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So I was informed today that the administrator is looking at getting a person to do staffing so the don and I do not have to manage it and take Calvin ect. At first it sounds awesome- but then I thought about it and want some opinions of those who may have already or are currently doing this. The company basically started as an independent living facility with a healthcare attached. 15 years ago a dementia facility was opened a few streets away. The staff have never been mixed and each facility have their own don/adon ect and the CNA’s do not float. It is set up different that we are.  We have 85 staff in our nursing dept I don’t know how many they have. Last year she. We had to open the Covid unit they would not assist with staff . Now they are very extremely short handed and this staffing person thing comes up. Me and the don take call weekly Friday to Friday. We find staff change the schedule and the don does the schedule. With this staffing person it is being said that person would take call ins and be responsible for finding staff including pulling staff from our building to go over to the other one and vice versa. We have more staff because of the residents we care for and the way our suites are set up. We have been trying to open our other dementia suite that we closed for Covid so it seems we are over staffed when we are actually training staff to open it. I’m supposed to be positive LOL but I see red flags. Anyone else have experience with this type of staffing set up?

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Having been in a situation where scheduling took up the majority of my time I would give it a chance. In all honesty you’re probably going to be told to share staff so it might be better if you aren’t doing the schedule. 

So to followup after my original post. The scheduling person is awesome. Of course it took some getting used to and changing habits that we had gotten into but to not have to deal with the schedule is the best darn thing to have happened. She has the scheduling call Monday - Friday 24 hours a day and me and the DON alternate weekends to be on call. It has been a positive change.

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