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  1. LoveMyBugs

    Possible dilemma

    Okay, I called the camp and left a message that I needed to talk with the coordinator and I sent him a detailed email explaining what may or may not happen.
  2. Does your state have state run mental health hospitals? Almost half of my nursing class was hired into our states mental health hospitals as new grads. You could always get your CNA to start working in a facility and get your foot in the door, and to see if you really want to be there.
  3. LoveMyBugs

    Possible dilemma

    What I am wondering is, should I call the camp tomorrow and give them a heads up without knowing if I have an interview or not, the hospital said that they would be contacting for interviews by June 10th, I would hate to make the camp worry, if it turns out that I dont get an interview, or call them as soon as I have an interview scheduled.
  4. LoveMyBugs

    Possible dilemma

    So I may be having to make a hard decision coming up and it may be a non issue, and I guess I am just looking for words of adivce. I am a new nurse and after a long and heart breaking job search found a job and for the last 6 months I have been working at a SNF. My dream job is to work in the ED, I worked in the ED as a tech during nursing school and did my preceptoship in the ED...Loved it. The area that I am at is saturated with new grads and jobs are really hard to come by, especially acute care hospital positions. I applied to a large truama hospital for an ED intership last month and I have moved on to the next step in the selection process:yeah: after my application review I had to write an essay stating what is an ED nurse and why do I want to work for XYZ hospital, after the essays they will contact people for interviews, the interviews take place the last week in June. Here comes the possible dilemma, the last week in June I am suppossed to be the camp nurse for my son's summer camp, which is 2.5 hours away from the hospital. I called and spoke with the interview coordinator about the days of the interview and if they could possibly do an over the phone interview or if selected to interview, do it a week earlier. She told me no, that the interviews are scheduled for those certain days because it is a group interview and that is when they have the group scheduled, also that they must be in person, so if you want the job it you must go in person, that they couldn't bend the rules for me, then they would have to do it for everyone. The only thing that she could do for me, is if I get my essay into her first and they aprove my essay then she could schedule me first. So if they don't like my essay and I am not asked to interview no dilemma, but if I do get asked to interview I am not sure what I can do, I need to be at the camp, of course as soon as I get word that I have an interview then I plan on calling the camp to see if there is any way I could be gone for 6 - 7 hours. It is a non-profit camp and the nurses bascially volunteer a week of their time, so maybe another nurse for an up coming week could come in for a few hours I really dont know. I would hate to loose out on an interview for my dream job:crying2:because I can not be in 2 places at once. Has anyone ever been in a situation like this before and what ended up happening?
  5. I say cast as wide of net as you are comfortable with and hope you get in. The 1st year I applied I applied to 3 nursing schools, I wasn't done with pre-reqs yet so I knew it was a long shot and nothing The next year with pre-reqs done I applied to 6 schools and still nothing The third year, broken hearted I applied to only 2 schools and I got in to my second choice! Good Luck
  6. LoveMyBugs

    Nurses aren't maids!

    I did pedatric home health for awhile too and it depends on the company and the parents. I had 2 cases that I worked, one was great all that she asked other then care for her child was to help organize the medical supplies, as she hadn't had help in years and her house refeclted it, as I was there more, the house became cleaner and cleaner as mom now had the time. The other one there was a huge language barrier and my company does advertise housekeeping services when you have a compainion, but I am a nurse and was there to provide medical care to her child, but she too wanted me to fold the laundry and finish the loads of laundry and the dished, how can I keep an eye/ear out for your child if you want me in the kitchen doing the dishes!?!? Didn't stay on that case for very long.
  7. LoveMyBugs

    Senior Home Care RN Compensation?

    Mine were not, they were at least an hour apart
  8. LoveMyBugs

    Help!!! I need some info please!!!

    agree with above, all schools are different with how they base their selection process. Have you spoken with someone from the nursing department? Usually school have an information seminar about applying to their nursing program. Usually it is very competetive to get into a nursing program and you need to be well prepared, and have researched the program
  9. LoveMyBugs

    Refusing Patients' Requests: Can it be done?

    I work on a long term vent unit so, many of my patients they stopped using their call lights and start bagging, and a couple of times they will discounect themselves from their vent so the alarms will sound and we will come running in there. Usually it is for something trivial, like they want the TV channel changed, I have to remind them to please use their call light and not bang, and I tell my aides if they actually use the light, respond!
  10. LoveMyBugs

    Senior Home Care RN Compensation?

    I did something like that once through an agency and I was paid a flat rate of $65 per assessment did not get millage, I was able to squeeze in 2 assessments in one day and with driving and filling out the forms it filled in an 8 hr day, to me it wasn't worth the headache of all the paperwork, for the small amount of pay
  11. LoveMyBugs

    Ok, what's the real deal with new grads?

