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SNIXRN has 8 years experience and specializes in Critical Care. CVICU. Adult and Peds PACU..

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    Hi all! I am planning on relocating to PDX within the next 6 months. I am interested in working for OHSU but I have a few questions. I noticed they "require BSN" - is this true, or do they make exceptions? I have been a RN for 3 years (2 of which are ICU experience). My hospital also "requires BSN" but sometimes they make exceptions and only if you plan on getting it within the next 6 years (which I do). Additional questions: -Which is the best critical care unit to work on? :) I work on a unit that takes everything from strokes, ventrics, IABP, VADS, ECMO, solid organ transplants - you name it :) However, I really enjoy my cardiac patients -How many beds does each ICU have? -Who is a part of the code blue team? -If you don't work for OHSU, but you do in ICU, any other recommendations for hospitals? Thanks in advance!!

    Tutor for Block 2

    Is there something specific you need help with?

    Interview at Harborview, what to expect?

    Hey R*Star*RN, How did the interview go? I have an interview next week. Any pointers?

    Will I have a job after school?

    Hey johnnyarei, Sorry I never emailed you back... Been super busy lately. As for volunteering, that is great! Did you find the link? If you can, volunteer at the Phoenix campus because it's the hospital, not the clinic. (the hospital hires new grads).

    Arrowhead Hospital

    In nursing school I did my preceptorship there (1 year ago) and loved it. The nurses are awesome there! I precepted with a med/surg nurse on days and we only had 4 patients max. The one thing I didn't like is that they contracted out with physicians... I prefer the doctors work for the hospital and not facilities.

    Will I have a job after school?

    Start volunteering now! I volunteered for my dream hospital for 2 years and landed a job before I graduated. Over 400 people applied for the position and they hired 30 of us.... My loyalty to them definitely helped me land a job there.

    Mayo New Grad program

    Yay, Katsie... You will be on my floor! :) Congrats!!!


    Anyone know if you have to be a Washington state resident in order to enter their online RN-BSN program? Long story short: I am living in a different state, have an amazing job but am anticipating moving to Seattle within the next year. I am currently enrolled in an online RN-BSN program at my state university and am not happy with the program. Since I am moving to WA I am curious if I can switch schools before I move. Anyone know if this is possible? Thx in advance! Update: Just found out UW does not have an online RN-BSN program.

    Any reviews on Kaplan Review course?

    Hurst Review! The presenter is a southern lady who really makes the class fun!
  10. If they are POD 0, continuous pulse ox, BP (Q15...Q30...Q1H...), HR I occassionally get a few patients on tele - I guess if they are on tele and have a.fib, we adjust our tele to be advisory, where it doesn't warn us if they are in a.fib because that's their baseline. We just cannot adjust the VS parameters. We also have private rooms so we hear the alarms, and their neighbors might, but we can close the neighbors door.
  11. True, but there are normal ranges for all vitals. I get many postops, so if my alarms are sounding, it's because they are desatting which is something I need to address immediately.
  12. Your sarcasm is immature. Way to look like a professional. Keep in mind we all have different patient populations but policies are put in place (influenced by JCAHO recommendations) for the safety of our patients and the protection of our license.
  13. our alarm parameters are set for a reason. per policy and for the patient's safety, we cannot adjust the alarm parameters or volume, especially for our own convenience. i will use my "appropriate decision making" on how much oxygen they will receive to achieve an appropriate oxygen saturation
  14. SNIXRN

    Hospital Reputations in Phoenix

    mayo all the way! in the top 100 places to work in forbes and the second best hospital in the us (johns hopkins is the first).
  15. SNIXRN

    New grad pay

    My hospital hires new grads for this pay range. They even pay more than that for night shift. Oh and congrats on getting hired. I did clinicals in Banner Good Sam's ICU and loved it!!
  16. Haha, yet you spelled "their" and "license" incorrectly.