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APBT mom is a LPN, RN and specializes in Med/Surg, Tele, IM, OB/GYN, neuro, GI.

LPN finishing the last of my pre req's for my RN. Eventually want to be an ARNP.

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  1. APBT mom

    IV Certification for Nursing Students? HELP!

    Depends on the program where I live. RN students are taught how to do it on a dummy arm in class. LPN students have to take a certification after graduation because it's not taught during school. When my class questioned this we were told that it was because there was not enough time to train us during the program. I live on the west coast of Florida.
  2. APBT mom

    IV Certification for Nursing Students? HELP!

    No, you'll have a certificate saying that you took a phlebotomy class. You have to take a IV class then you'll receive certification.
  3. APBT mom

    Renewal cost of your license ?

    $90 in Florida for 2 years. Mine's is up in July but it stinks because I've only had it for a year. It would have been nice if they would have pro rated it.
  4. APBT mom

    Scholarly Paper Help...???

    Check with your instructor if you are allowed to use risk for DX. Some instructors don't like them for the reason that they can apply for every patient and disease. Here is a website with the 2007-2008 NANDA approved DX. http://wps.prenhall.com/wps/media/objects/3918/4012970/NursingTools/koz74686_AppC.pdf If you don't have a diagnosis book I would get one. Some are set up where you can look up the disease and everything is written out for you even the NANDA's. All you have to do is tweak the interventions to apply to your patient.
  5. APBT mom

    Can you work in L&D as an LPN?

    The only position that I they can have in my area is postpartum which is rare. They usually want RN's because the OB classes they have are more in depth than the LPN programs. I know that we were taught very basic assessment skills and an overview of pregnacy. Plus our clinical was only two weeks long (40 hours).
  6. APBT mom

    Trying to get into L&D, need help

    Have you applied to any of the positions. Sometimes the job description they post online is a template. I received two jobs without meeting the requirements becuase of what I already knew and had. Another thing you could try is applying for postpartum. I have friends who got in through that route. Worked for six months on that floor then transfered to L&D.
  7. APBT mom

    LPN without a GED?

    Not only does the school require you to have a diploma or GED (Florida doesn't issue GED's anymore, you take the test and receive a diploma) some BON require you to have it also. If she doesn't want to go to school to take the GED there are places that will send you the course work at home or you can do it online and receive your diploma. I did it through the mail and my sister did it online. We both joke about living in the same state our entire lives but having diplomas from another (mine is Illinois and her is Georgia).
  8. APBT mom

    I'm Injections and hitting blood vessels?

    I haven't done it and I've been giving IM's for 5 years. However I've only given one or two injections in the VL so maybe it's more common down there.
  9. APBT mom

    Please Help! How do you remove sticky adhesive from skin?

    They have adhesive remover pads that look like alcohol pads. The active ingredient is mineral oil. If you don't have any of that available ask dietary if they can bring you some vegetable oil and that should take it off.
  10. APBT mom

    Consent to drug test OB/L&D Patients

    Just curious as to why they test the mother's and infants of patients who fit the description of being a drug user. I use to work at an OB/GYN and we tested everyone on their first appointment. You'd be surprised on how many people who didn't fit the description came back positive while the ones who did passed. They only thing that I think would help is if you looked up ACOG guidelines on testing to see if consent is needed. I don't understand why the hospital wants to get consent and then if the mother says no they'll just test for due to "just cause". Seems like extra work for nothing. I wouldn't feel comfortable asking a mother for consent, having them say no, and then testing the infant anyway.
  11. Congrats!!!!
  12. APBT mom

    I got a D

    I use to do the same thing when I was in school. I was so bad that I would loose a whole letter grade from swapping answers. One of the women that I talked to in class told me that she use to do the same thing and what worked for her was everytime she would get stuck on a question she would circle the number and skip it, then go on to the next one. Once she finished the test she would go back over it to check her answers and answer the questions she skipped. Then she would turn it in before she talked herself into checking it one more time. I started taking tests this way and it really helped so maybe it'll help you. Another student would bite her erasers off but I wouldn't recommend that in case you accidently mark the wrong one.
  13. When did you take it? If you can get up enough courage (I almost didn't) you can call the Fl BON if it's been 24 hours since you took it and ask for you license number. They just ask for your name and ss# then they'll give you your license number. I don't know if you can do this everywhere but when I took the boards in March you could.
  14. APBT mom

    Foley Catheter

    I thnk what the OP is talking about is when the patient has a foley in the proper position (over leg and bag lower than bladder attached to the bed) is that the urine has to build up enough to go over the leg to get into the bag. That's where the back flow is happening. When I check the patient or do the turning schdule and put the patient to one side (even if it's not time for that position) for a few minutes which helps the back flow of urine go into the bag easier. Another thing is with one hand you can crimp the cath and with the other manuever (sp) the tubing to have the urine drain in the bag.
  15. APBT mom

    Arnett test....

    I took it too. It's just like a HESI and the NCLEX. Studying NCLEX questions should be enough. Just make sure that you pay attention to the parts that you did poor on during the Arnett when studying for the NCLEX. The results will tell you what areas you need to study and what areas you have a good grasp on. Good luck.
  16. APBT mom

    Charting Wounds

    We aren't allowed to document the size of a wound or stage ulcers. When we find something that we are concerned about we can put in a consult with the wound nurse and she does all of those things. She also starts a treatment plan, does the dressing changes, and takes pictures during the initial assessment and during treatment. We are only able to say where it is and what it looks like (red, black, drainage, smell, etc.). I was told it is done this way because everyone classifies the wounds or stages the ulcers differently and one person may say it's a stage 2 while someone else stages it a 3.