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  1. Section GG Beyond Frustrated

    So Nov. 1st we were told we had to start completing Section GG on the MDS and next October is when Section G will be going away. I am in a private pay facility. We do not bill Medicare. Therapy is contracted out and they bill Medicare for their part....
  2. Should I take the risk on a new job or keep my state pension ?

    I am an ADON at my long term care facility and sometimes feel used and abused LOL. And it’s probably my own fault because of a sense of duty. I have been there 14 years and just the last 3 have been adon. You are the administrative in charge when the...
  3. Not getting paid to chart?

    I got in the habit of charting as I go so I rarely had to stay hover but yes you should get paid for staying
  4. So I was informed today that the administrator is looking at getting a person to do staffing so the don and I do not have to manage it and take Calvin ect. At first it sounds awesome- but then I thought about it and want some opinions of those who ma...
  5. Staffing Shortages

    Honestly it has been a struggle. We are private pay so notoriously have a lower rate than others. We are the only one in town or I'll say in this area for of our kind and are managing to stay a float. We won't hire agency- just can't afford it. When ...
  6. Resources?  Tips?  

    Are you able to run a monthly report on labs that are due?
  7. Making schedules and tools

    We currently use an excel form to do our nurse/CNA schedules and manually mark the xxxx/ooo’s every month and it takes for ever. What are some secrets some of you use to make it easier. It is somewhat of a rotating schedule. I thought there might be ...
  8. Sadly I agree with this recommendation. But I also work in a private pay facility. I am the one that does the Covid testing for everybody and we have 43 out of 100 staff not vaccinated. Some of the comments from my vaccinated staff are that they are ...
  9. Do Dept head meetings violate patient privacy ?

    We have a admin staff meeting then a clinical meeting right after so the ones not involved in care do not get the patient info
  10. Computer Systems

    Do any you have a sample neuro check form that was built within matrix
  11. Long term care medical director is a jerk!

    I see it as he gets paid for his position and it is his job. I have documented exactly what is said. They will cover their *** if *** hits the fan later on so you have to cover yours. I happen to now have an awesome medical director but have been yel...
  12. Staffing and covid

    My DON does our staffing and it is crazy. We have a separate COVID unit and staffing that has shorted us else where. We are set up where we can get some part time nurses to even just come in for med pass then have 1 nurse cover 2 halls. I am so ready...
  13. Doctors not assessing COVID patients?

    The doctors do visit non covid patients so I could see this as a way to decrease exposure. Not really a benefit to the other staff though
  14. How is covid in your area?

    We had been having very low numbers until recently then this last week had over 500 positives and the hospital is 75% capacity and had to open more covid beds. I work long term care and we managed to be COVID free until recently when a resident was s...
  15. Interview when in isolation for Covid

    I am the MDS coordinator/ADON for a private pay facility. We had to open our COVID unit for 2 of our residents. This unit is isolated from the rest of the facility with an outside entrance and has dedicated staff to work it so they are not able to w...