There is a large possibility that i may be pregnant with my seceond child. Now i know, i know, "take the test", well i i have to get the nerve up to do it first. This is the worst scenerio now. I enter nursing school in the fall and am SO scared that they will deny my application as they did my friends (i have already been accepted):sniff:. I know i can handle it because i was pregnant with my son at hte same time 2 yrs ago and had a work load from hell. I am scared, nervous, and feeling very down. Has anyone completed or participated in nursing school while expecting? is it possible? Will they allow it!!?? ASre my dreams and all my hard work going to have to be stopped? :banghead: :bluecry1:

my first semester is VERY easy with only 2 classes because i took way to many courses to get ahead last year, so im not worried about it. the second semester is what is going to be trouble and the support of the nursing program and proffesors....


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If you have already been accepted into nursing school, how can they deny your application? There was a pregnant woman in our nursing class. She simply took the quarter off when she was due and returned the follwing quarter. It can be done, if you really want to. However, if you choose to take some more time at home, there is nothing wrong with that either. Good luck!

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Its none of the school's business about your pregnancy. Good need to tell them.

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I was pregnant during my first year of nursing school and had to take time off due to a c-section mid August. I returned the following year and completed nursing school and passed boards the first time. My daughter will turn 18 this coming week!!! It can be done, I worked a 24 hour shift every Saturday as a paramedic to pay for day care for that daughter while I finished nursing school.

I was pregnant when I started lvn school in the month of august and had her in october. went to school in labor cause we had hospital orientation and couldn't do clinicals without it and ended up leaving and had her that day on a monday. Was back in school on thursday. It can be done

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Nursing professor here........we have pregnant students all the time! I really don't think it is any of the school's business.

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There was a woman in my class that was due three days before graduation. She just had to get a letter from her OB/GYN saying that it was OK for her to go to clinicals. The only thing she wasn't allowed to do was to have any contact with patients that could pass something to her and the baby.

There was another woman in class because she was pregnant a few classes before and had to have a c/s. They didn't allow her to come back with her class due to having to take eight weeks off post partum with no heavy lifting and they were in the middle of clinicals. They let her come back when she was ready. She ended up taking three years to come back almost but still had no problems.


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You absolutely can do it! There were several girls in my class who were pregnant when we graduated, 2 who were SO CLOSE to term on the day we walked!

You said it yourself- you know you can do it. That's all that matters. Depending on when you deliver, you may be able to take a week or even two off and make up clinical time after or even before, and your professors will be flexible if it happens during exams. If you can, get papers written or even exams taken EARLY as you approach your date. Like others said, at the very worst, you'll miss a semester and start right in again the next semester with the class that comes after you. Good luck, and congratulations!

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Another nursing instructor here have had many pregnant students and they all seemed to manage, some managed better then the non pregnant students.

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I had lots of friends that had babies during NS, and even one who got pregnant our last it took time for them to have the babies..but one had one and then was back 2 weeks it can be done. (not having ovaries clouds my advice though)

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I met a girl at nursing school orentation who is 8 months pregnant. The only concern the school had was her being able to get the required vaccines in time before clincals started.


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Nursing professor here........we have pregnant students all the time! I really don't think it is any of the school's business.

I agree. However, when it is time to have clinicals, please let your clinical instructor know as there are certain patient-care situations (only a few actually) that you will need to avoid.

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