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    When to Apply for a new grad job

    First off, congrats on almost being done!! I actually graduated in December 2010 and started applying in September. I interviewed a month later and was offered the job in November (but I didn't start until January). Our hospital hired new grads who hadn't taken their NCLEX yet (they even paid for our NCLEX review class). Keep in mind this was an extremely competitive new grad program to get into. Start trying in August, get to meet nursing managers, stand out in your preceptorship :)

    Graduated school in 07' still not an RN

    I second that! The Hurst Review was very beneficial!
  3. Hey, I work on a med surg unit in which we have 3 patients to 1 nurse (4 if we have an aid). We also have a unit secretary and our docs enter in their own orders. I think this nurse to patient ratio is pretty standard for the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.

    NCLEX Results- Testing on a Friday, when will I see results??

    I took mine during the week and found out the next day on azbn.gov however friends of mine who took their's on Friday found out Monday - you can also try the Pearson Vue Trick ( https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/pearsonvue-trick-part-403722.html ) - it worked for me :) Good luck!

    Rude Nurses

    Here in the Phoenix area, we have over 10 nursing schools, so hospitals are seeing nursing students almost everyday. There are still new and seasoned nurses who love teaching but I think some nurses are burnt from always having students around, and some nurses aren't meant for teaching/precepting.

    Denied CA lvn license for 2 DUI's

    It has to do with poor judgement and putting innocent people (and potentially patients') lives at risk.

    descrimination in nursing

    Spell check

    I got the labor and delivery job!!!

    Congrats! I'm so happy for you!

    Does anyone really like their job?

    I love love love my job! I work on a med surg unit and really feel appreciated by my coworkers and patients :)
  10. SNIXRN

    Ok, what's the real deal with new grads?

    New grads aren't finding jobs for several reasons - they didn't try early enough (ie: I started volunteering at the hospital I wanted to work for before I started nursing school, which landed me a job before I graduated), they aren't willing to move to states that do have opportunities and lastly, because there are limited openings for new grads. It's hard for new grads. 30 of us graduated in December and only 5 of us have nursing jobs right now (only two of us made it to an actual hospital, one LTC and two in nursing research, in which they already had the position but were promoted). Ultimately, there are very limited opportunities and people who graduated nursing school who thought they would just land a job because they were officially a RN.
  11. SNIXRN

    How far did you get...?

    I agree with classicdame, hospitals can be picky and some states are already requiring BSNs. I graduated December 2010, started my dream job, and am starting my BSN next week. I figure I should start immediately or I will keep finding excuses not to go back (and tuition isn't getting any cheaper). Good luck to you!
  12. SNIXRN

    Lovenox injection...

    If you look at the instructions on the syringe box it states to leave the air bubble in. :)
  13. SNIXRN

    Arizona New Graduate RN

    Mayo has a new grad program that starts twice a year. They already hired the June new grad group, so next is the January group.
  14. SNIXRN

    How to land a job as a New Grad.

    VOLUNTEER! VOLUNTEER! I started volunteering four hours every Sunday at my dream job hospital. It was hard, I had no life while volunteering, going to school and working but I applied to their extremely competitive new grad program and landed my dream job 2 months before I graduated.
  15. SNIXRN

    Stethoscope Question

    Congrats on getting in! I just graduated from GCC in December. Throughout school I had the Littmann Lightweight, it's great quality, inexpensive, and not heavy on the neck.