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  1. litbitblack

    New job and asking for time off

    I had to have 2 weeks off for prior plans around the holidays and made it a condition of the job offer...
  2. litbitblack

    Medication order correct or no

    It took me forever to transition to the way orders were written in long term care versus the hospital. We would write tylenol 500 mg tabs give 2 tabs = 1000 mg....I would read yours as 1000 mg total but thats after 10 years in LTC. it takes some getting used to so just call and clarify.
  3. I took all but 3 classes for my bsn at UTA. No clinical hours as you could use your work experience to count. yes lots of paper writing.. The only thing holding me up is stats and I took it 3 times online with no luck..
  4. litbitblack

    I think I'm going to be let go from Orientation :((

    Congrats on graduation and landing a job. Earning your RN doesn't mean you know everything you are supposed to know to take care of your patients. Its a start, a base of knowledge. Companies are aware of that and that is why they do offer such long orientations and preceptors. It sounds like they notice you are struggling and are trying to help you. How is your preceptor? Do you take half the patients as your own and build up to the full load? i would make sure your manager is aware of your concerns and can give you feedback.
  5. litbitblack

    NJ nurses - -CBD oil

    I work in long term care and have not had that come up yet although i may ask our medical director about for future reference. We do administer drinks of alcohol with a doctors order or administer supplements with a doctors order. If the cbd is legal in your state and you can get a doctors order then why not administer it....Unless of course it is against policy.
  6. litbitblack

    Professionalism investigation

    What did the lady say in her email? you were asking to many questions? Maybe she implied that the school did not give you the information you needed to be prepared and it made them look like they were not doing their part they are responsible for.
  7. litbitblack

    Ethical Dilemma: Is it ever ok to mislead a patient?

    Its not lying its redirecting....It took a long time for me to understand that when working with dementia and special needs residents. Where is this patient in her dementia journey? Yes putting them in pudding is a good way for her not to trust the nurses and then it will be difficult for you to encourage her to do anything. I would have the MD do a medication review and dc non essential medications. What wounds does she have? Will a drink supplement work in regards to taking the vitamins for wound healing. Does she really need the tylenol and the muscle relaxer? Maybe change the times of the essential medications and attempt at a different time. Maybe family can get her to take them ( they can be pretty persuasive lol). I have placed crushed pills in pudding ( whole pills don't really work because they know they are in there and will spit them out.) I have placed liquid medication in coffee or a favorite drink and it usually works. Chocolate syrup is usually pretty good and again that is if it crushed. I would first start again with medication review and a thorough look long term in deciding how much to push pills on her and risk what little cooperation she does give....
  8. litbitblack

    right med, right dose, wrong route... ouchhhh

    I had to call emt's for my aunt who had a BS of 24. One of them accidently pushed Bicarb instead of glucose when she unresponsive. They immediately fixed the issue but still.....My mom had to tell the ER about it as they were not aware. Luckily she didn't have any more damage to her kidneys....It happens more than we think and I try to remember that we are human lol...until there is an injury that is.
  9. litbitblack

    LPN Refused Assignment as a CNA

    Yes nurses are qualified to work as a CNA yet you are held to the license you carry so basically you are functioning as a nurse doing patient care. Most places do not want to pay a nurse to only do CNA work. I've done it and I can't say that I didn't like it but it was hard just reporting things and not taking care of them...
  10. File safe harbor in the mean time if you do end up covering the 2 children for 30 minutes. Then in the unlikely event something does happen you are covered.
  11. I work in a long term care setting and for meals we have been told in the past we can only hold the meal for 2 hrs from the time the tray is set up and then we have to send it back. I have dementia residents who routinely want us to hold the meal then come out when it is to late to give it to them. Does any one else have time limits on how long you can hold the food? Other staff on other halls have been known to not follow it so I am just wondering how strict I need to be because this resident already accuses me of things i don't want her accusing me of anything else. By the way I am in texas.
  12. litbitblack

    Insurance assessments

    long term care insurance carriers need RN assessments for long term care claims. The RN completes the assessments in the claimants home. There is no direct care just info gathering and documenting adl demonstrations.
  13. litbitblack

    Insurance assessments

    There isn't anyone who completes insurance assessments for long term care insurance companies?
  14. litbitblack

    Insurance assessments

    I complete insurance assessments as a 2 nd job and was wanting to see if anyone else completes assessments for LTCG?
  15. litbitblack

    Do you have a side hustle?

    I do long term care assessments on the side. Its not steady income so I still have to work my full time job but its only assessments no bedside care. I have been looking for another side hustle but so far the ones listed I don't have any experience in lol
  16. litbitblack

    Another Day Another Cut

    isnt there minimum staffing requirement for the dementia unit if its certified dementia care?