wanted, but I passed so I am fine with that. Now it's on to the hospitals for clinical next semester, but I will take the holidays to unwind then start back up preparing for the Spring semester. Congrats
  15. Shawn91111

    What did you learn in Micro?

    Along with others, I actually enjoyed Micro more than A&P. Has it helped this semester? Maybe a little bit, but the instructors have mentioned it will help a lot more next semester.
  16. Shawn91111


    I haven't been in that situation yet, my clinical group (minus one) are very helpful, always answering my questions, and assisting if I ask, or vice versa. As for group projects, I have lucked out and have had really good groups for projects. Although I did witness a bad group dynamic (happens to be the "minus one" person from my clinical rotation), and their presentation was a train wreck because of it