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  1. litbitblack

    Not sure what to do in ltc

    I work in a private pay cert alz center who has recently decided due to the low census to make 1 of the 4 suites a healthcare suite. Each suite hold 15 residents and the staffing is 1 nurse 2 aids. These will basically be nursing home pts, not nessacarily dememtia pts and it is the last suite in the alz staging so basically end of life care. I mostly work on the first suite where the residents are more active, do activities can have some kind of conservation with you. It seems just like assisted living and i really like that. In the past the don tried to get me to switch to go the last hall and i flat out said no. I refuse to do that. Its not where i see my career going. Im already bored because im an rn that is doing a job that other lvns are doing. Nothing wrong with lvns just saying. the don started telling me about the plans and stated that it makes sense to place an rn over there all the time. And that some staff are going to be moved (cna's) becasue they will probably do better as they don't really have to socialize as much with the residents. its more task oriented. I asked her what rn she thought she was gonna put over there and she looked at me. a run down of staffing....each suite has 1 charge and 2 cna's max 15 res. there are 4 suites. one full time rn on floor (me) anther full time rn that works 3 days in the office and 2 days on the floor (all thats budgeted at this time) a full time adon and don. I work everyother weeked so they have a parttime rn for that. I really don't want to jump up and say noooooo this is not what i want but i kinda feel she was testing the waters. any advice. She already knows i dont want over there because of teh issue before. thanks
  2. litbitblack

    RN's asking Dr.'s for medical advice

    I had a neurosurgeon look at my MRI on screen and got his opinion before the doc who ordered it ever got the results...but they were in the same office, we saw each other most every day and the docs mostly appreciate being able to help...
  3. litbitblack

    TNCC: Anyone have experience? (Trauma Nurse Core Course)

    Its is actually fun. you learn the mechanisms of trauma and will go thru each station to practice before you actually test.
  4. litbitblack

    What have you done without a Dr. order???

    I used to work ortho and the docs pretty much let the nurses they trusted order labs and stuff and get orders from them, but that did backfire on one of the nurses as the doc said he wouldn't have wanted that cbc and refused to sign the order. Not sure what ever happened. Just remember they have a license to protect to and they may one day decide not to sign what you did therefore you are then practicing medicine not nursing
  5. litbitblack

    Anyone ever invoke Safe Harbor?

    One shift it was 2 RN's and that was it for 11 pts. Normally that would have been hunky dory but....the other one hurt her back lifting one of the pts and they didn't have anyone to replace her. And we were getting admits and discharges and she really couldn't do too much. When I asked for help i was told there wasn't any. I stated, Well i am filing safe harbor because this is unsafe. within 45 minutes the cno was up saying " well unfortunately we don't have any one to help out and i said well unfortanately I am filing safe harbor so we can at least protect our license. In a little bit there were 4 managers on the floor to see what they could do. and i was there a few more years
  6. litbitblack

    Question about holding Lantus

    I agree with above. Was taught in diabetic ed. cert. to not hold as it is a basal insulin. The endocrinologists do not usually want you to hold for that reason.
  7. litbitblack

    Medication errors

    Im sorry but the nurse who gave the insuling is actually the one who had the error whether she was orienting or not. !st rule of injections....Dont give something you don't draw up yourself. What is it about LTC that people just automatically report to the board? is it some written rule.
  8. litbitblack

    Rn's are better than lpn's???

    There are more differences than the education. Its the content of the education and the focus of care. I usually just tell the ones complaining to go back to school if they think they are better and feel the need to continue complaining. I worked my butt off for my RN and was an lvn first so I learned the differences as I experienced them.
  9. litbitblack

    Gave a patient someone else's unwasted dilaudid

    Ok so you made a mistake and you learned from it. Why are some of you still going on and on. to the OP, its difficult going from a rehab to acute care. If you feel overwhelmed and it doesn't seem to get any easier go talk to your manager about it or the person who set up your preceptor/orientation. There are alot of people who want to save money and stuff or just as a convenience to them during thier shift. But the bottom line is, waste what you are not using with a witness, and don't stick it in your pockets. as to the aide who had a question, No your not supposed to borrow from someone else but I won't say it doesnt happen. it is not a recommended practice. The nurse who is allowing you to do this is risking their license on a med error.
  10. litbitblack

    Help! Dealing with Alzheimer's!

    I just wanted to offer my support. I work certified dementia so of course our primary dx is alzheimers. I had to agree with everyone else that rule out uti first and its usually the culprit. Glad you got a definitive answer
  11. litbitblack

    alzheimers res w/ combative behaviors

    My problem with the situation is that the other residents have a right to be free from harm. Personally I would keep notes and then make anonymous report to state
  12. litbitblack

    alzheimers res w/ combative behaviors

    hmmm I have no idea. Did you ask them. Do you guys not treat the combative behaviors? Why not ask them.
  13. litbitblack

    Med aides giving insulin

    You can always double check the test yourself just by going back on the machine. Some places allow aids to change foleys, start iv's, ect. I wouldn't mind the bs check, I would mind the insulin. What about assisting the pts with the insulin? They could do that in assisted living. Help the pt who doesn't see very well to draw it up. If the state allows med aids then insulin is a med. People at home do not consider it a " high risk drug"
  14. litbitblack

    Huuuge tax refund...bye NS debt!

    Nope ended up paying thanks to that stimulis last yr
  15. litbitblack

    Nursing is not recession proof

    I continue to get calls from recruiters for travel positions all over the place. Not sure if youcan find one without experience though.