    Okay I will cave and tell you my job search story you can decide. I started looking at job adds about a year before graduation, I had worked as a CNA2 in a ED and had been talking to my manager about possible open positions My senior year I worked as a coach/lab assisstant in the nursing skills lab (score for the resume) for working with the 1st year students My practicum was in an ED, I began looking at all internships in my area began applying about 3 months before graduation 1st interview was a month after graduation for an internship program, they interviewed 540 people and hired 40. I was not one of them. I applied to everything I could find, I went and got ACLS and PALS certified, which did not help me, I interviewed at a LTC and the DON didn't like it that I had worked in the ED and had certifications because "you don't plan on sticking around for very long" Interviewed at a women's prision, they had 100 interviews for 1 spot (great odds) Interviewed at the state mental hospital 40 applicants for 1 spot (slightly better odds) Again still applying to everything I could find, had my application in at every hospital within 1.5 hrs drive from my house, with automatic emails to tell me when new positions posted. Started the process to get my liscense in the state next to mine Began vollenteering as a rape advocate Got hired to do flu shot clinics 3 months after graduation Then an internship in the ED of a local hospital opened up, I applied online, I knew that wouldn't be enough I wanted to stand out so I put together a nice packet of my cover letter, resume, letters of reccomendation, an copies of my clinical evaluations when to the hosital to see if I could speak to someone in HR, no such luck this hospital is part of a large 15+ hospital system, but did get the # for HR. Began calling q 3 days untill I spoke to the recruiter for the posted job, who said that my application had been forewarded to the manager, asked if there was anything else I could do, no So I took the same packet to see if I could just meet the ED manager, no such luck and didn't get the job. My own ED finally had positons open up, but then my manager was demoted and some changes were made to the upper management positions which ultimatley resulted in a new policy of no new grads in the ED, a 2 year experience minimium in critical care was now the requirment 5 months after graduation I got a job doing pedatric home health, plus the flu shots, plus I still was working as a CNA2 in the ED Still ket applying as home health did not have many hours or was not safe for a new grad Still applying to every hospital position even though the trend in my area is BSN required, so I start my RN-BSN program I made a map of all the local nursing homes and I drove to them all and applied to them all Finally in Januaray (8 months after graduation) I was offered a PRN position in a SNF in the next state, on the 1st day of orientation they offered full time. I have now been there 5 months, and am half way through my BSN program and I still am applying for RN positions hopping to get something better. My classmates have had about the same luck One had worked for the same hospital system for 7 years, he stuck it out and after 10 months after graduation they finally hired him as a RN One classmate had her hopsital system pay for her nursing school education, then when she graduated they were not interested in hirring her because she didn't get her BSN Another one had worked for the same hosital system for 17 years as a lab tech and then an ER tech, they were not interested in hirring her because of not having a BSN and experience Another classmate worked as a MA for 22 years, she happily has been hired back into the system after she had to leave to work in a SNF for 5 months to get some expereince before they hired her back as a RN So I didn't sit on my hands waiting for a job to come to me, I went and looked for it, but it is the area that I am, I just got a phone call for a NICU position 3 states away
  12. LoveMyBugs

    cheapest online RN to BSN?

    I am doing Westerrn Governor's University. It is $3,000 a term, a term is 6 months long.
  13. LoveMyBugs

    Ok, what's the real deal with new grads?

    Well I am now employed, but it was a long road to find employment, I would ellobrate more to give you my opinion as that is what you asking for, but I have vented on here about not being able to find employmentso not sure it I am a moron or not. If you really want honest answers regarding the job outlook, try asking in a mature and professional manner
  14. LoveMyBugs

    RN working as CNA2

    I have applied to over 100+ applications at OHSU and have 3years as a CNA2 in the ED/critical care have ACLS and PALS. If you are thinking to go back and work as a CNA2 to get into them, I would stick with your RN job and get the BSN. I have friends that have been hired on at OHSU, 3 were hired because that is the unit they did thier practicum in and the internships opened up right as we graduated, the others were hired because they knew someone on the unit who really advocated for them. The feeling I am getting from all the Portland area hositals is you need to have your BSN first before they will even consider you. I know Adventist dosn't require a BSN, but they require 1-2 years expereince
  15. LoveMyBugs

    Help Please!!!

    Any unplanned pregnancy can be stressful, how about an older mother 40+ years of age, husband has been laid off for the last 2 years home is being foreclosed on, already have 2 kids to support and finds out she is pregnant. a homeless woman with substance abuse issues has already lost 4 children to the foster care system, is pregnant and wants to keep this child a young newlywed couple pregnant for the 1st time facing mutiples or a child with genetic complications requiring mutiple surgerys after birth woman or teen girl from an extremly religous background/family and is pregnant out of wedlock pregnant and SO is enlisted and overseas