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  1. litbitblack

    Making schedules and tools

    We currently use an excel form to do our nurse/CNA schedules and manually mark the xxxx/ooo’s every month and it takes for ever. What are some secrets some of you use to make it easier. It is somewhat of a rotating schedule. I thought there might be a program or something that would self populate the schedule when you put the first day of the month in but haven’t been able to find anything that might work.
  2. litbitblack

    Do Dept head meetings violate patient privacy ?

    We have a admin staff meeting then a clinical meeting right after so the ones not involved in care do not get the patient info
  3. litbitblack

    Doctors not assessing COVID patients?

    The doctors do visit non covid patients so I could see this as a way to decrease exposure. Not really a benefit to the other staff though
  4. litbitblack

    Interview when in isolation for Covid

    I am the MDS coordinator/ADON for a private pay facility. We had to open our COVID unit for 2 of our residents. This unit is isolated from the rest of the facility with an outside entrance and has dedicated staff to work it so they are not able to work anywhere else and no one else can go in the hall or they can't go in the rest of the building. My question is.....How do we complete the interview part of the MDS for all of the disciplines that have to interview? Have someone else interview them and use their answers? This is the 1st we have had to deal with this...Thanks for the input in advance
  5. litbitblack

    Staffing and covid

    I am interested in what some facilities are doing with thier staffing and people going out of town when there are hot spots. We initially had a travel ban. Texas also had mandatory testing so we had some refuse to take it and had to be off 14 days without pay. So the travel ban is somewhat lifted except you have to fill out a form and depending if your going near a hotspot you understand that you will have to self quarantine for 7 days then take a covid test prior to returning to work. Some are taking it seriously some are not and it’s messing with staffing. Ideas?
  6. litbitblack

    Care Plans for Covid

    Suggestions on a care plan for our residents needing to wear a mask when ever they are out of their room as rec. by the CDC. Just need a shove in the right way to word it. Thanks in advance!
  7. litbitblack

    Scheduled and PRN Doses

    I disagree with the restlessness. It can definately be a pain issue but does this resident have a hx of restlessness? How long has she been on that medication? The medication can cause restlessneses. There is nothing wrong with giving a PRN dose if its been adequate time for the routine one to work. I have given scheduled and Prn together for my hospice patients. The PRN is considered break thru. The routine isn't working. It may need to be increased or even have a time change. There are a few things to look into for your answer.
  8. litbitblack

    Insurance assessments

    Independent contractor. LTCG. Carescout. Assuricare. CHCS are the ones I am with . there is also long term solutions.
  9. litbitblack

    Coding a Broda Chair

    I have a question from the MDS experts on here LOL. When coding function where you choose equipment ( walker, cane, WC) How do you code the use of a Broda Chair? I see where it says do code specialty chairs in this section but where would you code it at.
  10. litbitblack

    late MDS

    So I am really new at MDS's and learning as I go. The first 2 weeks in the position I worked the floor as well as learning in the office. Well I thought I was doing good lol and found a MDS re- entry that had not been finalized. We use Matrix care. So I finalized it and transmitted it but it was marked late. This resident passed away a day or two later so I had to do a death one. When I run report it shows that the death one is late but has been processed and accepted. I don't know why it is showing up like that or if its going to show up like that forever. We are in our state window what does state usually do with late MDS's?
  11. litbitblack

    Use of a Hoyer for transfers

    Hi I am new to the ADON/MDS world and am learning as I go. I do have a question about careplanning the use of Hoyers for transfers. Is there a specific requirement or a sample one can send to me. We are a private pay facility in texas and in our state window. We have a new DON/ADON. The ADON moved up to DON and then I moved up....Ready to the state survey over ( there is a new team of new surveyors so they are going to be very specific to some things ) Thanks in advance.
  12. litbitblack

    Question about adon position

    .75 an hour for having my phone on then time and a half for calls and text. I’m still trying to figure out how to document those correctly. It doesn’t seem like a big deal to claim 30 seconds for a phone call lol
  13. litbitblack

    Question about adon position

    I applied and accepted the position. It was 1.50 hr raise plus pay for being on call and extra if I respond to text or calls ect. Im learning the ropes.
  14. litbitblack

    Question about adon position

    So I have wanted m-f for a long time at my job in ltc. I currently work 6-2 every other weekend off with my days off consistently being every other Tuesday and every other Thursday. I have been waiting for a office position to open and our don is now leaving so the adon has taken the don position. I was all happy about applying for this job because I knew I had a good chance of getting it but I found out it’s going to be the same hourly rate as I’m currently getting with 830-5 and call every other weekend. I have a side job which would be significantly decreased if I took the position and there isn’t a raise so I did let them know I would not be applying but I kinda feel deflated because I had really wanted it. Do adon positions usually make the same as a charge nurse?
  15. litbitblack

    New job and asking for time off

    I had to have 2 weeks off for prior plans around the holidays and made it a condition of the job offer...
  16. litbitblack

    Medication order correct or no

    It took me forever to transition to the way orders were written in long term care versus the hospital. We would write tylenol 500 mg tabs give 2 tabs = 1000 mg....I would read yours as 1000 mg total but thats after 10 years in LTC. it takes some getting used to so just call and clarify.