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It seems like Plastic Surgery or procedures like Botox and "Fillers" are becoming quite common-place. Who has an opinion on this?

I have a few issues with this and questions.

1) Can it become addictive ?

The Botox and "Fillers" appear to be so. i.e. (addictive) in the sense that it is not permanent and as the effects fade the person wants/needs/ to have the procedures re-done and it seems like a never-ending cycle.

2) I see more and more younger women having these procedures. What image is being portrayed to their children?

Young girls...teens and pre-teens are exposed to these procedures and I have heard a pre-teen talking about her mother's Botox procedure as casually as if she is discussing the fact that her mother is grocery shopping.

Any comments?


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As with anything, plastic surgery, drinking, gambling, eating, shopping..anything can become additive. As far as the young girls (and boys)...we, in America, are youth obsessed..the actors/singers get younger (and in my opinion less talented) that previous generations..they are pumped out of a celebrity machine almost, everything sexual in nature, the envelope pushed more and more. Until we stop buying the CD's, magazines, movies and watching the tv shows that sensationalize this type of media, the push for plastic surgery - the fountain of youth in a needle - is only going to increase. There is also the population shift that is coming - the Boomers - and they are not going to settle into a rocking chair, gray haired and knitting like generations past. They are more active, vibrant and financially savvy - so..if someone who is level headed wants to plump up something here or there - who cares? Moderation is the key and ethical and responsible healthcare providers who are willing to say "no" to someone who is too young or looking for a "fix" to their life's problems is also needed.


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Don't know what the deal is, but needles in my face are not my thing.

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. Have you noticed that with many celebs, the "first time" they have it done. they look relaxed and refreshed, but that with each successive procedure, they look less and less like themselves?

I would find the necessary upkeep annoying ( and expensive!)


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Preventative measures, baby!

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Preventative measures, baby!

That's babyFACE:D,if you please!

By the way, I read somewhere that when LIPO is done in one place, the fat that would otherwise accumulate in that spot will travel to another site? Does anybody know if this is so? Seen it? I get very bizarre pictures in my mind of the possibilities .


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I :redbeathe Botox!!!!

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I love it! I'm not quite to the botox point, but I have had plastic surgery and am open to having more of it in the future. As far as it being addictive, I'm not sure that's the word I would use. Good results can certainly be encouraging, though. Young girls talking casually about botox doesn't bother me, either. Some kids think it's normal for their parents to sell crack and rob people.

Caring about your physical appearance and being mentally well are not mutually exclusive. In fact, you have to take care of yourself and be happy with yourself to have positive relationships with others.

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I must say that I was absolutely shocked when I was listening to the radio this morning. Entries for XYZ competition were being accepted and the top prize was a free surgical procedure at XYZ aesthetic center.

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It sure has grown - what used to be for an elite few - has filtered to the masses.

Personally, I have a little botox a few times a year in my "11"'s (between my eyes) and through my forehead, crow's feet and neck/mouth/chin (to improve texture). Funny, when you can't "scowl" your mood just improves!

I had an aggressive chemical peel 10 years ago and avoid the sun YEAR ROUND. My skin is nice for 44.

I will likely do a fractional laser or chemical peel enhanced by laser removal of red areas this fall. I have full lips as it is - and I cannot imagine messing with them. The "bubble pucker" or "trout pout" does not appeal to me.

I'd like to get my boobs lifted and minimally reduced, but I need to be well first. No lipo or other things yet.

As for fillers. They are doing some nice things with them (sculptra - deep fillers, injected x 3 /lasts 2-3 years) so I think they offer certain women a good non-surgical option. The problem with fillers is one of scale - sure, you can fill the bag back up - but, proportion is not going look good. Sometimes I think a minimal face lift/texture resolving peel-laser/judicious use of deep and superficial fillers would be a GREAT and BALANCED option.

I think that certain folks get "addicted" to the pain (just like tatoos) and add that to the dysfunction that can occur when appearance is altered and you can get "addicted" that way. Botox and shallow fillers need repeating 2-3x year even when done in a conservative manner.

As for young girls that are botoxing and filling. Ladies - I hate to tell you this - but, botox can STOP working and the younger you are when you start, the higher the chance of developing an immunity when you really need it.

I think those KK sisters and the LL are twits - either you are pretty, kind and do great things and we can cheer for you OR you have been "branded", manipulated yourself and others and been given the idea that I only have/want/will get the BEST and you should want my life too and looking like me is the way it starts - all the while laughing all the way to the bank and sending score of young women into APPEARANCE CRISIS mode, cause it distorts what is of true value. But, when you ask young girls what they want to be and they reply "Famous" - I mean really - how is that gonna work out?

I think it's making everyone LOOK THE SAME. FISH LIPS, FROZEN FACES and NO ORIGINAL THOUGHTS AT ALL - and SELF-ESTEEM has to be fragile as those spray tans - sad. The tide will turn when they hit the real world and find few jobs listings for famous folks!

I think you have to take good care of yourself - exercise, do not smoke, avoid excess in food, alcohol and be happy and kind to yourself and each other. When one is content with themselves and lives a life that is balanced and happy - you will naturally look better than those who live rough lives. And no amount of filler, botox, laser hair removal and spray tan will fix you if you are a mean, spiteful and cruel person - that kind of ugly always shines through!



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By the way, I read somewhere that when LIPO is done in one place, the fat that would otherwise accumulate in that spot will travel to another site? Does anybody know if this is so? Seen it? I get very bizarre pictures in my mind of the possibilities .

I read this too when researching plastic surgery for myself. I was also picturing odd pockets of fat. Turns out, it's true but not in the bizzare way it sounds. So for me, I had a tummy tuck (after having had 5 babies - I deserved it! LOL) with a small amount of conturing lipo (as is pretty standard for the proceedure).

A couple years after the tummy tuck, I put on a little weight. As I did, I found that the areas which had had fat removed, stayed pretty much the same. So that added weight went to other parts of my body. So like, I used to have skinny arms, but now when my weight fluctuates up, my upper arms flesh out. And my thighs seem to want to absorb extra pounds. But my abdomen stays as flat as it can be.

Does that make sense? It's not that the fat is moving around or travelling to other areas or leaving odd shaped lumps in unusual places. It's just that any added fat is distributed (pretty evenly) to other areas of the body.

Now, if you had a ton of lipo and there was little left untouched, then you migh find fat depositing itself in unsual areas.

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I've had a few chemical peels TCA, glycolic over the years for melasma and it worked! I've had no further problems, also did a real nice job clearing up my adult acne!

I think plastics is ok if done in moderation by skilled doctor/tech and if you can afford it!

Also used botox once for migraines, it worked! But doesn't last long enough and too expensive to do on a regular basis!